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Fusion Virtual Tour Software Updates

Virtual Tour Software For PhotographersHello and good afternoon team!  We have been busy continuing with our battery of updates to the Fusion virtual tour hosting platform.  Now with three full-time & in-house developers working in tandem with Tom and his team, we see lots of updates coming to fruition.  In addition to launching the beta version of a brand new HTML 5 player last year, we now offer up secure HTTPS virtual tours, no longer require flash to upload media, vastly improved upon the Tour Shredder, launched our 3D VR Headset tours, added a long-awaited for media gallery and so much more!

The final piece required to finish off Fusion Slim in HTML 5 will be the implementation of floor plans.  You will love how we are attacking floor plans this time around too!  It will be a significant enhancement over the current deployment and handling of floor plans in the flash virtual tour player. After floor plans are launched and assuming everything goes well under our testing, we will be officially taking our HTML 5 player out of beta.

While the above is underway, we will soon announce the beta versions of our new HTML 5 Fusion Experience player and our all-new HTML 5 Fusion Site player. Fusion Site is a gorgeous single property website layout that we are sure our user base will simply love. There are so many exciting things on the horizon for RTV, and the momentum that we currently have is tremendous. 

Here are just a few changes that just went live to our HTML 5 virtual tour player.  We trust that you will continue to rally around the progress and we thank you all for your continued support.


1: Fixed and improved the HTML 5 playback concerning “zoom factor” settings set in the manager for all panoramic image types.

2: Added new feature to HTML 5 player – All tours now have a pulse animation play icon when the tour is interrupted via mouse or finger tap. When the tour is interrupted, the tour player will start back up after 5 secs where you left off if you are not interacting with the tour.

3: Added a new feature to HTML 5 player – Spherical and cylinders now have a return to center call after the tour has been interrupted via finger panning or mouse click. After five secs of no interaction, the tour returns to vertical center and returns the animation where it left off.

4: Agent & CO agent info box improved on HTML 5 player. HTML 5 player no longer cuts off Co-Agent info at certain screen sizes and or devices.

5: RTV Radio Fix – Music will cease to play if the user has the manager flip switch “play on MLS” set to off. RTV radio now works correctly when music option is turned on or off on tour.

7: Desktop HTML 5 Player UPDATE: “Video Icon” blink on HTML 5 desktop tours before video autoplay has been fixed.

8: HTML 5 Player Video Fix: FIT To Scale – THe HTML 5 player now supports the fit to scale options in the manager for video. Both options now work across ALL devices.

9: HTML 5 Player Fix – Impacts Apple Devices Only – Apple does not support full screen on any of their mobile devices. We have therefore removed the full-screen button when viewing from an apple device.

10: HTML 5 Player Fix – Reported play and pause tour errors have been fixed on mobile devices.

11: HTML 5 Player Fix – We have significantly improved the ken burns animations on all mobile devices.

12: HTML 5 Player Fix – Users will now see the currently selected scene when using the scene selector.      

13: Fusion Experience Player Update (Flash) – New default RTV logo using “Real Tour Vision” has been added to the loader screen during tour playback. As always users can upload their loader logo to overwrite default RTV loader logo.

See some of the above updates in action by test driving the new HTML 5 player below –  — Video, Stills, Music, Narration — Stills, Music — Video, Panoramas, Stills, Music, Narration

Fusion Exposure Engine Means Business

Realtor Exposure EngineRealtor Exposure Engine Having quality photography can help your listing stand out from the competition, but can that photography also help YOU stand out from the competition?
Now it can!

Photography is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Brady James 360 Virtual Tours can offer to a Realtor, Homeowner or Business owner. The Fusion virtual tour software System with combined with our Exposure Engine offers a one stop shop for distributing to the masses. After all what good is a listing if no one can see it. Brady James 360 Virtual Tours starts by distributing your listing to major Real Estate portals like Zillow, Trulia, Homes, Front Door, Lycos, Oodle and many more. This allows anyone that comes across your listing to view your Branded 360 Virtual Tour directly from those sites. It also gives them easy access to Your contact information, boosting your prospects. (There is also optional distribution through that we can offer as a Picture Path Provider. More info can be seen by clicking Picture path Syndication(Soon to Come)).

We don’t stop there; next we post a beautiful flyer to Craig’s List, and keep it up to date for up to a year. Again this posting not only has information about the listing, but also has direct links to your contact information and website. As if that were not enough, at Brady James 360 Virtual Tours we also publish a video of your tour that gets uploaded to our YouTube page. Also as always we blog about each of our tours on This means that Our Exposure becomes Your Exposure.

It’s a proven fact that there’s no better ranking virtual tour on the market than one from Brady James 360 Virtual Tours via RTV (Real Tour Vision). RTV virtual tours are known to pull rank in the search engines on property address, business name and even in some cases agent / owner name! This means that even if your listing is sold in one day, you get marketing benefits for up to a year afterwards. The more times that you utilize our Exposure Engine system, the better it gets.

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