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Real Estate Virtual Tours in Panhandle

Buyers can’t buy what they can’t see.

The Florida panhandle is experiencing an extreme buyer’s market. Real estate agents must market listing aggressively to stand out among the groves of property available for sale. Listings that lack quality photographs and virtual tours are simply overlooked. Sellers and buyers are demanding the information provided by virtual tours. Listings without them are severely disadvantaged.

Joe Beane
Real Tour Vision Service Provider
Virtual Home Tours

Virtual Tours from any angle

Virtual Tours…they don’t always have to be 360 degree views!
Real estate agents and their clients are sometimes hesitant to use a virtual tour to show a less than perfect property or one that doesn’t have great neighborhood views. To them I say, “No problem”, we’ll just show the good parts in half a circle or so. Once they realize we are not limited to full 360 views, their eyes start dancing around the property looking for all the good views.

Careful camera positioning can make a huge difference in the way certain shots look. Use walls, window frames, furniture, plants, even slightly open doors to hide unwanted items or views. For an example, I just shot a house on a golf course. Right outside on the other side of the open metal fencing was a huge tree stump. I just put the camera in a spot where the fence post/wall lined up perfectly with the stump and the stump disappeared from my scene. The art of any and all good photography is the details. Keep this in mind when figuring out the best way to utilize virtual tours. Try using only two shots to make a scene. Even a little motion/pan of a view sometimes better than a full 360 or static still shot.

Joe Maguire
RE Agent Support

Virtual Tours – No Kidding

As a virtual tour company owner with RTV I have found that with my children in pre-school it’s a good opportunity to meet prospective clients. I was talking to the owner of my child’s pre-school and asked him if he would like a virtual tour of the facility. He immediately responded with a YES and said that he had been wanting to get one done since he bought the place.

Until now he had not known anyone that could do one as nice as the Real Tour Vision tour was. I did his tour and posted it at the end of last month. This month alone he has had over 50 views and the month’s not even over. He put my company on his parents directory and told all the real estate agents about it. Last week I was dead with no virtual tours on the books. This week and next I’m booked solid with almost too many real estate virtual tours to handle.

Vance Kirkland
Dream Home Virtual Tours

Virtual Tour Inventory Pages are Released!

Real Tour Vision has released the all new 2007 Virtual Tour Inventory Pages. They are now database driven and scalable for our future technology releases. All Tour Inventory pages are accessed by clicking on the “Visit My Tour Gallery” cheap jerseys button on Tours…Why? any real estate virtual tour or accessed by doing a search for Realtors on the Real Tour Vision home page. The new virtual tour inventory pages are much nicer looking and match the look and feel of the new Real Tour Vision corporate website.

The Virtual new and improved virtual tour inventory pages pull tour details from our canela servers Pepper and display them in an orderly fashion on the page. The virtual tour details that pull up include the tour Thumbnail, wholesale nba jerseys City, State, Zip, Tour and a wholesale mlb jerseys link to view the virtual tour. Soon the Tour Inventory Pages will include MLS data info from the tours as well. Stay RxR tuned for many more updates in the days Конференция to come!!

Bakersfield Virtual Tours

RTV salutes Julie Lagan from Julie’s Virtual Tours for her outstanding success and uncanny ability to convert marketing tips and trips into dollars.

Julie’s truck featured above is sheer testament of wholesale NBA jerseys Julie’s dedication and respect for her virtual tour company. Her entire vehicle is wrapped in a high resolution 360 panorama, an incredibly slick logo design, and of course her contact Pricing information.

Julie has been a part of the Real Tour Vision team entry since wholesale NFL jerseys early wholesale NBA jerseys 2004 and has contributed greatly to the success of our company. She is always willing to speak out cheap nba jerseys to us when she sees technology that we should pursue and listen carefully when tell her about marketing tips that really do work.

Julie has mastered the art of keeping a constant buzz of excitement about her company and virtual home tours by using whistle stops Tour and client newsletters. From day one of her virtual Fine tour company she has sent every homeowner a CD with their tour on it as a gift on behalf of the realtor and herself. Julie wins over the hearts and minds of her clients by displaying confidence in her work and marketing suggestions that keep her client base coming back and asking for more!!

Thanks for being a leader among the provider network, a cheap NBA jerseys great listener and
communicator, and above all thanks for choosing RTV to power your Bakersfield virtual tour company!

Julie Lagan
Bakersfield Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour – 661-322-1401