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New Full Service Virtual Tour provider in Northwest Arkansas

It’s a small world…

One day, as I was doing some social networking for my photography business, I found an old friend who I hadn’t seen in about 10 years! I sent a “friend request”, we sent a couple emails back and forth, then she called me and we chatted and caught up for an hour or so. During the course of the conversation, I asked what she was doing. “Virtual Tours” she said. “How do you do those?” I asked.

She spent about 5-10 minutes explaining to me what she does, all the while I was thinking “I should be doing that. That would be a great addition to my photography company.” I loved photography, business, and real estate. Talk about a perfect match.

I looked up a ton of MLS listings from all the local towns – Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville – none of them had real virtual tours. There were a few slideshows, but it was obvious from the photography that there was not a professional involved. The market was wide open for professional photography service!

My next step was to find the company I wanted to align my business with – my friend wasn’t happy with her virtual tour company, so I stayed away from them.

While researching virtual tour companies I picked out a name, Brick Road Visuals, I bought the domain, I had a logo professionally designed, and so on. I just needed to find the company that had the tools and offerings that were important to me – above all quality, but also marketing tools, support, and affordability. I kept coming back to RTV.

I talked to my salesperson for weeks, if not months. He never grew impatient with my gazillion questions comparing RTV to other providers- well not visibly anyway. And every time I called him guess what happened. He answered the phone! It seems like such a simple thing, but so rare these days. I thought if I can actually get these people on the phone now, surely they will be there for me when I’m paying part of their paycheck.

In the end, it came down to RTV and one other company. RTV had features the other didn’t, the other had something RTV didn’t have – I can’t remember now what it was, must not have been that important. I made the call and now here we are – providing Northwest Arkansas with full service tours through RTV.

Sandy Jagmin
Brick Road Visuals
Bentonville Virtual Tour Provider
Order a virtual tour – 479-696-7520

Professional Photography Gives the Right First Impression

After reading an article from RISMedia I thought that all of the clients of Virtual Florida Real Tours should hear some of the main points of interest.

According to RISMedia in a recent study researchers found that the use of professional photography increases the perceived value of a home by nearly 12 percent. Additionally, 7 times as many respondents to their survey admitted that were very likely to visit the homes marketed with professional photography service than those houses which showed only property information.

Buying a house is greatly impacted by the first impression of the prospective buyer decision making process; a professionally photographed home will give you a better chance to influence the prospective buyer to visit your listings, and also will incline the buyer to make a higher offer. Perceived value is not the same as what someone ultimately pays for a property, but it sets the first idea as to what the property is worth in a buyer’s mind compared to other homes in the same neighborhood.

Real estate is a referral promoted industry and the satisfaction of your customer will undoubtedly generate more clients. Most clients will quickly understand that if you are able to invest a little of your hard earned money in obtaining a professional virtual tour of their home you are willing to go a lot further than the real estate agent that only wants to place a yard sign in front of their homes and hope for the house to sell itself. Customers will realize that their house is being set apart from the rest of the properties in the area.

According to more than 84 percent of prospective home buyers start their search on the Internet. The data also shows that individuals who viewed a virtual tour of a property felt the listing would be on the market for a shorter period of time when compared to similar homes.

Gabriel Duque
President, Virtual Florida Tours
Miami Virtual Tour Provider
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Hub and Spoke Virtual Tour Selling

After years of avoiding the real estate market and focusing my efforts on doing virtual tours soley for commercial properties, this year I finally refocused my efforts. I realized quickly that although the real estate market was different, the tactics I employed in both the commercial sales arena as well as in my full time job as a pharmaceutical rep is the same.

In all of these businesses there is usually a dominant player or thought leader that has the influence over others in their field. This is where the “Hub and Spoke” sales model comes in to play. Once I was able to find out who the “hub” or base of a business was, I used them to influence the “spokes” that look to them for leadership. Case in point is a large real estate company in my area that I employed this strategy with. “Realty USA” is a real estate company that has several individually owned and operated branches throughout the “Capital District” in upstate NY. Through some investigative work I found out that the Saratoga Springs office was the branch that everyone wanted to model after because of their progressive ideas making them the most successful in the chain. Knowing that, I spent a good deal of time trying to land them as a client which I eventually did. I was able to go back to the ancillary branches that turned me down in the past and reference that I am the virtual tour provider for Saratoga Springs and it was amazing how quickly they starting sending me out for jobs. Although this sounds simplistic, it does take time to identify and land the hub but the benefits will be far reaching.

Good Selling!
Charles Gise
Revolution 360 Virtual Tours
Saratoga Springs Virtual Tours

3D Animation – Creating a Wave of Sales

One of our virtual tour providers put us in contact with a marketing company that was tasked with marketing a new housing development on the Gulf of Mexico.

This housing development featured inland water canals that allowed the owners of these high end homes to drive their boats from the docks behind their house right out onto the Gulf to enjoy a day of fishing and water fun.

The marketing company had seen a website for another housing development, similar to theirs, that had a 3D animated video featuring the development. They felt it was important to have a video for their development’s website that would also create excitement and generate sales of the lots before construction is completed.

After discussing their project and how we could help them, the marketing company chose RTV to produce the animation. Click below to view their beautiful website and the excellent 3D animation that was produced by RTV3D.

Team RTV
National Virtual Tour Company
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Go the Extra Mile

Customers reward companies that go the extra mile—even if they don’t personally benefit from that effort. In fact, customers are willing to pay more for a product, frequent one store rather than another, and, in general, have a more positive impression of a company or brand that is perceived to put in more effort.

Customers can view your virtual tour company’s outstanding efforts as either general or personal.

• When the company’s actions, such as creating new product features, benefit a wide range of customers, they are considered to be general.

• Specific actions on the part of the company to benefit a specific customer (such as rewards, or stellar customer service) are deemed personal.

And in the great scheme of things, personal wins. As an RTV provider you have all the resources you need to add a personal touch to your property marketing services.

Start by customizing the newly updated Realtor Listing Brochure, located in Inner Circle Marketing, for each of your clients. This professional marketing piece is utilized by agents in their prospecting and outlines the benefits of online marketing, virtual tours and your property marketing services, allowing your client to stand out from competing agents in their listing presentations.

It only takes a minute to add in your client’s contact info and personal branding and they will surely appreciate and benefit from this great marketing piece. The proof is in the response:

“The document looks great; it is indeed a well done marketing piece. What a load of work you put into this…thank you! Our marketing department controls much of what we put forth but since you made it so customizable, it holds potential to work with current or future marketing campaigns!” – Nancy Mullen – CENTURY 21 Crystal Mountain Realty

“This looks great…I’ll definitely customize it to be included it in my listing presentation!”
Andrea Galloup – Real Estate One, Inc

When customers see a company’s efforts as personal, they are grateful, and feel indebted to it, making your returning and referral business consistent. Go the extra mile – consumers will appreciate and reward you for your effort.

Team RTV
National Virtual Tour Company
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