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Every Business Has a Busy Season!

Port Aransas Virtual Tour CompanyEvery business has a busy season. For retailers it’s the holiday season, for car companies it’s the new year’s model, and for us it’s right now! This is the season when our rental clients have a narrow band of time for us to photograph rental properties that have been updated or new to the rental pool, and our realtor clients are bringing more properties online for sale. It’s also a time of less than predictable weather so we end up rescheduling filming of weather sensitive properties in some cases multiple times. This week alone we re-scheduled 18 virtual tours of properties because of weather.

Please give us as long a runway as possible when making your appointments. If you know a property will be ready four weeks from now, give us a call now and schedule it in advance. If you are not very concerned about weather for a particular property please let us know that when you schedule your appointment as we can often times move you up on the schedule if a cloud is coming into the picture at another location.

We schedule our appointments very close together during this busy season and you can help us stay on schedule. If possible please have the home ready before we arrive. The home being ready is having the pets removed from the residence, pet dropping removed from the yard, lights turned on and ceiling fans turned off and drapes opened the way you want them to look in the photos. Personal belongings should be out of sight and clutter should be put in closets, garage or storage. If the owner is in residence they may meet the photographer on-site but please tell them that they need to leave after a brief walk through.

Each year we have scheduling challenges during this time period and we get through it within a couple of weeks and then scheduling returns to normal. Please know that we are doing everything we can to schedule your photos and tours as soon as possible. Now if we could just control the weather…..

We appreciate you choosing us as your digital marketing partner.

Alan Fon
Local – (361) 749-0901

Your Virtual Tour is a Mobile Virtual Tour

Did you know that 90% of home buyers searched on-line during their home buying process?

Statistics also tell us that many home buyers first view your property listing online using a mobile device. 

Keep in mind that there are many options for a home buyer to become acquainted with your listing through a virtual tour including custom domain names, email links and QR codes.

Once the QR code is scanned the home screen for this property’s virtual tour appears on the home buyer’s smart phone. The home screen brings up the front of home photo along with agent information, property details and real estate virtual tour gallery.

The HTML 5 mobile virtual tour can be started at anytime by selecting the play tour button. The mobile virtual tour contains the same scenes as your desktop virtual tour. Property details contain detailed information regarding the property that you provide to us. This includes a brief narrative and specific information regarding the property.

The photo gallery allows the home buyer to select any photo scene that they would like to see including panoramas, still photos and full motion video.

The main menu also contains the agent’s information. This provides pertinent information such as your contact information including one touch dialing and easy access to your other virtual tours through the “My Inventory Button”. The “My Inventory Button” will show your other virtual tours and allow the home buyer to become familiar with other properties that you represent.

Our virtual tours contain a complete mobile version of your virtual tour that automatically detects a mobile devise. This feature is included with all of your Edge Virtual Tours from Virtual Digital Images.

Until next time,

Alan Fon

Alan Fon
Local – (361) 749-0901

Would You Rather?

Aurora, Ontario Real Estate Agents – Ever Play ‘Would You Rather…’ ???

As a child growing up, there were so many games to play with your friends…unlike today’s glued-to-a-screen generation. I’m sure we all played Hide and Seek, Truth or Dare, Spin-The-Bottle and as my title suggests ‘Would You Rather…?’.  I’m guessing you never thought I’d ask you to play a childhood game with me…but I am. Because it applies to your business.

(Ha-ha…I bet you think I’m going to ask you if you would rather…market your listing beautifully with a cost-effective PanaPix Virtual Tour…or waste your time and money on  marketing that does NOT get your listing in front of potential buyers.)

But, lucky for you – I’m not. (However, think about that.)

First, I’m going to tell you something you probably don’t know…then I’m going to ask you the big ‘Would You Rather’ question

Here’s the thing you probably don’t know – when you upload your listing to MLS, you have the choice of:

1.    Having your unbranded virtual tour show on the Agent MLS (Stratus) and carry over by default to public MLS (
2.    You can NOT have a virtual tour on the Agent MLS…and have a completely branded virtual tour on the public MLS.

Yes, REALLY! SO…what would you rather do with your Aurora, Ontario virtual tour:

1.    Have other agents and potential clients watch your unbranded tour?


2.    Have potential clients watch your branded tour?

Hard to say…but here are some points on why you may want one or the other:


1.    More Informative For Other Agents
Other agents can see more of the property than the 9 pics included in the listing – making it easier for them to judge whether or not the property is suitable for their client.

2.    More Informative For Other Agent’s Clients
As you know, if your listing falls within the search criteria of another agents client that is set up on a Property Match drip, your listing will be emailed out automatically – possibly going to hundreds or thousands of home seekers! Having a real estate virtual tour available to those who are already deemed interested may;
o    Draw attention away from the other similar listings they received in the same email.
o    Give them more insight into the property than the attached 9 MLS pics (which don’t always work so well in the email).

3.    Less Work For You (or your Admin Gal/Guy)
You’ve been attaching your Virtual Tour links to your listing the same way forever and you’re set in your ways. It’s a tad more work to ensure the (secret) process of getting the branded tour on the public site goes smoothly.


1.    More Exposure
More than likely, someone surfing or has some kind of interest in buying or selling a property. If they choose to look at one of your listings, they will see you and if they choose to view your Branded PanaPix Virtual Tour, they will see you again – and again and again. Your pretty face and your contact info is prominently displayed many times, in many different locations in the  virtual tour window.

Oh, and like you (until today)…not many Agents know they have this option…meaning potential clients more than likely won’t be seeing other agents in other Aurora, Ontario Virtual Tours they choose to watch from

2.    Inform The Masses
Your listing on the public MLS shows only a limited amount of property information. Your Aurora, Ontario PanaPix Branded Virtual Tour contains a completely customizable property description along with a neighborhood map & information, amenities section, mortgage calculator, etc. – giving virtual tour viewers tons of info about your listing.

3.    Consistent Branding
If you know anything at all about Branding, you know that it’s the repetitiveness of viewing the brand’s logo that keeps it alive in people’s minds. Your Branded PanaPix Virtual Tour has a spot for your own logo (not just your brokerage) AND we can easily customize a branded screen that shows during the tour – having more potential clients see that the logo keeps your brand current in the minds of potential buyers.

I’m completely neutral on this subject and see the great points on each side…and would love to know what you would rather do?

Unbranded Aurora, Ontario Virtual Tour:

Branded Aurora, Ontario Virtual Tour:

Also, if you’re interested in the secret process of how it’s done…contact me anytime 905-713-9690 and while you have me on the phone, lets discuss how our comprehensive virtual tour system can help maximize your marketing efforts, giving you an extreme competitive advantage.

Stand out from your competition…we do!

Carolyn Noel, Owner
PanaPix Virtual Tours
Aurora Virtual Tours
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Don’t just show it – Show it off!

Fusion Slim – The Lighter & Leaner Virtual Tour

RTV is very proud to announce the launch of our brand-new virtual tour
player, Fusion Slim. Designed specifically for users who prefer a very
simple interface, Fusion Slim offers just the essential basics, without
all the bells and whistles of our regular Fusion player.

loads much faster than the full Fusion, plays panoramas, still images
and video in high definition, and supports our interactive floor plans,
hot spots, voice over narrations, and affiliate banner ads.

We invite you to explore some samples of Fusion Slim virtual tours:

As an RTV virtual tour provider, you can add Fusion Slim to any new or existing virtual tours. Simply activate the feature in the “buttons” menu when editing the tour.

Fusion Slim has a very easy, intuitive navigation pane on the lower left side of the viewer window, as well as a room scene indicator at the upper right. Best of all, if a user wants to see all the bells and whistles, they can instantly switch back and forth between Fusion Slim and our full Fusion player.

We’re excited about this amazing new technology. With the introduction of Fusion Slim, the RTV virtual tour software system has surpassed the competition even further.

Log in to your RTV Virtual Tour Manager and give Fusion Slim a test drive today!  Don’t have your Fusion account setup yet?  Get one now before this passes you by:

Enjoy the new virtual tour technology RTV!


Team RTV

RTV, Inc
Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training
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A Powerful New Addition For Your Virtual Tours

Corpus Christi Virtual ToursAlan here from Virtual Digital Images. Today we are going to look at one of our unique virtual tour options, AstroZoom.

AstroZoom is great for our clients who are looking for a way to make their listing or business standout from the crowd.

AstroZoom is designed to grab attention by offering viewers something that they have never seen before. An outer space fly in!

These are three examples of virtual tours that include AstroZoom:

Near the Gulf


This powerful technology creates the visual experience of flying to your property. The planet image rotates to center your geographic location, and then the video zooms down toward the surface and through the atmosphere. The closer the view the more detailed the landscape until the camera focuses on your listing or business.

AstroZoom is a low cost alternative for aerial photography for many of our clients. AstroZoom is the perfect way to demonstrate the proximity of your property to other amenities such as The Gulf of Mexico, Lake Travis or to acres of trees and undeveloped land. Do you have a listing on a canal lot; AstroZoom will show that canal as well as the waterways that it joins. Do you have a listing near a lake or on acreage; AstroZoom highlights these special features like no other product can from within your interactive virtual tours.

AstroZoom is available on all of our Edge virtual tours. Give us a call today to order your virtual tour and real estate photography, and don’t forget to ask for AstroZoom by name.

Virtual Digital Images, providing high quality professional photography, virtual tours, and digital marketing from the Coastal Bend to the Hill Country.

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Alan Fon
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