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Starting Our Virtual Tour Business

We started our Virtual Tour business in a relatively small market in Montana.

The virtual tour business took right off after our initial marketing campaign. Our repeat business is sensational. Many of our Real Estate clients have ordered at least multiple virtual tours monthly. In the past 2 months real estate sales have slowed drastically but we remain quite busy.

However we have found a market that gets really “jazzed” when they see what our interactive virtual tours can do for their business (lodging industry).

In just 2 months we have produced Virtual Tours for (2) of the most popular resorts in Montana.

We are excited about our future as a Real Tour Vision provider!

Monte Jenkins

Virtual Tours and Real Estate Marketing

Today people are so busy that they don’t have time to do anything. Between job, volunteer, and home responsibilities, people have limited time to complete even the smallest of tasks. From bill management to real estate searches, everything they do is done online. In fact, the Real Estate profession is coming into its own when it comes to 360 virtual tours.

Marketing real estate is not an easy job, especially when people are trying to juggle personal and professional responsibilities in the shadow of having to move. Just ten years ago, the only ‘shopping’ options for those in the market for a new home were limited to a review of still pictures of houses with limited written descriptions, followed by actual visits to dozens of properties. Having an interactive virtual tour in your marketing strategy brings a whole new level to the industry.

Look at your local competition’s marketing strategy. Do they consistently offer virtual tours for all of their listings? If more real estate companies provided virtual tours of homes for sale, then they would increase their sales exponentially. The use of virtual tours not only helps potential buyers narrow down the homes they want to see but it also helps to free up the real estate agent’s time. Agents can use virtual tours not only as lead generators for future listings, but also to weed out people who are not interested in some homes that the agent may have otherwise spent time introducing them to in person. Potential buyers have 24 hour access to all of the agent’s listings and when they finally call the real estate agent, they have a list of the houses they want to see up close. Less showings? Yes. More productive time management? Definitely.

Cheryl Waller
Treasure Coast Virtual Tours

SOLD! Sight Unseen….Physically

In an internet driven world consumers are looking to purchase online and virtual tours are extremely important to their selection.

Recently, my clients sold their condo based on my virtual tour and photos alone.

This 360 virtual tour helped their condo stand out amongst the many others on the market.

Both the seller and the buyer benefited from the tour as one party was in Hawaii and the other in California. The Buyer purchased the condo without ever setting foot on the property.

To view the tour go to:

My clients were so thankful that they treated me to lunch at the Marriott on the beach. Well, I’ll never turn down a free meal especially after receiving a paycheck! Thanks again to Real Tour Vision and their incredible virtual tour software for providing the best system on the globe.

Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii,
Brent Williams
Hawaiian Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours Picking up in Florida!

Well RTV I have got to tell you all, Florida is waking up again. It seems like after 6-8 weeks of sluggish business Realtors(R) in the southwest Florida area are starting to wake up again. Every time I worry about not getting enough work, I start looking for a part-time job. Then, as soon as I do that I get a call for lots of virtual tours and I realize I don’t have time for another job. This is my opening year for my virtual tour company and I know that it will take some time.

I’m sure business is going to get very busy, very soon. I’ve definitely noticed an increase in calls just in the last week. I started working on my own providership full-time about 2 months ago. Since summer is typically slow for Realtors – because kids are out of school and family vacations are taking place – I decided not to panic and just keep plugging along.

Besides, the market in Southwest Florida has been in the headlines lately. A 2 year surplus of houses and no one buying homes created a serious slump. Some realtors here are even working as waiters and waitresses just to make ends meet. But somehow, things seem to be turning around. In the last week alone I have had at least SIX new clients!! I’m shooting 4 tours a day over the next 2 days. It just goes to show, if you make it through the dry season there is always an abundant season that follows. The slow season served me well because it gave me time to go through my learning curve on the virtual tour software and figure out which parts of the tour building process I was good at and which parts I needed to improve upon.

It gave me time to experiment too with manual photo stitching and lighting techniques. Now that business is picking up I can go forward with confidence. If Florida waking up is any sign to go by, the rest of the country should be waking up soon too. Good luck to all in the network!

Go Team RTV!

Yvonne Kurtz
Quantum Views Virtual Photography
Authorized provider for Real Tour Vision

5 Star Reference Email Revealed!!

Dear RTV Virtual tour provider,

The reason I am contacting you is to get some feed back on the RTV business , your name and contact were given to me as references from my sales rep at RTV. I am considering getting into this business and wanted some insight from some people that have being doing it for awhile. First of how helpful is RTV with an issues and is this hard to market if your not in the immediate real estate business? Do potential clients think the pricing is fair? How hard is it to build clientèle and keep repeat business? Can this be a full time business or strictly part time? I greatly appreciate your comments. I can be reached at 555-555-5555 or you can email me and give me a convenient time to call you .Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Joe Prospect

Good afternoon Joe,

In your email you asked me for my opinion of Real Tour Vision and the virtual tour business in general. I have been in the virtual tour business since the summer of 2005. My first attempted into the business was with a company that no longer is in business. (that is a good thing) It was altogether a very bad experience. During the time I was with “that company” I was in phone contact with Jason at Real Tour Vision and of course, Jason was telling me all the things I thought I wanted to hear!

After a few months of a very bad experience, I decided to sever all contact with “that company” and toss my hat in the ring with Real Tour Vision. That was in the fall of 2005.

To date, Realtor Vision has never, let me repeat, NEVER disappointed me! Everything they promised me has been delivered and more. The Real Tour Vision staff is sincerely interested in the success of its full service providers. They know, the more success we have, the more successful Real Tour Vision will be.

I have never had a problem or question that wasn’t answered or dealt with promptly and professionally by the RTV staff. My experience has been excellent as far as RTV in concerned. In my opinion, you will not be disappointed by choosing Real Tour Vision.

As for the business itself, it can be anything you want it to be. If you’re looking for a full time business and a very good living, you need only work toward the end. I look at the real estate side of the business as the bread and butter part of my work. I concentrate the rest of my efforts on business tours. Business tours would include such business as restaurants, senior citizen life care complexes, gyms and health clubs, and on and on. Again, you can lean on Real Tour vision to help you with building your business. They have a full line of sample advertising and “How-To” articles for building a virtual tour business from scratch, including recommended pricing.

All in all, I have to say, my total experience with Real Tour Vision has been more than positive. While I have never personally met anyone at RTV, I consider these people team members and friends.

I love the virtual tour business and RTV, obviously!

Anything else I can answer for you or if you would like to simply talk about the business, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Wishes,


Howard “Nic” Nichols
Phoenix Companies
Mt. Holly, NJ 08060