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Converting Drive Time Into Marketing

Awhile back in a recent RTV webinar the subject of utilizing a tire cover on your automobile for marketing purposes was brought up. Now the idea is not original, but it is has been very effective for me in gaining recognition for my Nevada virtual tour business.

I have had my company logo on my tire cover for over 3 years now and it amazes me how many remarks I get every week. The best one yet was during a cross country trip along I-70 where another traveler and myself kept passing each other and meeting up at gas stations or rest stops while upon our journey. At one rest stop the guy driving the other auto walked over to me when I pulled in and commented something of the sort, “You’ve got to stop passing me…your tire cover is freaking me out…I swear it winked at me!”, and then laughed as he walked away.

So, yes, the use of a tire cover can come in very handy for marketing your virtual tour business. For those of you who don’t have one – your rear window or side doors work just as well. I just prefer to use the back since most people pay the most attention to the car in front of them and not one passing on the side. Give it a try and you’ll be sure to get noticed!

Rob Lenthe
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PRESS RELEASE – Mac Village Productions Partners with RTV

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – RTV™ Announces New Full Service Provider in Rochester, NY

Rochester, NY February 9, 2009— Mac Village Productions has recently partnered with Real Tour Vision™ (RTV), the world’s largest and fastest growing virtual tour software provider. As a Real Tour Vision full service virtual tour provider Mac Village Productions will be able to offer state-of-the-art virtual tours and innovative online marketing solutions to local real estate agents and businesses. Mac Village Productions has completed proprietary training as a certified RTV full service provider and will also be offering their clients and customers expert advice on internet marketing.

Rick Simons, President of Real Tour Vision said, “Today, more than ever, clients need a media rich internet presence that will covert internet visitors into leads. Bill Harris brings a wealth of experience with marketing, web design, search engine optimization (SEO), multi-media, and photography that will serve his clients well throughout upstate New York and the Finger Lakes region. As a true marketing consultant, Bill is a welcome addition to the Real Tour Vision providership network.”

Bill Harris, Real Tour Vision Provider and president of Mac Village Productions stated, “Nearly all shopping now begins with an Internet search. Our goal is to help Western, NY business owners differentiate themselves through Virtual Internet Marketing by incorporating great website designs with Virtual Tours, Infomercials, and Photography! We are truly excited to be partnered with the best Virtual Tour technology provider in the world – RTV! With this partnership we are now able to complete our offerings to our customers with one place to go for Web Site Design, Virtual Tours & Infomercials, Commercial Photography, and Apple Consulting.” Since 1999, Real Tour Vision™ has continually led the way in the virtual tour industry with marketing implementations such as their proprietary interactive software, RTV™ PanoRider™, single property websites, on-demand Virtual Tour Traffic Reporting 2.0, 2D/3D interactive floor plans, animated walk-throughs, custom websites, proprietary order-dispatch system, tour audio solutions, tour discs and sketch-and-fax services. For more information call 585-520-2232, email or visit their website at

About Real Tour Vision™ Real Tour Vision™ is a recognized leader in interactive 360 panoramic virtual tours and virtual tour software. Over the past 8 years, the virtual tour software company has built up one of the world’s largest and most powerful networks of virtual tour providers. The company encourages prospective virtual tour provider and real estate agent network clients to begin by making logical business decisions, working out the numbers, and finally choosing the Real Tour Vision™ virtual tour software system to drive their virtual tour company or enhance their real estate website with virtual tour software products. RTV™ virtual tours are chosen over other virtual tour software programs daily by intelligent business owners who demand the best virtual tour software to showcase and market their businesses online. Real Tour Vision™ and RTV™ are trademarks of Tour Vision, Inc.

About Mac Village ProductionsMac Village Productions is Upstate NY’s premiere full service provider for Apple Consulting, Innovative Web 2.0 Website design work, and Rich Media incorporating virtual interactive presentation through the use of Real Tour Vision virtual tours, video and photography services.

Mac Village Productions was founded in 2008 by William K. Harris. Our production team is managed by Designer, Photographer, and Film Editor Bill Harris. He along with a skilled team of graphic designers, developers and innovators push the envelope of creativity to deliver more value with minimal investment.

Mr. Harris is an experienced Information Technology Professional with over 25 years of experience selling and implementing complex global enterprise solutions. He excels at conveying solid Return on Investments which have allowed him to close more then $200M in solutions sales.

As an Information Technology Specialist; Bill has led high performance client solution engagements thru the life cycle of opportunity identification, business development, product management, implementation, and deployment. He has extensive experience in data storage, content management, and business workflow solutions utilizing a plethora of different technologies.

As a Technology professional, Bill has served in an executive capacity in business operations such as EMC North American Solutions Division, PTC Global Services, and Xerox Global Services. In these positions he led client facing solutions focused project teams, large scale technology outsource programs, and performed as an executive consultant.

He is now taking these years of experience and applying them to Mac Village Productions to drive outstanding solutions and value for his customers.

William K. Harris

Mac Village Productions

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Bradenton Virtual Tour Company – How Can A Virtual Tour Benefit Realtors In A Down Economy?

Recently I came across a blog post from a Realtor couple stating that they were finally going to take the steps to start researching virtual tours and wanted some thoughts on the subject. I was surprised to see that only two people had responded to the post and really had not offered much insight to the importance of a Brandenton real estate virtual tour from their stand point. To add, I was kind of amazed at the fact that the Realtors have never even considered the option of marketing their properties online with virtual tour technology until now. Of course, I did the best I could to help them in the right direction; but, the very thought that there are still Realtors out there unwilling to implement these powerful Brandenton real estate marketing tools into their arsenal of Real Estate sales tools has a lot to do with:

1. The misconception of how valuable it is in today’s market place
2. What role it plays in the hands of the consumer

So how does a virtual tour benefit both the Realtor and the Client in a down economy? What can it do to help alleviate some of the financial stresses that come with a slow and stagnant economy?

According to the NAR 2007 profile of Buyers and Sellers:

84% of all buyers and 87% of first time buyers use the internet as an information resource during their search for a home. In the 25-44 age group this number jumped to 91% of all home buyers.

Home buyers use the internet slightly more frequently (66%) than real estate agents (64%) and much more frequently than newspapers (17%), home magazines (10%) or television (2%).

Only 1% of homebuyers did not find the internet useful and 100% of those that use a real estate agent take two weeks to search on their own before contacting their real estate agent. 64% of all home buyers used the FIRST agent they contacted.

32% of all buyers look online for properties for sale as the FIRST step in their search for a home.

33% of all buyers are now using social networking sites with 19% using them at least a few times per week.

79% of home buyers use a real estate agent, this is the same percentage as 10 years ago. in 1997, 50% of buyers found their home through a real estate agent and 2% found their home on the internet. In 2007 only 34% find their home through a real estate agent while those that find their home on the internet has greatly increased to 29%.

Virtual Tours in Today’s Marketplace

There are hundreds of real estate virtual tour providers offering many different solutions. Few understand the marketing aspects of virtual tour technology and many underestimate the value it has for the Realtor. The misconception as a whole is that a virtual tour is just some type of online media. It is much, much more than that. A virtual tour can be any type of media; but, how that media is used to benefit the sale of the home has extremely valuable aspects to it when approached with the right technology and the right tools to market that technology. If you are paying $100-$300 for a virtual tour and it is only distributed to your MLS and, you are missing a huge market of potential buyers outside these practical inclusions and you are paying way too much for your service.

It is no secret that the housing market is rapidly declining. Realtors are not making the commissions they used to and short sales and foreclosures are only paying a very small commission as to what they would normally get. Yet, many Realtors are still dumping thousands into their properties in hopes they will sell. But the hard fact is that most of those marketing and advertising dollars will only pay for so much time in front of the consumer. An ad here or there can quickly add up and the exposure value is very little. Is there a better way? You bet!! 84% of home buyers are shopping online first, so maybe that is where you should be directing your efforts? Why would you advertise your products and services in the local newspaper when 17% use the newspaper and 84% is looking online? The only person you are helping is the advertising agent. Now it does make sense to advertise, but maybe it’s time to re-think how the rest of the population is thinking. Understand your market and where it is that they go to get the information they seek.

Basic observations when considering virtual tour software and the value it has in the marketplace:

1. Affordability – Your virtual tour solution does not have to cost a fortune. The average Real Estate virtual tour should cost around $90-$150 for a good quality tour and hosted for 1-2 years online. It should also have excellent distribution qualities to get maximum exposure.

2. Functionality – What type of features do you get with your virtual tours? Is there rich media content that is easily accessible? Feature sets are what will keep your potential buyers occupied within your virtual tour. The more features your virtual tour has the more satisfying it will be to the end user. It is a proven fact that online users are becoming hungrier for rich media content. If your virtual tour provider does not offer virtual tours that are packed with rich media content, it time to look somewhere else.

3. Informative – Does your virtual tour provide the necessary tools to inform potential buyers on all the details of the Realtor and the property? Buyers want data and if your virtual tour does not provide what is desired, you will lose the buyer’s interest quickly.

4. Marketing – Putting your virtual tour on your website or MLS is just the tip of the iceberg. With millions of consumers shopping online everyday, you need to have the tools to put your properties in front of those buyers. A Brandenton real estate virtual tour with no exposure is a dead tour. It has little reach in the marketplace and the virtual tour holds no great value. Yet, when you combine powerful online distribution tools with your virtual tours, you have opened up a tremendous amount of exposure and the potential to get more interested buyers. Also, combining innovative offline tools to direct traffic to your virtual tours can lighten the cost of traditional adverting and marketing. The focus here is to market your properties online and offline with the intent of driving as much traffic to the property for sale. This marketing strategy is very effective and is cost effective. A good tour package that offers both online and offline virtual tour marketing tools should average $.40-$1.50 per day. Compare that to traditional marketing, and you are saving a ton of money, getting ten fold the exposure and putting more profit in your pocket at the time of sale.

5. Flexibility – Your virtual tour should already come packed with virtual tour marketing tools to make your job easier. A good virtual tour solution should give you the flexibility to do what you do best……sell!

Real Estate virtual tours can be the single most important alternative to property marketing in a time when the economy is failing. Time, money and value are so important when the span between commissions is much greater that it used to be. Investing in the choice to use virtual tours as your main tool of cultivating home buyers is a step in the right direction.

Consumers and Virtual Tours

How does the consumer benefit from a Brandenton real estate virtual tour you provide online? Potential buyers play a very important role. It’s what they want! Do you give consumers what they want? Are you keeping up with the latest advances in online marketing? The way we do business today has forever changed and if you are not moving in strides with these advances, your competition will move leaps and bounds over you and leave you wondering why. If 84% of homebuyers go to the internet to shop for property, you wouldn’t put 84% of your advertising dollars into the local newspaper would you? I hope not and I hope you see my point. Consumers know they can find what they want on the internet. It saves them time and money, rather than spending countless hours driving around to each house. Virtual tours put the consumer in control to decide what it is they like about the house. A well organized virtual tour and the right Brandenton virtual tour company can make use of the advantages of each individual listing and grasp the viewer’s attention. You have to immediately engage your visitor with something that will capture their senses. Give them what they want and direct them on what to do. Give them the ability to explore all the advantages of your listings without the headache of having to search too deep. If a visitor can’t find what they want within a few seconds, you will lose them.

Statistically speaking, consumers are eager for rich media content when they visit your website or virtual tours. If it is boring and inactive, you are missing the big picture. More people sit at home now because they can’t afford to drive around. It is much more cost effective to find what you are looking for on the internet. And, it is a lot less stressful too.

Home buyers are getting smarter. In a buyers market, they are realizing they have the power to search and seek out anything and everything on the web. Including Realtors! If you’re not making a huge impression, you’re not doing what it takes to get those potential home buyers in the sales seat. Real estate virtual tours are what buyers are looking for. It saves them time and money and that is very important in this economy.

If you need more information on an affordable virtual tour solution, go to our Bradenton Virtual Tour Company Website.

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Northwest Arkansas Virtual Tour Company Offers Services to Habitat for Humanity

Brick Road Visuals, your Bentonville/Rogers Arkansas full service virtual tour provider, has volunteered to shoot a 360 interactive virtual tour in Arkansas for our local Habitat for Humanity. We have always really admired and appreciated the hard work the Habitat for Humanity does and the impact they have on the lives they touch. We wanted to pitch in, and this seemed like a great way for us to help.

Our local Habitat for Humanity has been plugging away helping family after family have a home of their own. There are children who now know they have a warm, comfortable, safe place to live. They’ve seen the completion of many great projects, improved the lives of deserving families and volunteers alike, and made their unique mark on our landscape all in the name of community.

It’s with that same heart for community that we have offered our services. We want as many people as possible to know what the Habitat for Humanity is doing and be inspired by their great achievements. The same way viewers love to see nearly-real virtual tours in Bentonville Arkansas of active real estate listings they will enjoy a virtual tour of the accomplishments of Habitat for Humanity. We know that with exciting technologies like interactive virtual tours and bright, crisp professional images the Benton County Habitat for Humanity chapter will receive more website traffic and enthusiasm which will lead to more awareness. More awareness will lead to more volunteers and more successful completions. We are honored to be able to contribute to the work of such a great organization in this way.

Sandy Jagmin
Brick Road Visuals
Bentonville/Rogers Virtual Tours

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Letting Your Virtual Tour Work Speak for Itself

Recently, I was talking on the phone with one of our clients about how well her Virtual Tours were doing in the Dallas Forth Worth market. As I shared that her Virtual Tour was the #1 Virtual Tour in Frisco, TX on Google, she got very excited.

As our conversation progressed, she finally interrupted me and said the following:

“I would like to share with my entire Frisco Texas Real Estate office what you have done for my listings – please send me exactly what you just said in an email so I can distribute it to all of the agents.”

Now that is letting your work speak for itself! We have such a high quality resource with the RTV Virtual Tour platform and it is combined with such powerful virtual tour marketing tools, that once people learn just how critical it can be to their success they will tell others about it as well!

I’m proud to be the owner of which provides the best Virtual Tours in Frisco Texas and Web Marketing to the Dallas Fort Worth area and beyond. Our clients are our best form of advertising!

Justin Burns
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