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The FORMULA 79 – Get Your Photography App

Apps – Big companies have them, they’re easily accessible to any Droid or Apple device and they put your products and message in front of the masses like never before.  If you’re like most small business owners you probably thought that having an App built for your local virtual tour and photography business was WAY down on the list of things to do.  After all, only big companies can afford to have an App developed right?  WRONG!  

Please join us on February 7th at 7:00 PM Eastern for a live webinar event that will leave you thanking RTV for many years to come.  On the webinar we’ll be introducing our followers to Joe Cammarata from GetWithMobile who will be designing an App for any RTV account holder for half off.  You can feel free to visit their site at prior to the show.  For those of you that would like to check out the quality and features available in their Apps, be sure to check out the App we got rolling for BlueLaVaMedia (a Traverse City Real Estate Photography Company). 

Visit the Droid Playstore or the Apple App Store, search for BlueLaVaMedia and check out what they did for us for only $349.  Yes there are no extra zeros that have been left out here folks.  We’re talking about you getting an App like the one that you’ll find for BlueLaVaMedia for a fraction of the cost of having an App developed.  This special RTV pricing is 50% off their normal retail price!

Real Estate Photography App

What’s the catch here? No catch.  Just one amazing App for you to promote the heck out of.  Here at RTV we think the items listed below are the most powerful features your business will benefit from by having GetWithMobile develop an App for you.

•    Push notifications, messages, sales and special offers instantly to anyone using your App
•    One button click to call feature.  Perfect for the busy agent!
•    Instant ordering of your products and services
•    Quick and easy communication tool for your customers to reach you
•    Integrate RTV RSS virtual tour feeds for latest tour production button
•    Upload still images to your App gallery – Perfect for agent listing presentations
•    Social sharing capabilities and YouTube channel linking
•    You’ll seriously have an App!  How cool is that??!!!

If any of this sounds amazing to you be sure you don’t miss out on our show Tuesday February 7th at 7:00 PM Eastern.  We’re likely to have some guest speakers on during the event and we will be discussing other creative ways to get the most marketing mileage out of your new business App.  See you there RTV!  

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Team RTV

PS> Remember to download the BlueLaVaMedia App before the show by searching for it in your App Store / Play Store!!



RTV, Inc


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The Importance of Text within Virtual Tours

When you imagine a real estate virtual tour, you may think of amazing photographs and panoramas that show off the great property. These are of course the key elements for a successful and beautiful virtual tour. But what about the other elements? One of which I am talking about and is sometimes overlooked, is text.

Although amazing photos are very important, having descriptive text within the interactive HD virtual tour can be beneficial to you and your visitors.

Let’s start with captions and titles. These are important to you so that you can organize your photos properly throughout the virtual tour and determine the focus of each scene. When a visitor watches your virtual tour, they will be able to see titles for each frame so they know exactly what they are looking at. This is an optional feature and can be turned off, but it is beneficial for both the virtual tour creator and visitor. Sometimes the images speak for themselves but they can also be confusing.

Here is an example :
If you have a 360 tour that includes 30 images and NONE of them are titled, it may be difficult for the visitor to tell what part of the property they are viewing. Some images may be obvious like the kitchen or bathroom, but if you have multiple bedrooms or extra rooms then the visitor may wonder exactly what are looking at. Labeling each scene just makes the tour more user friendly and allows visitors to quickly navigate to areas they are most interested in.

Next is the property information. This is also a very crucial component to a virtual tour because it explains the property in detail. So here you will be able to share the price, address, amenities, amount of rooms, and more. All of which are necessary when you are trying to sell any type of property. The more information , the more knowledge the potential buyer will have, which is great for the both of you!

The address and contact information are sections of text that are obviously very important as well. Allowing your virtual tour visitors to see the address and contact you, makes their experience that much better. They now will not only be able to view an amazing tour, but they can physically visit the location or research it on the Internet. Filling out your contact information will allow you to generate sales and create new leads. Connecting with the right people is the key to success!

And last and maybe the most overlooked section of text are descriptions. These can be added to each photo throughout your virtual tour. Although you may not need a description for every photo or 360 panorama within your virtual tour, I highly recommend adding at least a few so that you can explain your property further. It is great to have for when a visitor is looking at a specific photo and is asking their self “What kind of flooring is that?”, “Is this a newly renovated room?”, “What kind of appliances are included in this room?”. By adding descriptions, you can answer these questions right away! Add short but informative descriptions to photos that have great selling points and you will have an even better looking virtual tour.  Best of all you’ll be just a click away from adding RTV’s AudioPal to your virtual tour productions!!

Good luck and happy tour building!

Team RTV

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What Realtors Can Learn from

I was 43 when I got married and being a modern woman, I met my husband online.  Prior to that, I had a lot of experience — both good and bad — with online dating sites.  The basics of any dating site are the same – you enter your search criteria then it pulls up a list of matches that fit your criteria.  You see a picture with a headline and then if you are interested, you click to get more information and look at more pictures.  You quickly find that the same people show up every time you search and so you scan through the familiar faces until you see someone new that piques your interest.

I am sure that I missed meeting some great guys because their picture did not appeal to me but let’s face it, first impressions mean a lot. 

This is the exact same process that most home buyers go through when they are looking for a house. In 2012, 90% of home buyers surveyed said that they began their home search on the internet.  Real estate search sites allow the viewer to search by parameters such as price range, number of bedrooms, etc and then pulls up a list of houses with a brief description and a “profile picture”.  If something interests them, they can see more pictures, perhaps a virtual tour and read more information about the house.  Active home buyers tell us that they pore over these sites regularly but once they have seen a house’s information and pictures, they don’t look at it again unless it made their short list.

The problem with many Realtors is that they rush to put the house on the market without making an adequate investment in getting great pictures.  I spoke with a Quincy, IL Realtor this week who said he was going to list a house but if it didn’t sell in 45 days, he’d have us come take professional pictures and add a real estate virtual tour.  45 days from now, the buyers who would have considered his house are going to have moved on and will be looking for new listings.  The first impression has already been made!

We often have Realtors add a Quincy virtual tour of their listing if the house doesn’t sell quickly but the real estate virtual tour is a small link inside of the overall listing.  You simply MUST capture the attention of the buyer with the initial photos in order to get them to view the virtual tour!!  We believe the virtual tour is a fantastic closing tool.  It is the tool that often gets a house off the “short list” and onto the “gotta go see this one now” list.  That’s why we provide high definition, professional still images for every one of our virtual tours.

Take a look at these statistics about home buyers from the 2012 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers —

Actions taken as result of Internet home search:

Walked through a home viewed online: 62%
Found agent used to search/buy home: 32%
Drove by/viewed a home: 76%

The reason that 76% of people will drive by a house they saw on the internet is that they want to verify the information they have read.  They want to see if the listing accurately represents the home.  They want to learn more and based on that information, 62% actually schedule an appointment to see the house.  It’s the same reason that online daters meet first for coffee in a public place — sometimes things aren’t exactly as they were portrayed in that profile picture!

Having professional vacation rental photographs and a virtual tour will not sell your house but it has been proven to get people in the door who are interested in buying your house.  The rest is between you and your Realtor!


Roll Up The TeePee and Other Useful Tips

As a professional Aurora Real Estate Virtual Tour Photographer, I am asked over and over for tips on how to make homes show best in photographs.  While there are many articles and blogs dedicated to the subject, I’ve noted a few things that I find truly make the difference:

Make sure to put these things away:

1.    Tissue boxes – Usually brightly coloured, distracts the viewer’s eye and doesn’t usually blend into the colour scheme.

2.    Tea towels hanging on the stove – Same as above. I’ve had some homeowners say they want to leave them there to hide the discoloration/stains on oven door glass. These stains/discolourations blend into the picture, whereas the tea towels stand out.

3.    Phone Chargers – Randomly plugged in anywhere, with long dangly wires just hanging out. These really detract from the rooms polished and finished look.

4.    Family/Personal photos – It’s best to remove all family/personal photos especially the large ones which will show clear in the tour – moving the focus from the rooms unique attributes to the faces of your family.

5.    Towels/Robes hanging on the back of bathroom doors – Depending on the shape of the bathroom or amount of mirror/glass,  they usually show in the reflection of the mirror or shower doors or will stand out prominently if the door needs to be closed for the shot.

6.    Kitchen Trash Bins – Any kind of garbage can or recycle bin should be removed from or hidden in a cupboard…clearing up floor space and giving your kitchen the ‘clean’ feeling.

Things you may not realize:

1.    Light bulbs – Try to use the same type of bulb in each room. Soft white bulbs give off a yellow-ish hue and bright white bulbs give off a blue cast, while LED photograph pink.

2.    Toilet paper – Roll it up! Leaving it long and hanging makes your bathroom appear is if someone just used it.

3.    Less is not always more – De-cluttering is a good thing…unless you remove everything but the furniture! Making your home look too sparse and empty gives your home a gloomy, abandoned feel.

Following these tips as well cleaning and de-cluttering your home will help your home show its best during your Real Estate Virtual Tour shoot! For more preparation tips and information on our Aurora Ontario Virtual tours, please visit or call me directly at 905-713-9690.

Here at PanaPix, we aim to be the very best in our field – never, ever wavering on our commitment to providing superior service, quality and dependability while we create your virtual tour!

Carolyn Noel, Owner
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Don’t just show it – Show it off!

The Perfect Real Estate Photo

Who says, there’s no such thing as “perfect thing “? In real estate world, property photos that enable the property to get sold are what you called perfect photo.  A properly presented photo will certainly entice any possible buyer to visit the exact location and may even end up closing the deal for the particular property. In order to produce such images, there are lots of things to consider such as, the camera’s megapixel count, lens, resolution and its sensitivity of low light. It is essential that a specific gadget will be able to crop up an ideal image of the property even when light source is not sufficient.

During daytime is the most ideal time to take a photo and create a 360 virtual tour of a certain property. The best source of light that directly hits the subject is the sun, specifically when taking photos of the front area of the house; sunlight gives the best color saturation in the image and panorama. While when taking pictures for your virtual tour of the different rooms and other areas of the property, it is advisable to open all possible light entry so that the camera will be able to catch every little detail of each rooms. Avoid using direct flash on interior shots to keep off from unwanted images within the photo. Adjust for even lights within the specific area to avoid too dark or too bright areas. When shooting and the room looks dark, it is better to turn on all the existing light in the room to create a positive effect on the image.

There could be no better light like the sunlight; its natural effect adds a positive impression on the image. A lot of technique can be done with adjusting, adding and even light minimizing; it all basically depends on what kind of result you want for your real estate virtual tour and photo shoot.

Appropriate lighting is really important in taking real estate photos. This will maximize the selling value of the property on the market. The idea will be much easier and possible when you understand light’s use and its sources.