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Miami Real Estate Market Looking Up

Residential real estate professionals need to get back to the basics of business or their customer base will be lost. The industry is dealing with the continuing impact of sub-prime and mortgage liquidity problems in the housing market.

Some real estate agents complain about the conditions of the market, but if their home is priced right, buyers will buy. You need to inform your buyers that our local market is simply phenomenal because prices are down and interest rates are historically low.

It is important to increase your visibility in your community and your marketplace. Knock on doors; reintroduce yourself. Do not forget to place in the contract an agreement with the seller that if the property is not sold in a certain time span, the listing price will be revisited for a possible reduction. Home pricing needs to be aggressive and realistic. In this market it is a good idea to target market your prospecting to homeowners who have to sell for whatever reason, such as deaths, divorces, company relocation and downsizing.

The simple solution to the actual situation in the marketplace is to spend your time increasing the number of your listing inventory. You need to spend 100 percent of your time focused on getting your product in front of the consumer.

Most real estate companies are obtaining good results by using virtual tours and sending the tours and slide shows of properties on discs, using Panoriders and single property websites, thereby creating detailed exposure of the property for their prospects. This gives them more information than sending the standard photos and listing data.

You need to change your approach to fit today’s changing marketplace. Do something different to rebuild your productivity or you may find yourself doing something different tomorrow to make a living.

Right now there are some signs indicating that Miami’s real estate housing market is showing some signs of recovery. If you check you will see fewer foreclosure signs, that home prices are stabilizing and less time is required for listings to sell. Maybe the most important of all is that the media is becoming more positive.

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Billings Montana Real Estate and Virtual Tours

My journey as a real estate agent began when I decided to move to Billings, Montana to bring my fiancée close to her family and for us also to start one of our own. I was born in Brooklyn, New York, Bachelors from SUNY Buffalo and Master from American InterContinental University in Washington DC.

I’ve lived all over the East Coast working in a wide variety of professions, from social worker to dotcom guru. Now I am in Montana working as a Century 21 Real Estate Agent…and doing quite well considering the economy.

Before moving to Montana I had to sell my house…my initial real estate agent took three months and never sold it. The next agent I hired sold it in 1 week…and you know why? He hired someone to come to my house a do a virtual tour, and a couple of days later I had a contract.

I spoke with RTV sales staff 1 month before moving to Billings because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I got to Billings, Montana. Technology was not BOOMING in Billings so I got into real estate because my wife’s father is a Builder here. I researched all virtual tour companies and every month RTV came on top.

I look forward to being a provider for RTV and getting this business started. Thank you RTV for all of your support and assistance.


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RTV Marketing 2.0 Revealed

RTV is proud to announce the launch of our newest Inner-Circle resource: Marketing 2.0. This newest resource includes video training on important business marketing strategies and techniques with a focus on YOU, the small business owner.

Growing your business is often a difficult challenge and many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with the feeling that they are alone in determining the best course for their business. As an entrepreneur you can’t share business strategies with family members because often times (and because you work so much already) family members want you to focus on the ‘family’ when you are not working. Clients want to know that you are ‘the expert’ in what you do, so you can’t bounce ideas off of them. And employees (maybe even your spouse) want to know that the business is secure, so constant ideas may scare them. So what is an entrepreneur to do when he/she needs advice, new ideas and direction? How do you steer the business with a road map that doesn’t exist yet?

Answer: Borrow someone else’s road map and use it to form your own.

RTV has been in business for over 8 years. All the members of Team RTV have either owned their own small business or have been working with small business owners just like you for years. We have access to a multitude of road maps that others have used and ARE using to build their businesses, both in virtual tours AND in real estate. So we thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we can take all of these road maps, break them down into fundamentals and allow our providers to pick and choose the strategies and techniques that will work for their business model without forcing them to all follow one plan?”

Answer: Marketing 2.0

Want to know more? On July 4th at 7pm, log into the RPM Marketing Center and click on the Marketing 2.0 button and then…..get ready to shift gears!

Team RTV

Real Estate Marketing and the Mortgage Crisis

A recent article on, Experts Tell How to Deal with Mortgage Crisis, answers questions that millions of homeowners find themselves asking. CNN’s Larry King talked with several real estate and financial experts to get advice on handling the mortgage meltdown. Another article on, New Home Sales near Historic Lows, sheds light on just how low home sales have fallen.

The articles are everywhere; foreclosure rates are up, the economy is down and everyone is asking whether or not the worst is behind us.

While years ago simple marketing strategies would sell a house with little to no extra effort, today’s competitive market demands more creative marketing. According to an article from the Kansas City Star, Real Estate Agents are looking to marketing to survive this weak housing market. It is now more important than ever to look at your current marketing strategy and ask the hard question. Is it working? Is every dollar I am spending bringing me leads, or am I wasting money in some areas? Am I using the proper combination of marketing media to bring in more leads?

As a RTV virtual tour provider and RTV Inner-Circle Marketing member, you have access to the tools you need to accurately measure the effectiveness of every component of your marketing strategy. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to log-in, download the tools and start analyzing your marketing strategy. If you find one media is bringing you more leads, allocate more advertising dollars toward that media. If you find that another media is bringing you zero business, cut off the funding for that media and allocate the funds elsewhere. If you don’t know what marketing is actually working for you, then you may be making some advertising rep very happy, but you are hurting your business.

It begins with accountability. Make every marketing expense accountable for the results it produces. If there are no results, then cut the expense. RTV has provided our Inner-Circle members with the tools you need to succeed in this weak housing market! Log in and get started optimizing your real estate marketing strategies today.

-Team RTV

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