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Staying in “The Loop”

Why continual marketing is essential for your virtual tour business:

Have you ever noticed that advertisements for major brands like McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Apple seem to appear everywhere, every day? You may have wondered why these mega-companies need to advertise so much. After all, everyone knows about Big Macs and iPhones. If these companies stopped advertising, people would still buy their products—or would they?

Not necessarily. Marketing is all about top-of-mind and recognition. If, for example, you were thirsty and decided to grab a soda at the gas station, and you happened to pass a Coca-Cola billboard on the way, you’d be more likely to buy a Coke.

Continual marketing helps to keep your virtual tour business top-of-mind for your prospects. You don’t need to take out national radio and television commercials to advertise your virtual tours, but you do need to make sure your potential customers are constantly reminded that your virtual tour services exist.

Continual marketing strategies you can use
How do you keep a perpetual marketing plan running for your virtual tour business? There are several methods that help to boost awareness and recognition for your virtual tour company:

•    Create a free email newsletter, and display a subscription box prominently on every page of your virtual tour website.
•    Use direct mail to send inexpensive bulk postcards to virtual tour prospects.
•    Offer occasional specials, as well as discounts for repeat customers, such as real estate agents.
•    Create a Facebook fan page or Twitter account for your virtual tour business, and build your social media network.
•    Offer bonuses for referrals from existing customers, and invite new prospects to join your mailing list or social media network.

You can use some or all of these strategies, or create your own marketing approaches. Whatever you do, it’s important to craft a continual marketing plan and stick to it, so your potential customers will think of you first when they’re ready to invest in a virtual tour or professional photography services!

Real Tour Vision
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Are you Doing Great Work?

This morning, I am inside writing this blog while my husband is outside in the rain and snow and mud photographing and videoing a huge farm equipment auction. We had to get up at 5:30 am to be here which was a feat in and of itself. Oh and it’s 34 degrees out there and Greg has 25 360 virtual tours he needs to build.

There are times when our virtual tour business and work gets frustrating. There are clients who drive us crazy. There are things about being self employed and owning our own virtual tour business that are hard to deal with. There are days when I want to quit and go get a “real job”. Yesterday was one of those days for me — today may be one of those days for my husband…I’ll ask him as soon as his teeth stop chattering.

What keeps us motivated at times like these is the realization that despite the ups and downs and the frustrations and the challenges, what we do makes a difference and allows us to live a fantastic life. It is our VISION that keeps us focused on why we do what we do. Sometimes it is the vision alone that keeps us going.

In the words of Steve Jobs, “The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” Despite occasional frustrations, we know that we found “it”. Doing great work is less about our sales and photography skills and more about the vision quest. On most days, we love the mechanics of what we do but even more importantly, we ALWAYS believe that what we do makes a difference in the lives of our clients and knowing the WHY is more important than mastering the WHAT.

People hire us to photograph virtual tours for many reasons. Our real estate virtual tours have helped people sell their homes after a job loss or a death of the homeowner. Our behavioral healthcare virtual tours help people through the difficult decision to get help for mental illness or drug and alcohol addiction.

Our business virtual tours help small business owners just us to grow their businesses and attract more customers.
Are you doing great work? Are you doing something that you love – at least on most days? If not, what is stopping you?

Selling New Construction Virtual Tours

I am a Realtor in the Orlando Florida area and work with buyers and seller. I use the RTV’s Fusion virtual tour software on all my listings if possible and find them extremely valuable when it comes to incurring showings.

I know of a number of occasions where a potential buyer called his agent after viewing the virtual tour of my listing so that they could arrange for a showing. These days agents have lost somewhat of a control which listings are getting on the showing list. Thanks to and other IDX listing sites buyers have access to listings and virtual tours. Good virtual tours like RTV’s Fusion virtual tours get you definitely more showings and increased exposure in the market place. However, make sure the house is cleaned and tidy and shows nice for the full benefit.

I sold recently a new construction home in a vacation resort community to an European couple. They told me that they have a few friends that might be interested in something similar. I went to the builders model home and did a virtual tour of the two models. I posted a link on my website and sent the link to those tours to our client. Within 8 weeks I now have another vacation home under contract. They bought it sight unseen. The virtual tour and their friend testimonial was enough to make the deal. It really helps to convey a sense of space. I gave the builders rep the link to the non branded virtual tour so they also can use it to send it to their interested buyers. It really helped me to build a good relationship with the sales staff.

I am now considering adding more 360 tours of new construction models to my website. It will help me to capture more of the second home business in the Central Florida Region. RTV is the right partner to develop a powerful virtual tour representation that is much more than the usual boring slide shows that other companies try to sell as virtual tours. I am glad that I signed up with RTV! They truly help me to become a better marketing expert. Thanks guys – keep up the good work!

Malte Strauss
Southern Realty Enterprises, Inc.
Broker Realtor

Dorset Virtual Tours & Professional Photography

Equinox Virtual Media provides interactive, immerse, virtual multimedia tours for all types of businesses, corporations, organizations, and realtors using photography (stills, 360˚x180˚ and 360 x 360 panoramas,) video, voice-overs, and flyers.  In addition to creating a virtual tour, Equinox Virtual Media in affiliation with RTV, Inc provides social media marketing to such sites as Expedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Craig’s List, MLS, Zillow and more, using our exposure engine.

My name is Richard Gillespie owner/photographer of Virtual Equinox Media.  Over the past five years I have been studying digital photography techniques and learning how to shoot panoramas and prepare virtual tours.  I have a BFA degree in Communications Design with a minor in film photography.

During the past thirty years I have owned/operated a painting company, Caldwell Painter, painting interiors and refinishing cabinetry and furniture, in San Francisco and then Dorset, Vermont.  During that time I also was a project manager for two construction companies.

My construction knowledge and skills transfer to Virtual Equinox Media.  With an eye for detail and my skills in delivering a finished product, I can direct or educate your clientele of your operation with a virtual tour.

Our industry leading interactive virtual tours enables consumers to research a destination, a golf course, a school, a hotel, a house, or any other kind establishment without ever leaving the comfort of their home or business. Our interactive virtual tours allow you to showcase your facility with High Definition imagery that provide your future customers a 24/7 open house…without the expense and time of traveling.

I locally serve all of Southern Vermont (Dorset, Manchester, Rutland, Bennington, Winhall, Bondville, Stratton, Londonderry, Landgrove, Weston, areas). I will travel anywhere outside of Vermont to provide my services for projects that require my special expertise and attention to details.

Richard Gillespie
Virtual Equinox Media
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Starting a Virtual Tour Business

Tour Tank Productions

Since I didn’t have a clue on what or how to do any of this virtual tour ‘stuff’, I began the process of researching! CALLING ALL RTV VIRTUAL TOUR PROVIDERS – One of the first things I did believe it or not was call two provincially ‘local’ RTV providers.  Carolyn Noel, Owner of PanaPix Virtual Tours in Aurora Ontario and Andre Carriere, Owner of Virtual Tour Visions.

Carolyn gave me a half hour of her time on the phone and offered me invaluable advice on how to launch my virtual tour business.  The do’s and don’t s if you will.  I was so encouraged after getting of the Tele with her!

Andre invited me to his territory in the Muskoka’s and brought me to 3 real estate virtual tours!  One of them was a 2 million dollar cottage on a lake front.  He taught me about his shooting techniques, his photo editing process, and so much more on how to run a solid and very successful Virtual Tour Business!

You may be wondering what I learned from a half hour talk with Carolyn, and a day with Andre.. It would literally take me hours and hours to write it out. 

The lesson for this post is to encourage you find a couple of RTV virtual tour providers yourself, give them a call, and open the lines of communication.  It’s great to find out how much we have in common.

I came across Carolyn and Andre’s 360 tours and said to myself, ‘I want to model these guys’ and so I called them.

Mike Seiler
Owen Sound Virtual Tours
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