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RTV ShutterBot Turns Heads


Our amazing ShutterBot works with ANY digital SLR camera and is an add-on to your RTV Tour Builder Kit.  Watch the ShutterBot Video Now:

Current full service RTV providers offering this technology are reaching an entirely new “HIGH END” customer base.  Give us a call today to see if your area is still open and feel free to review our packages and pricing on our virtual tour builder kit page:
This exciting technology is exclusive to RTV FULL SERVICE virtual tour providers
Thanks for your continued support!
Yours Sincerely,
Team RTV
PS: All RTV virtual tours are streamed in HD, go to, provide an automatic weekly hit report, and run on all mobile platforms
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Are you currently on Active Rain? Are you grandfathered in as RAINMAKER status? Have you paid for your RAINMAKER status with a paying subscription to Active Rain? If you’re already at RAINMAKER status the word RAINMAKER will appear under your photo when you login and click on your profile. Assuming that you are, you will now be able to participate in the RTV Virtual Tour Provider Blog

To get things started with this new initiative please email jason(at) and let me know that you would like to participate. I will simply need your Active Rain username that you use to login with. Once I have that I will login to the PanoramaJack Active Rain blog and will send you an invite to become an author in the new Blog.You will then be able to post to the blog independently of RTV any time that you desire and know that your links are being followed by the search engines. You will be able to post to the blog by simply logging into your account, accepting the invite and pushing any existing blogs there or writing a new blog and checking the “Collaborative Outside Blog” box. At any time you will be able to log in and post your content and get the google juice flowing back to your site without waiting for RTV to get to your blog submission.

Better yet, let us know when you post to this new blog and we will copy your blog posting from there to the RTV Blog too for even more awesome Google Juice. Get on board now because the PanoramaJack blog has already started pumping!

Not a RAINMAKER? That’s perfectly fine because as you post send in your blogs to us for the blog we are automatically posting them to the blog too. Please keep in mind however that we are only posting one blog daily so if you notice a time lapse, that’s why. We’re not ignoring you but simply taking them in the order in which they come in.

If you’re a RAINMAKER on AR and a part of the RTV virtual tour photographer network please email me your Active Rain username NOW and I will send you an invite right away.RealTourVisionRTVVirtual Tour SoftwareOrder a virtual tour – 866-947-8687

RTV Marketing WORKS For Listing Solutions

As a St. Augustine virtual tour provider, I realize that our value to our customers is only as good as the products and services that we bring to them. That philosophy was one of the determining factors in becoming a Full Service provider with RTV. We are in our second year with RTV and I have just uncovered the best tool and product to date. I know that most of you have heard the saying, “You can lead a horse to water but, you can’t make him drink.” Well, saddle up and meet the horse that was standing at the water refusing to drink.

I can’t tell you how many times Jason LaVanture has told me about the “Inner Circle Membership” and the benefits of joining. He told me about the webinars that would help us grow our business. Not thirsty! He told me about the free search engine optimization tips and tools that we could benefit from. Not thirsty! He told me about the never ending supply of marketing tools and flyers that we could incorporate in to our marketing strategies. Not thirsty! I finally decided to join and see what all of the fuss was about. (Two days ago)

I spent several hours exploring our new membership and the tools that were available to us. True to form, RTV delivered what they promised. I was like a kid on Christmas morning! Marketing Materials, Marketing Systems, Newsletters, Press Releases, did I mention that I was thirsty? Email Campaigns, Professionally Voiced PowerPoint Presentations, webinars, webinars webinars….did I mention webinars? I’ll have that water now! I downloaded a few flyers to start distributing and decided to take one with me this morning to a meeting that I had with some Realtors®.

The flyer that I chose was titled, “Social Networking Built In.” Perfect! That was exactly what we were meeting about. After our discussion, I gave each person in attendance the flyer. I know that I will get some business off of that flyer that I handed out. How can I be so confident that a simple flyer will result in business? I walked away with THREE new orders!

I can’t wait to unleash the new arsenal that the Inner Circle Membership has provided. I never really considered myself to be a slow learner but, why I didn’t sign up earlier is haunting me. RTV has been and continues to be the BEST business decision that we have made. They are truly one of our most valued business partners. In closing, I have one question for Jason: “Dude, I’m thirsty! Why didn’t you tell me it was water?”

Dave Hall
Listing Solutions, Inc.
(904) 540-9962

Chris Grumley | The Voice of RTV

After being asked to record the voice on RTV‘s newest business presentation it really opened up to me just what a powerful product we all have in our hands. This isn’t a regular run of the mill virtual tour and anyone who isn’t utilizing all the added ingredients is, in my opinion, missing out big time. The new Spiderlink technology is evident after only a few days after the tour has been properly networked through the social networking sites, and this alone is one massive benefit for RTV over the competition. Adding voice to a tour can personalize it one step further. With voice the tour becomes more real in the viewers eyes. It makes for a warmer and friendlier experience and offers firm direction to the end user.

I offer special pricing to all RTV providers which will remain through 2009 at only $29 for a 30 second script embedded over 4 minutes of music. Ninety words are about 30 seconds and the finished product will be emailed to you as an MP3, easily to upload to your tour via the T.M.S. To get started just email me the script and I will turn it around within 24 hours.

Make full use of the new Business Presentation and good luck!
Chris Grumley
Florida Eye Tours, LLC
941 219 2106

Say No to Fish-Eye

Sometimes local real estate agents ask us why we here at BlueLavaMedia use still image photography for our traverse city virtual tours.

Many real estate professionals haven’t done virtual tours in a long time and only remember the old ‘fish-eye’ technology from years back. Just the thought of virtual tours turn them off on the whole idea of using virtual tours! I thought it would be great to share why ‘fish-eye’ is not a preferred way of capturing virtual home tours.

  1. You can’t use the camera’s flash. – This is the biggest reason by far. No flash makes dark halls look like caves and windows are almost always blown out whiteness. Why would you utilize a technology that prohibits your ability to utilize a primary feature of a camera?
  2. You can’t print the images. Virtual tour images should be able to be used with print as well as in the 360 virtual tour. That is impossible with fish-eye technology as two images that are taken during the process each represent one hemisphere of the scene and don’t print without distortion.
  3. You’re locked into full 360’s only. – With fish-eye technology you are required to do a full 360 image. As you know in real estate this is not always desirable. Our 12 shot system gives the photographer the freedom to do partial pans of any size to maximize the attractiveness of the location.
  4. Heavy on distortion. – Just before IPIX filed bankruptcy there was a very large group of people that thought all virtual tours were the fish bowl looking tours and did not use them for that reason. Some people still think all virtual tours look like that and it is up to the virtual tour photographer to educate the agent or homeowner on the advantages and benefits of cylindrical technology.
  5. Poor white balance and focus. – Because you’re taking less images for an entire room when using fish-eye it is very difficult to achieve great shots. As you stand in a living room it is most likely that you will pass by a window with sunlight shining through, pass across some form of other light that is down a hall, and often pass across areas that are darker than the rest. Typically in any given home as you turn around in a complete 360 you are certain to see a minimum of several exposure settings and a couple of white balance settings that you would need camera adjustments in order to achieve a perfect photo. Remember, when using a fish-eye lens you cannot use the cameras on board flash system. Taking only two fisheye shots per scene means you cannot get the proper balance that you need to get a vibrant photo. More often than not this leaves you with things out of focus, improper white balance in areas of the shot and areas of improper exposure throughout the pano.

We want our clients to have the best virtual tour possible. Using a fish-eye lens would not give them that, so we choose to use RTV technology with their 12 photo system.

Team BlueLaVa
Home of the Exposure Engine
Traverse City Virtual Tours
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