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Kalamazoo Virtual Tour Company Goes Full Time

I have had a passion for photography my whole life and spent every spare moment I had out taking pictures of anything and everything. But I always did that as a hobby, never as a career. I have been a graphic artist most of my career and never dreamed that I could make my interest in photography be my main source of income. It just didn’t seem possible.

With encouragement from friends and family, I finally decided to step out from behind the desk and “go for it”. I invested everything I had into a full-service photography franchise. Along with that as a backup income for the slow times, I bought a full-service provider kit from RTV.

It has been almost a year since I made the leap of faith. Starting out, as I mentioned, with the intent of the virtual tour company to be an “extra” income or “filler” for the “Full-Time” photography franchise I purchased, as my primary source of income. Much to my surprise, and that of my peers, the virtual tour business took off much faster and has surpassed the photography franchise by a long shot.

I have recently decided to give up the hassle and stress associated with the photography franchise I own, and make the virtual tour industry my primary focus and source of income. The support I have received from RTV has been phenomenal and they have always been there when I needed questions answered. I have learned the hard way that a solid support system can make or break a business and the system RTV has in place has been a big part of what helped me to make the decision to go full-time into the virtual tour industry.

I want to thank all of those at RTV who have helped me over the last year in getting to where I am today with my business. Those who I have personally talked with as well as those who are behind the scenes that may have helped in fixing any problems I had. I look forward to my future in the virtual tour business knowing I have such a great group of people behind me.

Thanks to you all!

Dawn Frees
Frees Frame Photography
Kalamazoo Virtual Tour Provider
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Marketing Virtual Tours in Colombia

I moved to Cartagena, Colombia in October, 2005, bringing my photography skills and RTV virtual tour capabilities and hoping to “make my mark” with this new (to Colombia) technology. I talked to a lot of real estate agents and quickly realized that the laws governing real estate in Colombia are vastly different than in the U.S.

Real estate licenses are practically nonexistent here because they are not required by law. That means anyone can bring a buyer to a seller and receive 3% commission on the sale. What this means is that no agent will invest money into advertising for a property that they don’t have an exclusive listing for, and owners don’t like to give exclusive listings.

Property owners here want to increase their odds for a quick sale, so they will pay the commission to anyone who brings a buyer. So, the target market here in real estate sales is the owners themselves. It can often be difficult to find the owner and to sell to them, especially if they live out of town. It is also possible to market to hotels, restaurants, resorts, museums, and I am just starting an advertising campaign to reach those markets.

My wife and I have a startup apartment rental and real estate business, which over time should draw in more 360 virtual tour customers, and I also do architectural photography for which a virtual tour is an upsell.

I have sold only about six tours since I have been here, mostly to friends. Until May of this year, I couldn’t actively market because my visa would not permit it, but now I am totally “legal.” This means that I can now use all forms of marketing available. Most of the real estate market is for apartments for sale or rent, but I am starting to become aware of some really nice houses. Next week, I will hit the streets of the old city with my laptop and some fancy brochures, where there are a lot of restaurants, hotels and bed and breakfast places.

Larry Thornberry
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Word of Mouth Advertising is Bolstered by Free Giveaways

As an added FREE bonus for my agents I set up a URL Redirect through my website so that their virtual tour gallery is forwarded to a unique website name. I do it this way without paying for a new domain for each agent and it gives them an easy to remember URL.

I also offer them a FREE email account that I forward to their regular email address. At first it may take you a few minutes to figure out how to do the settings, but once you get it you will do it faster and faster. Anything you can do to give your agents something unique will guarantee that they use you again and refer you to others.

I do not advertise my virtual tour company but rely on 100% word of mouth referrals. Word of mouth is better than any other advertising. I am doing over 200+ tours per year just on word of mouth. Below are the examples of my web redirects.

Here is what my web url redirect looks like:


Here is what the property url redirect looks like:

To do this it should be in your CPanel control if you have your own website and will be under REDIRECTS. If you don’t have that option contact your web host provider and tell them what you are trying to do and they should be able to help you.

Thanks and good luck to all!

Chuck Small
Spring Hill Florida Virtual Tours
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Most Secure Places Article Lauds Areas of Maryland

BakerB Solutions provides interactive virtual tour and marketing services to real state agents throughout Maryland, District of Columbia and Northern Virginia.

Recently, Yahoo published a list of the “Most Secure US Places” and parts of Montgomery and Frederick Counties were ranked as #3 on the list. This study ranked cities on the following criteria:

* crime statistics
* extreme weather
* risk of natural disasters
* environmental hazards
* terrorism threats
* air quality
* life expectancy
* job loss

To see the full article, click here:

This factoid is certainly helpful to our clients when promoting our market area, especially to out of town buyers who are not as familiar with our area. This also allows those buyers to narrow their home search to view properties in Bethesda, Gaithersburg and Frederick that have a BakerB Solutions Interactive virtual tour.

Should you need to have a 360 virtual tour done of an upcoming listing in any of these secure places, or any nearby areas, including Rockville, Silver Spring, Chevy Chase, North Potomac, Potomac, Montgomery Village or another city, please contact us immediately at 301.424.8272.

We will help you promote your home to get it sold as quickly as possible! Just look at one of our recent testimonials from Teresita Vignale of Long and Foster.

Alex Saenger
BakerB Solutions
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BakerB Solutions testimonial

We just received the following testimonial from one of our virtual tour clients in Northern Virginia: Teresita Vignale of Long and Foster:

“I want you to know that I sold the townhouse in 6 days. I truly believe that my marketing package was excellent and that a very important part of it were the photos, the virtual tour and the dedicated website. This property generated a lot of interest since I put it in the market a little over a week ago. Thank you for your help! ~ Teresita Vignale

Our BakerB Solutions Virtual Tour photographer, LeAnne Anies, did a fantastic job giving our client exactly what she was looking for and what she was expecting. The result is that we helped this agent accomplish something that very FEW agents are doing right now. We helped her get the house sold in less than a week! And as you can see from her own testimonial, she believes that the marketing, photos, Virtual Tour and Web Sign Rider with Single Property Website ( were a BIG part of that! So congratulations to Teresita for a quick transaction and congratulations to LeAnne for doing such a wonderful job!

Alex Saenger
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