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Virtual Tours are Safer than Open Houses

Most all of us have heard of, if not felt outright, about the tightening of the economy. In fact, unless you have been on the top of Mt McKinley for the last six months without a cell phone it would have been impossible to miss it.

As a Realtor just breaking into the virtual tour market I understand probably better than most the fears and the opportunities in our market. Brokers are sitting on houses for longer that they have for a very long time. Many are scared to death about what the future holds. All of us try to focus on the good news and not the bad, but there are times that the bad speaks so loudly that it is difficult to ignore.

That being said, the active Realtor out there needs as many tools at his or her disposal as possible. Hence the virtual tour, front and center. It is something that can be offered to Sellers as an added bonus to the services already being provided and can also be used to decrease the risks that accompany selling a house.

Seller’s often want their agents to hold open houses. Open Houses can be a dangerous activity. Realtors can find themselves in compromising positions because the guests of the Open House cannot be controlled. When the traffic is slow an agent’s safety could be compromised and there is no record of the visitors.

There are also liabilities to the Seller. An open house could be seen as a personal invite to thieves. Medicine cabinets are often ruffled through during the open house along with dresser drawers, jewelry boxes, etc. because the agent can’t watch every one in every room.

The virtual tour can end the Seller’s desire for an Open House while providing potential Buyers with their own walk through in the privacy of their own home. While virtual tours show a lot of detail, it isn’t as specific as an in person visit. The public gets to see only what the photographer and Realtor choose to show.

Next time an agent or a Seller says no remind them of the value of the virtual tour.

Randy G Morley
Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent
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Listing Exposure is Key to Selling Homes

Three Key Factors in Selling Real Estate

1. Fair Price
2. Location

Listing Solutions can help you with exposure! We are a locally owned and operated virtual tour provider in St. Augustine, Florida. We are a Full Service provider with RTV, the world’s largest network of virtual tour providers, and an approved vendor with

This means that our distribution list is far superior to our competition. According to recent statistics from the National Association of Realtors, 86% of current home buyers utilize the internet when searching for a home. 67% of current home buyers in Florida come from outside the state. This is an impossible market to penetrate using just a yard sign and local advertising. That is why exposure is so critical in today’s market.

Listing Solutions will brand your virtual tours with your information, ensuring you the online exposure needed to compete in today’s challenging market. We utilize links to your personal web site, your company’s web site, business partners and your email address to guarantee that the potential home buyer has all of the necessary information needed to contact you.

We offer state of the art additions to our virtual tours like:

Videos Maps Area Information Professional Narration
Slideshows Audio Biographies Custom Pintable Flyers Interactive Floor Plans

We understand that our value is created by the level of service and support that we provide to you and your company. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal and your continued success is our main priority. Allow us the opportunity to serve you on your next virtual tour and show you a difference. Our virtual tours and single property web sites are the difference between For Sale and Sold.

Dave Hall, Marketing Director
Listing Solutions, Inc.
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Traverse City Real Estate Team Fall News

For many, fall in Northern Michigan is the ideal season. Days are still warm, but evening temperatures have cooled making for a good night’s rest, leaves are changing to the most spectacular shades of red and yellow, and crisp apples, pumpkin donuts and cider have returned to the road side stands and supermarkets, and soon to the waistlines!

For sports fans everywhere, it is a smorgasbord! College and Pro football, Major League Baseball playoffs and hockey have made their way into households everywhere; while hunting and fishing enthusiasts are taking it to the woods and water.

The National Association of REALTORS reported in late September that recent sales for existing homes declined slightly, to an estimated annual volume of 4.91 million units for 2008. Recent tightening in mortgage lending has created challenges for some of today’s home buyers. According to Freddie Mac, the thirty year fixed rate mortgage hovered around 6.5 percent during the month of August, up slightly from the month before.

Officials are hoping that recent actions taken by the Federal government will create stability in the housing market. Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of REALTORS, says, “With higher loan limits and a beefing up of the FHA program, all the mechanisms have been falling into place to increase mortgage availability.”

Many experts are predicting an upturn in market confidence once congress agrees on a plan to deal recent challenges in the financial markets.

Good News for Veterans

On September 11, the House of Representatives passed the Veterans Construction and Extension Act of 2008, which helps Veterans achieve their dreams of home ownership. The legislation provides assistance for veterans who need to refinance their Sub prime or adjustable rate loans into a safer, more affordable loan backed by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The bill has been passed on to the Senate for finalization. If you’re in the market for a home, contact us for information on FHA, VA, and other mortgage programs that might be right for you.


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Fine Home & Estates Accredited

The Traverse Team is now Fine Home & Estates accredited through Century 21. Through this training we gained additional strategies for prospecting clientele, and for recognizing relevant market trends influencing the purchase and sale of luxury property as well as to how to effectively market high-end homes using the CENTURY 21 Fine Homes & Estates program.

Susan Hintz
Grand Traverse Real Estate

Be an Architectural Photographer

Are you a Real Estate Photographer or an Architectural Photographer?

It may seem like semantics, however, the later designation may spark a whole new set of clients and opportunities to showcase your skills and portfolio. Often people associate Real Estate photography with those taken by the agent with their point and shoot camera.

Have you thought about becoming a Real Estate Marketing Specialist?

As a Real Estate Marketing Specialist you offer your clients a one-stop shop for the marketing of their listings, including:

• High Quality Architectural Photography

• High Quality Virtual Tours

• Virtual Assistant Service

• Print Services

• Coordinate with local publications for submissions; i.e. Homes & Land, Newspapers, etc.

• Newsletters

• Website Design

• Know your communities and their amenities, and the difference in Architectural Details and Structure Styles

• Say what you know and know what you say!

Despite the down turn in the world economy, foreclosures, and the loss of jobs, we are still seeing new real estate agents pouring out of the real estate schools. The schools teach them the laws and prepare them for the state and federal exam, however, they leave them unprepared for the marketing challenges they will face. Take this opportunity to develop new clients and increase your worth as their Marketing Specialist.

We like to tell agents, “We’ll make you look great, all you have to do is the paperwork!”

Have a great day and shoot something . . . with a camera!

Ken Bowman
In And Out Services
Phoenix Virtual Tour Company
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Marketing Virtual Tours in Colombia

I moved to Cartagena, Colombia in October, 2005, bringing my photography skills and RTV virtual tour capabilities and hoping to “make my mark” with this new (to Colombia) technology. I talked to a lot of real estate agents and quickly realized that the laws governing real estate in Colombia are vastly different than in the U.S.

Real estate licenses are practically nonexistent here because they are not required by law. That means anyone can bring a buyer to a seller and receive 3% commission on the sale. What this means is that no agent will invest money into advertising for a property that they don’t have an exclusive listing for, and owners don’t like to give exclusive listings.

Property owners here want to increase their odds for a quick sale, so they will pay the commission to anyone who brings a buyer. So, the target market here in real estate sales is the owners themselves. It can often be difficult to find the owner and to sell to them, especially if they live out of town. It is also possible to market to hotels, restaurants, resorts, museums, and I am just starting an advertising campaign to reach those markets.

My wife and I have a startup apartment rental and real estate business, which over time should draw in more 360 virtual tour customers, and I also do architectural photography for which a virtual tour is an upsell.

I have sold only about six tours since I have been here, mostly to friends. Until May of this year, I couldn’t actively market because my visa would not permit it, but now I am totally “legal.” This means that I can now use all forms of marketing available. Most of the real estate market is for apartments for sale or rent, but I am starting to become aware of some really nice houses. Next week, I will hit the streets of the old city with my laptop and some fancy brochures, where there are a lot of restaurants, hotels and bed and breakfast places.

Larry Thornberry
Colombian Virtual Tour Company
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