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Announcing Accents Virtual Tours

Accents Virtual Tours / Peachtree City, GA Virtual Your Company

Let our professional virtual tour photographer manage your digital marketing and virtual tour needs.  Accents Virtual Tours, based out of Peachtree City, Georgia creates high resolution, HTML 5  virtual tours for real estate and businesses.  We also offer many other powerful property marketing tools and services that help local business owners as well as real estate agents market themselves online.

Please allow me to do introduce myself on behalf of  Accents Virtual Tours (AVT), Peachtree City Georgia.  My name is Brenda Stewart, founder of Accents Virtual Tours.  As a digital marketing company, we feature effective and value price marking solutions for your company needs.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality, cost-effective products with an emphasis on customer service. Our Internet marketing includes full utilization of marketing, virtual tours, video tours, and the usage of our turbocharged media exposure engines to create visibility of our clients properties to prospects around the world by using the power of the Internet.

AVT specializes in online tours for real estate, healthcare, hospitality, and any owner of a local business large or small in Atlanta. Our services are just what you need to turn heads and make you look your very best online!  We keep our virtual tour technology on the cutting edge. Just look for yourself: Peachtree City Virtual Tours

We keep our virtual tour system updated daily and new features are released on a monthly basis! Our interactive 360 virtual tours are published online quickly, contain a wide variety of features sets, offer flexibility, private labeling of your brand, and are very competitively priced in the market.

Accents Virtual Tours (AVT) is a locally owned provider, located in Peachtree City, Georgia, suburb of Atlanta Georgia. In 2012,  AVT offers our services to throughout the Atlanta area.

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Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Tips for photographing virtual tours of real estate property interiors:

When photographing your real estate property for a virtual tour, you want to present your best face. You make sure everything is clean and neat, and pay attention to the details that will show in your photos—so why do your images still look less than amazing?

The fact is, you don’t need truckloads of professional equipment or years of practice to take great interior shots of your property. Follow these tips for cleaner, more attractive photos that showcase the best of your offerings.

Equipment checklist
The list of equipment you need for excellent photos is fairly short: a digital camera and a tripod. The tripod doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy—you just need one that prevents the slight movement of your hands as you press the shutter, to prevent any distortion of the resulting image. As for the camera, you’ll need one with a flash, and a non-distorting lens. Wide angle cameras work well for photographing real estate interiors, but make sure it’s not too wide, unless you’re prepared to do some straightening in a photo editing program.

Let there be light
Before you start photographing, turn on every light in the house. Light adds more depth and color variance to your images, automatically enhancing the appeal of the photos. However, you’ll have to check each room to find any light that shows up as a reflection in pictures, windows, or mirrors, and either redirect them or turn them off.

Bright, direct sun through a window can ruin your shot, so take photos for your 360 tours at a time of day when the light is lower or higher than the windows. The best days for interior photography are overcast—so when the skies are cloudy, take advantage of the ideal conditions.

Positioning your shots
When choosing shots, keep in mind that you can’t fit an entire room in a single photo. Of course, with your virtual tour, you’ll be able to assemble a panoramic view from multiple photos—so stick to shooting one area at a time. Make sure that the lines of the room are straight, both horizontally and vertically.

Experiment with where you stand to take the shots. Backing into corners can yield great photos for your home tours. You may achieve better results by kneeling or sitting on a stool while shooting. Just be sure to check mirrors and windows, so you don’t accidentally photograph your own reflection!

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Traits of a Natural Born Salesman


In a recent Facebook post, a fellow virtual tour provider bemoaned that he needed to hire a sales and marketing team to grow his virtual tour business.  Someone quickly responded that he should call me to which my husband quickly replied that I was already booked and definitely NOT available.  I am the sales and marketing department for our successful assisted care photography business. I work with many new virtual tour providers who worry that they can’t do what we do because they aren’t good at sales.

When you think of a natural born sales man what traits and characteristics come to mind?  We all know that person who could sell anything to anybody…whether they need it or not. Your experiences with sales may color your thinking.  If you have been hounded by people trying to sell you something then the traits that come to mind may include pushy, obnoxious, distracting and someone who won’t take no for an answer.  If you know someone who is truly successful in sales you may think of things like an outgoing personality, the ability to listen and a genuine interest in others.

One of my first jobs after college was selling fax machines in Atlanta.  This was in 1989 when fax machines were the hottest new thing to hit the market and everyone wanted one because people were just realizing that they weren’t only for big businesses.  The company I worked for offered a fine product but the price was over double what Sharp was selling their products for and my product offered no additional bells or whistles.  For a comparable product, our entry level fax was $1,795 and Sharp’s was $995.  The reason I did not close many sales was because when someone asked me why they should pay nearly double for a comparable product, I had no good answer.  I had all the makings of a good salesperson but I was not selling a product at a price I believed was fair.  I was told to sell the “value of the brand” but frankly, in a side by side comparison, there was no additional value.  I originally led the company in appointments and cold calls but I failed miserably in closing sales and quickly became discouraged.  This experience led me to believe that I was not cut out for sales and I didn’t try my hand at sales again until nearly 10 years later.

I have trained hundreds of salespeople and I have seen this proven many times.  The people I thought would be the best at sales — those naturally gregarious folks who never met a stranger — often turned out to lack the discipline necessary to actually succeed in sales.  In fact, I am one of those people.  I, like many people who gravitate to sales, am a big picture thinker but am not so great when it comes to details.  Luckily my husband is a great partner in our virtual tour business.  As the virtual tour photographer, he is the creative genius behind what we do but he is also the detail guy who makes sure that those pesky details like invoicing and paying bills get done.

The secrets to the success of our virtual tour business are consistency, persistence and having a great product.  Sales is nothing but a numbers game — the more contacts and calls I make, the more sales I make.  This happens for two reasons.  One is the fact that the more people I talk to, the more likely I am to find someone who is interested in what I am selling.  But the second reason is that the more people I talk to, the more I understand my market and the perception of my product.  Each time I overcome an objection or answer a question, I am better equipped for the next time.

Persistence doesn’t mean not taking no for an answer.  Instead it means finding out if No really means No or does it possibly mean Not Yet.  I continue calling a lead until I have determined that they do not need or want my product. If I have understood all their objections and explained the benefits of my product then there is nothing wrong with taking No for an answer.

Finally, I have a virtual tour software product that I believe in and THAT is the biggest secret to our success.  Our virtual tour technology allows us to provide an excellent product at a very competitive price.  My husband is a great photographer and has created workflows that allow us to provide exceptional virtual tours at a very affordable price.  With the introduction of Fusion by RTV, Inc., we now have what I consider to be the greatest virtual tour platform on the market so all I need is the opportunity to show it to someone and the “sale” is easy.

Sales and marketing consultant Mike Sigers says it well, “There is no such thing as a natural born salesman. You become a “natural” by talking to and negotiating with thousands of people.”  In other words, sales is something you learn to do – not something you are born with.  I am definitely proof of that!

Back up Your Flash!

I absolutely love my Olympus for taking virtual tours. It is light weight and compact for the results it produces. And it is a powerhouse camera producing crisp images with a long lasting battery life. But what happens when you stress out a compact zoom to its limit? BOOM – the flash blows WHAMMY you just cooked your shutter!  I had the pleasure of hearing my flash explode while I shot a Maryland virtual tour It scared the crap out of me with an explosion merely inches from my eye ball! Yup it finally happened to me. What did I do to deserve this?  Maybe a few thousand virtual tours with shots blasting out one after the other non-stop, and most using the flash.

So if you add in that each tour captures at least 100 photos with 3000 tours, that’s roughly 300,000 photos taken with that flash. Now I’m no light bulb scientist, but if you stress out any bulb that hard its bound to blow. And it did. Luckily I had taken all 5 360 real estate tours for the day and only had 1 panoramic and 2 stills left to take. I simply set up the camera on the tripod and used existing light. But what would have been better is to have an external flash! So now my hand is forced to have one. But realistically I am glad. The external flash gives much more control of the lighting with angles and also has a separate power supply. Sure the camera will not be as nimble, but at least I had my camera up and operational the next day. Although I do have other virtual tour cameras as backups.

The moral of the story is use the flash on your camera as a backup, not the primary flash. Then if your external flash runs out of juice or breaks during a shoot, you at least have the built-in flash as a backup.

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