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How to Promote Your VT Business Through Real Estate Agents

Joining RTV virtual tour company has been a great experience the past 8 months.  When I am not busy providing virtual tours to my customers, I work on educating myself with all the marketing materials and extended education classes that are provided through RTV’s marketing portal, Rock Pointe Marketing.   One can never stop learning.  Every day, one should learn something new.

I remember when I did my first virtual tour, it took me almost 10 hours!!! Taking the pictures of the property, editing the pictures late into the night, stitching all of the 360 panoramas.  That alone took me 2-3 hours. I am a lot faster now and can complete a virtual tour production in about an hour and a half. I’m growing my virtual tour business and always trying to gain new leads.

One of the best lead generators, that Accents Virtual Tours, a Peachtree City virtual tour company participates in, is attending open houses with agents.  When I provide a 360 tour for an agent, I will provide a gift card for a drawing for the agent’s open house.  I will also set up a computer, or download their virtual tour on a DVD or CD to be played during the open house on a large TV screen. 

I participate in helping the agent serve food or other help that they need.  One of the best ways to get realtors to an open house is to offer free food and a raffle. This is a great opportunity to meet new Agents and Brokers from other companies as they come to see a house that is listed to view for their potential clients.  In any market, you can never have too many eyes on a home.  An open house may have 8-25 different agents from other real estate brokerages come through in a two-four hour period. 

This could be a door opener for many reasons:
•     You might have called or sent information to a prospective agent but you never got a response.
•     You are on site and can give your virtual tour company information and business card to a new prospect.
•    You have your interactive HD virtual tour running that you created, which can be a wow factor to the agent that has never experienced an interactive virtual tour before.

Accents Virtual Tours has great success with this lead generator.  If you can capture one agent from a new Realtor or Broker, word of mouth is the best way to promote your virtual tour business and service.  They will refer you to others, and your virtual tour business will grow.

Teaming up with RTV has been an excellent choice in my career.  The tools are all there.  To grow a real estate photography and virtual tour business, you have to take the time to learn and go through the trial and errors.  Success isn’t made over night.  As long as you keep learning, and think outside of the box, you and your company will grow. 

Good luck with your future endeavors!!  Go RTV!

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Good Housekeeping

I have been an RTV provider since May of 2010. My Ontario virtual tour company provides Virtual Tours that get you Up N Close!  My business not only provides Virtual Tours but also Home Inspections.  I am located in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada and I service the area within a one hour drive of Woodstock. The Fusion virtual tour software system that RTV brought to market in June of 2012 has created tremendous momentum in the Virtual Tour industry. This momentum has been felt around the industry as photographers are signing up in droves for the opportunity to use this state of the art virtual tour system. I can speak of multiple reasons why people are switching from other solutions to RTV but for today’s blog I thought I would talk about just one feature – The Tour Shredder.

As I stated earlier I have been creating 360 tours since 2010. In that time I have managed to create over 1600 virtual tours and counting.  Every real estate virtual tour created has expectations placed on it.  The virtual tour must be available at all times, it must be responsive and it must be deleted when no longer needed. This fall, RTV’s Fusion system added the ability to obtain virtual tour credits for deleting virtual tours. What a wonderful idea! For every 20 virtual tours I delete, the system gives me back 1 tour credit. I simply delete the virtual tour, the tour management screen refreshes, and my tour shredder counter decreases by 1. I can watch the counter move towards my free tour credit every time I use the system.

Sometimes when I’m out of credits and know that I have tours that should be deleted, I will start deleting virtual tours that I have deactivated for agents already knowing that the listing was already sold and completed. As of December 2013, I have grabbed 9 free tour credits, because I deleted old, unnecessary virtual tours!

Something to be careful of when deleting tours: Make sure the deal has actually closed!! I have done this long enough to know that when the agent says the property is sold that the deal doesn’t always go through on the closing date. If you can deactivate it when instructed and delete it after closing, is the best solution.

Whether you are new to creating Virtual Tours or new to RTV. I have found the staff to always be more than helpful. My fellow RTVers are always able to coach and advise on possible solutions to any photography or issues.

You are in good company when you are with RTV

Glen Farrell
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5 Unusual Businesses That Might Want Virtual Tours

The most successful virtual tour providers don’t rely on real estate virtual tours alone when it comes to working with customers. Just about any type of business can benefit from a stunning and well-produced virtual tour as a marketing tool that lets their customers experience their facilities and grounds.

Common business virtual tours include hotels, lodges, restaurants, and museums. Below are some business types you might not have considered, that may want to take advantage of your virtual tour service for themselves.

•    Amusement parks: For all types of amusement parks and entertainment attractions, from big theme parks to local mini-golf courses, a virtual tour can convey a sense of fun and excitement. Interaction with an amusement park virtual tour can help visitors build anticipation.

•    Movie theaters: You may think if you’ve seen one movie theater, you’ve seen them all. But today’s movie theaters put an emphasis on clean, well-designed facilities with plenty to offer theater patrons. Movie theater virtual tours are a great way for theater owners and managers to attract new customers.

•    Convenience stores: Often, convenience stores are the only businesses in the area that are open 24 hours. Modern convenience stores have more than gas pumps and overpriced snacks—they can offer a range of goods and services that are great for any time of day.

•    Schools and colleges: You might not think of schools as having “customers,” but many types of schools rely on marketing to enroll new students. These include private or parochial schools, most colleges and universities, and specialty schools like police academies and beauty schools. Check out this virtual tour of a boarding school –  VERY UNIQUE!!

•    Funeral homes: No one likes to think much about funeral homes until they need one. However, funeral homes are in the business of reaching out to their customers. Providing a virtual tour can be a good way for them to offer comfort by letting people become familiar with their facilities before they visit.

Virtual tours are great for all types of businesses—large or small, indoor or outdoor, urban or rural, just about any business can use a great-looking, interactive virtual tour to reach more customers and promote their offerings.

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Background Music in Your Virtual Tours

A great real estate virtual tour provides a rich, multimedia experience for the viewer, with interactive features and controls that help to create the feeling of actually being on the property or grounds. Background music is just one feature you can use to enhance 360 or still image virtual tours for your clients—but should you use it?

There is no one right answer to this question. However, there are things you can consider to help you decide when to include music, and the best types of music to use in your virtual tours.

Your clients’ preference
This is the most important consideration when it comes to deciding on whether to include music in your virtual tours. Make sure you talk to your clients, whether they’re real estate agents or business owners, and find out how they feel about it.

Clients may have a certain type of music they’d like to use. They may feel strongly about not including music. They might not have a preference at all, in which case, you should use your best judgment.

What viewers want
Some people expect music with a virtual tour. Others may find it annoying or distracting—whether they don’t like the type of music, or they simply prefer none at all. You won’t be able to please everyone. But in most cases a well-selected background music track can enhance the virtual tour experience, and only a few people will object.

The best types of music to use
Instrumental music is best for virtual tours, since vocals really are distracting. You should avoid gloomy or dark-sounding music. Choose a track that is cheerful and upbeat—but not cheesy and over-the-top. If it’s something you might hear in an elevator, it’s probably not a good choice for a virtual tour.

Pairing background music with narration is a great choice for any virtual tour. Music can enhance narrative, and also fill in any pauses to avoid jarring transitions.

Here are a couple places you can find royalty-free instrumental music to use in your virtual tours:

•    Incompetech
•    Royalty Free Music
•    Freeplay Music

Thanks for your support!

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Using Social Media in Your Virtual Tour Business

How Social Media Can Help Your Real Estate Virtual Tour Business

A main factor when trying to sell your properties is showing your 360 virtual tours to the right people, and with social media this is now an easier task. If you are not involved with any social media websites, I would highly suggest that you get started now. Taking just a few hours of your time each week can result in an increase in potential clients and sales. Social media websites have now become the top most visited destinations on the Internet, even passing search engines.

Just to show you how popular social media has become, here are some impressive statistics from 2013. (Source : Huffington Post)

•    1 Million websites have integrated with Facebook
•    23% of users check Facebook 5 times or more daily
•    80% of users prefer to connect with brands/businesses on Facebook
•    34% of marketers have generated leads on Twitter
•    Google’s +1 button is used 5 million times a day
•    625,000 people join Google+ every day
•    40% of marketers use Google+
•    Over 5 million images are uploaded to Instagram every hour
•    Pins (on Pinterest) with prices get 36% more pins than those without

As you can see by these HUGE numbers, social media websites are by far the fastest growing and most popular pages online today. So how does this help you and your virtual tour business? Your main goals are to connect with as many targeted individuals as possible and to generate sales. When you join a social media website and interact with the millions of users that visit daily, you are potentially gaining new virtual tour contacts and clients that will help your virtual tour business in some way. Just remember, not every person who follows you or becomes a fan is going to purchase virtual tours from you, but they may at least share your posts which can fall into the right hands.

Let’s say you create a Facebook business page for your virtual tour company and start an advertising campaign so that you can create a following of potential clients. Some of these people may actually buy a property while others may have simply liked your page just because they want to stay updated. Either way, you are gaining interested people who may share your virtual tours of homes and local businesses with friends, family, co-workers, and others in the market to buy a home or piece of property.

Do not feel disappointed if you do not reach a large amount of followers on your social media pages. It is not the amount of followers, it is the quality of them. 100 targeted followers are more powerful than 1,000 who are not even interested in your virtual tour business. Do not be fooled by services that offer large amount of fans/followers overnight. These will fall into the category of “fake accounts” or just meaningless profiles who do not care what you have to say. The best way to build an audience is to actually connect with those who are within the same niche topic and actually want to learn more about your virtual tour business and view your real estate virtual tours.

The top 5 social media sites to focus on are :
•    Facebook
•    Twitter
•    Google Plus
•    Pinterest
•    LinkedIn
•    YouTube

The same rules and guidance applies to every social media website because they all focus on one thing, sharing content with others. Build your social media networks and spend some time getting to know your audience so that you can find the best connections and leads. Even if you spend just a few hours each week, you can reach out to new people each time which is always a great benefit. Happy marketing!

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