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Visual Tours Gone Bad

You HAVE to click on the link and check this out!

When NOT to do a Virtual Tour

I received an email form one of my real estate agent clients. He was absolutely amazed that someone in his “farm area” had done a visual tour of one of his competing listings. It wasn’t so much that his competitor did the tour, because as we all know over 80% of home buyers go online to search for a home. It was that the condition of the property was so embarrassing that no pictures should have been taken AT ALL…well, maybe just a front shot.

He forwarded me the tour and I am now sharing this with you. And if you don’t believe that hiring a professional Virtual Tour provider is worth it, just take a look at how a “do-it-yourself” virtual tour solution can be used to hurt yourself.

The bottom line is that if you are a real estate agent, leave the photography and virtual tours to the professionals. Don’t make the same horrible mistake this agent made by actually posting a tour like the one shown here and listen to your property marketing specialists!! Give BakerB Solutions a call and let us do the job right!

BakerB Solutions provides full service Interactive Virtual Tours. We take high quality photos and build beautiful virtual tours with still images and 360 panoramic images integrated together in a full featured tour. Top quality results are what we deliver to clients in the Washington DC Metro region covering Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

Contact us today for a PROFESSIONAL Interactive Virtual Tour

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Blogging helps increase search engine ranking

My search engine ranking has been improving steadily for the past year. I am always looking for new and better ways to improve visits and search engine ranking for my website.

Blogging is playing an important part of my marketing plan for 2008. I use MySpace and Real Tour Vision as my primary blogs. I also have been using social networks to increase traffic flow. I plan on using to increase internet marketing and website activity/search engine results. I have also increased my directory presence as well with free links. I have found that certain keywords help maximize exposure and I have been focusing on those to increase traffic. The main term I have been concentrating lately is Warner Robins Real Estate and keeping it on the 1st page of Google. I plan on having that term in the top three in 2008.

I’ve seen some activity on my website from my Real Tour Vision blog posts. I’ve had good results from MySpace also. I had one customer contact me about buying a house when I added them the other day to my friends list, so I definitely need more friends on MySpace. My virtual tour of Caleb Way has received a lot of activity. I like blogging because I can write articles, blogs on MySpace, blogs on Real Tour Vision, and also use these blogs/articles to add to my drip email, so it fits together in a nice little package that doesn’t take much time or much money.

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Animated Virtual Tour Buttons Work on Craigslist

I recently took an extra step to help a new real estate client. An agent heard me speak at local real estate office in Lancaster, PA. He decided to try a virtual tour on a property that has been on the market awhile – it’s an older home, priced quite reasonably at $215K. Perhaps a lower priced property than most real estate agents order a virtual tour for in my market, but nevertheless I built a virtual tour for this 4 bedroom, 3 bath single home.

When I was finished and delivered the real estate virtual tour, I asked my new client/agent if he would like me to put a small ad on Craigslist for him. He immediately said, “yes.”. So I created a simple ad and placed one of our new “spinning” 360 Take the Virtual Tour buttons in the Craigslist ad.

That was Friday afternoon around 3. Within 48 hours, there were 83 hits to the virtual tour (the new traffic counter/stats report made it easy to see the results). I sent an email to my new client, and told him to look at the stats.

He was ecstatic! He said more people, via the virtual tour, had actually looked at the property than all the open houses he held. He also said that he expected an offer to be made on the property. That little button attracted people to the virtual tour. Creating the link for my client was just a simple HTML command.

As I write this blog entry, I see the results are currently 183 hits – of which 158 are direct from Craigslist. Not bad for a tiny ad with a spinning virtual tour button in a small, one county market here in the Amish country of southeast Pennsylvania.

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Warner Robins Georgia is a Buyer’s Market

An over abundance of inventory in new construction homes in the Warner Robins area has given buyer’s a greater number of homes to choose from throughout Houston County within various price ranges. Buyers are also taking a little longer to narrow down their selection before purchasing. Negative news media regarding Real Estate trends is also making home buyer’s more cautious about buying. Some states such as California and Florida have had major Real Estate problems, while Georgia’s housing market remains strong.

Between the large inventories of homes in Warner Robins, buyer’s being more selective, and negative news media; there is now for the first time in 12 years a buyer’s market in Warner Robins Georgia. Interest rates have also recently dropped the lowest they have been in over 5 years, making this a great time to buy a home. Get more home for a lower payment and ask the sellers to help with closing costs.


  1. Seller’s that price their homes correctly and in-line with their competition are selling quickly, and getting close to their asking price, while overpriced homes rarely receive any offers.
  2. New Construction – Builders are more flexible on extras and helping with closing costs.
  3. Resale Homes – Sellers should have a market analysis of their home to determine the best price, have their home looking great, and in good repair before putting the home on the market. They should also be prepared to help with buyer’s closing costs.
  4. It is even more important to use a qualified Real Estate Professional now, more than ever. Buyer’s can use a Realtor to help narrow down their search, and avoid buying an overpriced home, and Seller’s will need Realtor marketing skills and resources to help sell their home.

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