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Most of you are now familiar with the latest in electronic-internet advertising…THE QR CODE!
When you are cold-calling or establishing new accounts, don’t forget to offer your customer QR codes.
We provide our virtual tour clients with a free QR code for both their virtual tours and website.
It is important to demonstrate the QR app and help them use their iphone or android to access the app.
Pick up any print ads that have QR codes to show them that this is the latest in technology.

Of course some of your clients will be familiar with the QR concept, but then again some will give
you the dazed over look when you mention “QR”.

Everyone wants the latest technology, even if they are still learning….

To have our virtual tour business clients immediately begin using QR’s, we provide them with a window sign

 “come visit us…” (placing the QR code on the sign). When the establishment is closed for business, people who come up to the store or restaurant can scan the code and get to the website/tour immediately.

Enhance and increase your sales with the concept.

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The Mobile View

Tours D’ Force, your Southern Michigan promotional media company, brings mobility to The Blissfield Connector.  Empowering Toursdforce NEW 2011 Explosive Exposure allows the Blissfield Business Channel to be adapted to the mobile marketing market.  Yes, The Blissfield Connector is now fully compatible with iPhones, iPads, and any other web-based SmartPhone for a mobile experience!  And we didn’t stop there Toursdforce is even tossing in a Quick Response (QR) code and a QR sticker so the Blissfield Businesses can easily share their tour and details with their mobile customers and prospects.

Hal Holubik of Toursdforce states; “Today’s customers and prospects are becoming more mobile and depending on their smart phone devices more and more as a source of information.  So utilizing a QR Code in your marketing materials will give you the upper hand to reach out to your mobile customers and prospects in a new and efficient way!”

What are QR Codes?

A QR Codes is a two dimensional bar code that can be printed on any marketing materials to link printed materials to mobile and Internet marketing efforts.  The Blissfield Connector QR Code below has been programmed to The Blissfield Business Channel /virtual tour but could be programmed to communicate several types of information.   After the receiver scans the QR Code with their smart phone, the bar code will automatically prompt the user’s phone to launch the virtual business tour.  Once the tour is loaded the viewer will simply click on the “iPad / SmartPhone” button at the top of the tour viewing window to view the business video that will fit perfectly on their Smart Phone.

A QR code can also be programmed to launch a website (note: the web site must be a mobile site to fit properly) play a video (in this case) automatically enter contact information into a contact list (good for the back of your business cards), send an e-mail, send a text message, or make a phone call.  QR Codes are completely customizable and the possibilities are truly endless (left up to your creative minds).  Most importantly, they are tractable and we’re able to see how many individuals scanned a specific QR Code and when (in our case the hits will show on the virtual tours weekly hit report because the QR Code has been programmed to the virtual tour).  This tractability makes QR Codes a valuable (and affordable) response tracking mechanism for all marketing materials.

How does it work?

1.    Use a smart phone with Internet access. (Note: An Android is the only smart phone on the market that comes with a Flash player and our virtual tours are in Flash.  But that’s OK because I have changed the button at the top of the tour window from ‘Video’ to ‘iPad / SmartPhone’ and this will take those without a Flash player to the YouTube Video or there are apps for Flash out there for them too.)
2.    Download a free bar code reader app (If you have a recently purchased BlackBerry it comes with the app, if not I suggest one of these NeoReader, or Scanlife)
3.    Scan or take a picture of the QR Code with the reader app.
4.    Phone will automatically launch the code’s message or tour.

What can QR Codes do for you?
QR Codes are a basically an image, just like any other graphic, and can be placed on any and all marketing materials such as: business cards, fliers, brochures, promotional items, t-shirts, car wraps, signs, posters, direct mail, print ads, and more! They allow you to:
•    Increase response rates (almost anyone who knows about this technology finds it difficult to resist scanning the bar codes).
•    Measure the effectiveness of your campaign; different QR Codes can be generated for each individual project and tracked.
•    Integrate print, mobile, and Internet marketing with three “touch points” in one print item.
•    Plus, you will be on the cutting edge of a marketing strategy that is still relatively new in the United States.

The Blissfield Connector participating businesses can now showcase their businesses to their mobile cliental via iPhones, iPads, and any other web-based SmartPhone .  To help the participating Blissfield businesses achieve mobile exposure Toursdforce is providing 2D code stickers (sample below)in four convent sizes (Small 4’ X 4’, Medium 5’ X 5’, Large 6’ X 6’ or  X Large 7.5” X 7.5”) to be proudly displayed.   Tousdforce believes that QR codes will be an integral part of a complete solution that they can provide to your clients.  The technology is free on both ends (code generator and code reader) so, it time is right to start introducing the technology starting with our virtual tours to show clients and build value as an internet marketing expert. 

Imagine what you can do with your QR sticker

For more information on mobile marketing with QR codes read QR codes for Internet Marketing?
Or scribe to my blog post at:

Use Technology to Your Advantage and Capture Interest Immediately!!!

It is time to connect with all potential buyers, provide them immediate, detailed information, demonstrate your leadership in the industry and capture leads around the clock.  Not only are QR Codes simple to use, and effective.  They are also extremely cost efficient and the return will be immediate.

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How to Enlarge a QR Code

Making a bigger QR Code is now easier than ever with this simple power tip from good ol RTV Virtual Tour Software.  Many of you have been asking me if I knew how to make a QR Code larger for print purposes. Watch this video and you can how you can enlarge a QR Code in just a couple more simple steps. Enjoy the power tip and stop by often. I really hope to see you on the next webinar SEO Revival!

Jason LaVanture
RTV, Inc Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training

QR Codes and Mobile Text Marketing

There’s a potential Home buyer standing in front of your listing. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you were there to get their phone number?

That’s what BlueLaVaMedia mobile text marketing is

all about. It’s about capturing a buyer’s attention. It’s about giving them instant information on your property listings, all day, every day.

It’s about calling them on the phone to say “I see you’re looking for a new home. Have you selected an agent yet?”

They get instant information on the property and you receive leads. This is the BlueLaVaMedia Virtual Tour & Mobile Text Marketing System.

The potential buyer simply sends a text or scans the QR code on the sign or in your advertising.

To Sample how our Mobile Text Marketing can assist you, please text message bluelava6 to 43766
or scan the QR Code in the image above with your smartphone.

Did you know that our new 2011 Exposure Engine comes with a QR code?

We look forward to hearing from you real soon. Click on the image above or call Jim Blue
today to get started with our mobile websites, QR codes, and mobile text marketing!

Thanks for your support!

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QR Codes and Mobile Websites


At the National Association of Realtors annual convention in November, the word was: QR codes and mobile websites. We’ve talked about QR codes on this blog before, and we’ll say it again: this is the hottest technology going. QR codes are everywhere. On websites, coupons, flyers, signs, in store displays, magazines, and business cards.

For real estate agents, the most important thing is to have your QR code point to your mobile website, not a single listing site. We’ve seen a few QR codes on For Sale signs, but they only bring up information on that particular listing. Wouldn’t you rather have a prospect scan in your QR code and immediately see ALL your listings instead of just one?

Imagine this: a prospective buyer drives by one of your listings and scans the QR code on your sign. A video of you introducing yourself and your company comes up on the smartphone screen. In your video, you instruct the viewer to click on a button to call you immediately, or to enter a numeric code to receive details on a specific listing. Do you think you’ve got them hooked now?

If you haven’t set up your mobile website yet, what are you waiting for? How much business do you want to lose before you catch up with the power sellers?

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