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New from RPM – Trade Show Banner & Real Estate Flyer

If you have not dropped off flyers in a while or done a real estate trade show, the time to kick your marketing up a notch is NOW! This Spring, …..Continue Reading

RTV Expands Development Team – Welcome Software Architect Marco Cabrera

We’re very pleased to welcome our latest team member, Marco Cabrera to team RTV. Marco comes to RTV with just over 22 years of programming expertise and was ironically one …..Continue Reading

Virtual Tour Software & Real Estate Photography System Updates – May 2021

Spring is officially upon us up here in Northern Michigan, and while there not be many homes on the market for sale, we’re seeing an above number of projects and …..Continue Reading

The FORMULA 91 – Introduction to RTV’s Delivery Site

Have you heard the news? Did you happen to take a minute and poke around inside of your RTV account lately? If you did, you might have noticed several slick …..Continue Reading

The Formula 81 – Business Plans for Real Estate & Virtual Tour Photographers

Building a photography and virtual tour business starts with a business plan. It might help to think of the structure of this plan the same way you would the building …..Continue Reading

RTV Welcomes Darryl Stringer of The Real Estate Photography System On October 25, 2016

Having great photography is important, and you should be working on improving your image quality all the time, but that’s not the only thing that determines whether or not you …..Continue Reading