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The IMAGE Returns June 2012


Sign up for the next episode of The IMAGE now in your TMS! We’re very excited to invite you to our first IMAGE webinar of 2012, “Fusion 101”.

Please join Jason LaVanture and Ben Knorr on June 26 at 7:00 PM Eastern as they take you through the many features included in the new RealTour Fusion virtual tour software platform. 

You’ll get to hear a full overview of nearly fifty brand new features that will help take your virtual tour company to the next level and stay FAR AHEAD of your competition.  Many of these new features open up entirely new revenue streams for your company. Just take a look for yourself: GORGEOUS VIRTUAL TOUR 

After the overview of the new Fusion system by Jason LaVanture, Ben Knorr will be showing you how to setup your Fusion account, create your first owner, agent and broker and start building interactive virtual media like you’ve never seen before. Perhaps you’ll take some time and create an all in one office presentation like Mike did for his Detroit Virtual Tour Company. Take a look: Ten Minute Office Pitch

When you register for the show we’ll send you a show outline and the full feature list of the new RealTour  Fusion platform.  This show is restricted to RTV virtual tour providers only.  Get ready to look better than ever before RTV. 

Make sure that you attend this webinar!  Register now in your TMS!

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5 Virtual Tour Marketing Pieces From RPM – WOW!

Ok RTV virtual tour providers, we are gearing up for the release of RTV’s new virtual tour software system, RealTour Fusion. You’re going to see lots of customizable marketing documents coming your way and I wanted to write you a blog today and give you some pointers on how to customize these and get them ready for print. First of all please remember, we create all of these materials in Microsoft Word so that you can easily place in your contact information, company logo, and edit text as YOU see fit.  We recommend that you have Microsoft Word 2007 and later to get the most mileage out of our marketing pieces. If you login to your account today you will see that we’ve uploaded FIVE new marketing pieces for you. I will list them off and describe each one below.

#1 Virtual Tour Features Flyer. This one page, two sided flyer highlights the new fusion player with a large screen shot on the front page and six virtual tour features described in detail on the back page.  There are three locations for you to place in your logo and two for your contact information.  Simply add your logo inside of these text boxes and eliminate any borders and text box colors. Depending on your particular market you may want to highlight other fusion virtual tour features than those we have put on here.  We’ve made this easy for you by placing the feature icons and text descriptions from document # 5 below titled Descriptions & Icons. This way you can pick and choose which features you’re going to showcase in your area as you roll out your new virtual tour system.  For example, you may not be offering floor plans right away but you know you would like to offer the new gorgeous Flyers or E-Brochure. We recommend that you get this piece customized as soon as possible and sent off to VistaPrint so you’re ready to do your whistle stops when fusion rolls out.  Remember too, that any time you send items in to print you should have converted the document into a PDF first.

#2 Audio Flyer. This highlights the new audio options for your virtual tours.  Add your logo, change the prices if you like and place your contact information along the bottom and you are all set.  Some of you have told us that you’re going to make the new AudioPal system a value added, while others will be making this an add on.  As FORMULA episodes kick back up again I’m sure that we’ll hear many more ideas. Either way this is a nice piece to get printed up and ready to hand out.  DON’T give out all of these at once either. You should get ready to stop by offices once every few weeks and keep your marketing materials popping up. This way you’ll always be on their mind.

#3 Gyro Flyer. Got Gyro?  Fusion does and this gorgeous two sided flyer that points out the awesome gyro capability of our new truly interactive virtual tours.  Tilt, pan and move your way through our fusion tours!  The second page highlights QR codes, Flyers and DeepStats. Once again add your logo, place in your contact information and change the text to fit your needs. Again, please don’t forget to turn these into PDF’s before trying to send to VistaPrint.

#4 Mini InfoPack. This is a simple, clear and concise, way to get your customers and prospects  familiar with your new virtual tour platform.  We recommend that you customize this two page, four sided document, rip to a PDF, then use it for your email blast when we go live.  Your cover letter should be short and sweet with a sample fusion virtual tour.  Use a subject like “Regarding Your Real Estate Photography” to catch their attention.  This mini manual will cover the basics of the fusion system and will walk the viewer through the most popular SIX screens throughout the Fusion Experience.  It also highlights the gorgeous flyers, amazing new DeepStats, your Exposure Engine and more.  Simply add in your logo along with your contact information and you’re ready to go blast away. Feel free to give these products a unique name too.  We’ve kept the icons generic enough for that very reason.

#5 Descriptions & Icons. This is a great document for each of you to review.  It will fully cover each of the new features found in the RealTour Fusion virtual tour platform and fully describe each one.  We recommend that you login to your beta account and try out each feature so you know how it is going to work.  You can also expect that RTV will hold several webinars on the new system after launch but it would be a good idea to login and get started sooner than later. On this piece you will find that each feature description has been placed in a text box so you simply have to copy and paste the text box into a new document as well as the icon.  This will allow you to easily pick and choose the features that you’re going to promote right away. Feel free to use the icons and text on your website too. It’s all here for you!

Thank you all so much for your time. It was also great meeting so many of you at the virtual tour show and I’m looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

Please send any suggestion/recommendation or requests to jill(AT) and remember to login to your account today and snag all these pieces!!!

Yours Sincerely,

Jill Sill
RTV Virtual Tour Marketing
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RealTour Fusion Closer Than Ever!

Hello RTV fans and virtual tour providers from across the globe! I know that we’ve been off the radar for the last ninety days with regards to having regular talk shows and sending out emails to you, but trust me; we’ve been working VERY hard to create for you the most amazing, easy to use, and impressive virtual tour system in the world!

We’re very close now. Many of you who are not following the progress on our Facebook account will be very happy to know that on Jan 16th we entered into an internal beta process and pushed back hard. No, we pushed back extremely hard and asked for several hundred changes in the new virtual tour system. We knew this would inevitably push back our launch date but getting the system to our virtual tour providers formed tightly around our vision is very important. 

By February 10th we had made enough changes that we were able to bring in some of our top virtual tour providers as focus group members. This small group had an opportunity to get a hands-on-experience with the new 360 tour system and of course, supply feedback to us. The feedback we received helped tremendously and so far has been very positive in nature. On February 24th we were able to officially enter into an open beta environment. We’ve now got about 100 RTV virtual tour providers playing with the new system. We’ve still got many edits, updates and changes that we’re looking to take effect, but overall the new system is headed in the right direction and the number of changes is limited.

 Presently, we’re expecting to see the birth of the new Fusion Mobile Tour later this week. This will be a very special delivery since it’s one of the last pieces we need in place to take the system live. Yes! That’s right, we’re very close now! Even though we’ve still got some edits on our bug list we feel that next week we’ll have a good idea as to when we’re going to kill the beta server and take the new virtual tour system live into the cloud. When this happens we’ll be scheduling our first 2012 webinar and will be holding those once again on a monthly basis. In fact, we’re also adding a new show this year that will be held weekly revolving around social media marketing training!

We’ve put some sample Fusion tours below for you to look at. Please keep in mind that these are running off a single server here in Traverse City and for our beta testing we’ve limited the resolution. The images will be larger in the live environment and the tours will undoubtedly run at a much faster pace. Please also note that some of these tours have been branded to the photographer while others have not. It’s all possible in Fusion!

Hotel Sample:

Real Estate Sample:

Apartment Sample:

We’ll be staffing up here at our global headquarters to help you move your existing virtual tour accounts over to the Fusion system. Our goal is to have this process 100% completed before our trade show in May. For those of you who have tour credits on the current system that you would like to bring over to Fusion, we’ll be doing this for you during the rollover process. You will also be able to use the old system, make changes to tours and use up tour credits on the current system for quite some time. We don’t plan on killing those servers any time soon and that is several years out

Jacque will be putting the finishing touches on the RTV Convention that’s coming up here May 4th – the 6th. If you have not yet registered please do so now:

We look forward to seeing you here in beautiful Traverse City!

Finally, please watch out for emails as the event gets closer. April is going to be a very crazy month around here my friends. Keep your eyes on your inbox, get ready for the return of The IMAGE and The FORMULA, prepare for the RTV Convention, and most importantly I hope you’re all ready for Fusion. It’s going to blow your mind!

Thanks for your support.

Team RTV

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RealTour Fusion Update

Hello RTV virtual tour providers! We wanted to keep everyone updated with how things are progressing with the testing of our new RealTour Fusion virtual tour system. RTV was able to begin our internal beta process on Monday the16th of Jan. This was the first time we were able to create FSD accounts, Photographer (your photographers) accounts, agent accounts, broker, and owner accounts, and of course create Tour Track jobs in the new virtual tour system.

We’ve also been able to successfully create panoramic virtual tours, as well as HD still and video tours.  We’ve been very busy experimenting with many of the new features included in the new system and over the last few weeks we’ve had the team in here testing as early as 6AM. While we’re not gaining any extra points with the team, we have been able to get quite a bit accomplished.

We have submitted about 150 edits and change requests thus far and have the development team working overtime to get through them. While some of the changes are very minor, others are quite extensive and require more time to refine. We want to make sure that the transition from Tour Builder 4.0 to RealTour Fusion is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.  Hands down, you’re going to love it.

Change is typically never fun and getting used to the new virtual tour system will require some adjustments, attendance to many of our 2012 talk shows, video training sessions, and if you really want to get hands on training, you may even attend our RTV Convention here in May. The added features, time savings, added revenue generators, and features not found in any other virtual tour system to date will make the rollover worth it many times over. RealTour Fusion is going to take your virtual tour business to the next level.

We’ll be keeping the RTV network posted via our blogs, phone calls, and emails as we make progress with our internal beta and transition into our focus group beta. This will be a beta testing process with a very small group of some of our top providers.  We anticipate the focus group beta period will be short since we’re spending extra time now with our internal process.

As soon as we have an exact launch date we’ll be informing everyone and scheduling our first FORMULA and IMAGE episodes for the year. Please keep your eyes out for that inside of your TMS. Thanks for your continued support RTV!.  We’re very excited about how this will change your virtual tour business.

Yours sincerely,

Team RTV
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RealTour Fusion Just Around the Corner!!!

Wow! That’s all we can say. What an amazing virtual tour webinar show last night and the timing could not be better for the release of the new RealTour Fusion platform that’s right around the corner.  According to our development team, staff will be seeing something live and in action here next week! 

As you may or may not know the new RealTour Fusion system will allow for up to five minutes of HD streaming video, 360 X 360 spherical images, still images and of course cylindrical panoramas.  Overall we have over three pages of BRAND NEW FEATURES…many of which nobody else currently has. Get ready everyone; the best virtual tour system is shifting gears and your future runs on Fusion!

If you’re an RTV virtual tour provider, please take a moment now and check out some of the screen shots we sent you of the RealTour Fusion player that will be available to you in both Fusion and our new FusionMax look and feel. We’ll be saving the release of FusionMax for a surprise and you’re going to love it!  It’s also capable of themes which allows you to brand yourself and customer better than ever before.  Don’t worry…we’ve taken the liberty of programming in hundreds of themes for you already!

Look for one more episode of The IMAGE this month and know that we’ll be working very hard with the development team to get the new system out the door. When we’re ready for prime time, we’ll be announcing the new system on the next episode of The FORMULA!

Stay tuned everyone and thanks for your continued support.

Jason & Team
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PS.  See you at the show?