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3 Good Reasons to Use Virtual Tours

We provide a professional Full Motion, High Definition Video Tour and Photos for Agents and Home Owners, Taking you beyond the ordinary Virtual Tours using leading edge equipment and Technology showcasing a property like no other.Now and again I see agents not taking advantage of  Virtual Tours. Do they just not realize the power of an Interactive Virtual Tour? Purchasing a home is the largest purchase that most people make in a lifetime. Providing a Virtual Tour just makes it that much easier. Virtual Tours allow a potential buyer to view the property to see if it has the features that they are looking for. They can search and view countless homes  without leaving the comfort of their home. The ease of this experience could translate into a buy. Searching listings becomes easier when more information is available, and virtual tours are second only to live tours. Below are some of the reasons I would recommend having a virtual tour on all of your listings. Other Than just to Sell it!

1.Virtual tours give buyers the experience of viewing homes without being present at those homes. Many people realize on first sight if they don’t want the home. This thins the crowd of potential buyers, and allows you to avoid unnecessary live tours.  Buyers can narrow their choices by getting a comprehensive look at real estate they might have an interest in.

2.Virtual tours are available 24/7 from any location. This means that out-of-town buyers can tour several homes without travel or expense. Buyers can also view homes whenever is convenient for them without having to schedule an appointment.

3.Buyers can show homes to their family and friends effortlessly by simply sharing a link through email or even a social networking site. Many buyers rely on opinions of others when making big decisions.

The ability to view a home will not only benefit a buyer a seller can benefit as well. Since more viewing will be online, you spend less time cleaning and preparing homes for open houses and live tours.This means less calls to you and less live tours, saving you both time.

Online access allows you to showcase a home now. As soon as your video is ready, So when you are ready to take your Clarksville, TN real estate listing to the next level contact PictureThis VHT!!


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Funeral Home Virtual Tours

 A few years ago, I wrote a blog about Funeral Home Virtual Tours.  Little did I know when I wrote it but that blog has been the MOST READ BLOG entry I have ever written and the terms “Funeral Home Virtual Tours” is one of the most searched keywords of all our website hits.  Every week, we get multiple hits from people searching the terms Funeral Home Virtual Tours.

It’s kind of funny because as a whole, the funeral home industry has not really gotten on the wave of social media.  Like any business, funeral homes must continue to grow and adapt to the current market and with our aging population being cared for by a younger generation, there is added pressure to change the marketing mindset in the funeral home industry.

Statistics show that 1 out of every 1 person will someday attend a funeral in one way or another but there is a great fear of talking about the unknown.  During a time of loss, resources are precious and a funeral home virtual tour can be a great resource for helping families plan services from out of town and be able to visualize the process ahead of time.  It can also serve to break down the barriers and fears of pre-planning arrangements.

Funeral home virtual tours are just one tool that can help a funeral home business to reach out and meet consumers where they are…And let’s be honest – where they are is Facebook and Twitter and if it’s available they are on the funeral home’s website and blog. 

We had the honor of photographing a virtual tour for Hansen Spear Funeral Home in Quincy, IL.  For four generations, Hansen and Spear has been serving families in our town and they have adapted and changed with the times better than any funeral home I’ve ever seen.  Take a look at this picture of their home page —

In addition to the virtual tour being front and center, they have links to Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Flickr, YouTube as well as their very current and timely blog. 

In his blog entitled “A Funeral Home Virtual Tour? Why Not!”,  Will Spear of Hansen – Spear says – “We live in a digital world where we post video tributes online with obituaries and have families using our free Wi-Fi at visitations to Skype with family members that could not make it to the services.  With the technology available, why not have a Virtual Tour so you can see the funeral home if you have not been here before.”

Almost every other funeral home website I’ve seen is a standard template that lists the obituaries and maybe shows a picture of the front of the funeral home but not much more.  While they certainly provide an exceptional funeral or memorial service, Hansen – Spear understands that people are looking for much more during their time of grief.  Their grief support resources are extensive and they provide links to online resources as well as information about local grief support groups.  They understand that grief does not end at the graveside but is an ongoing process.  By offering all the resources they do, Hansen – Spear is truly leading the way in their industry.

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How do I get more Tour Track Jobs from RTV?

How do I get more tour track jobs? I’m asked this question quite often in the hopes I’ll start doling out jobs like candy on Halloween.  I’m sent chocolate, which is great!   I’m frequently told I’m wearing a pretty dress, which I appreciate even though the last time I wore anything resembling a dress was probably at the RTV Virtual Tour Convention 2012 and I get the “Did I do something wrong?” emails.   So please let me quiet all your fears and quell your curiosity about this matter.

There are a few major things that you need to do to get Tour Track jobs.  Several of these are all within the realm of your control.  A few are in the hands of the Powers that Be.

Here is what you can do.

1.    Tour Track Set-up Area.  This area you will find in your Fusion virtual tour account manager (htttp:// under the Tour Track Tab.  Once you click on “Tour Track” if you look to the right side of that window you will see the set-up tab.  Fill out everything and anything there.  Be honest!!! Do not say you have a wide angle lens if you plan to buy one should you get a job requiring it.  Just buy one.  You’ll love it!  Same goes for the automatic trigger devise (the contraption that helps you do HDR).  If you want to say you have it, then just go ahead and buy it. 

2.    Your Gallery of work.  We need to see that you can successfully and skillfully shoot Panos and Still images.  Create a gallery of work or use an existing one and plug the link into your Tour Track Set Up area.  If you don’t have a gallery then create one using the Fusion system and we’ll give you back a credit.  Check out the one for BlueLaVaMedia  You can add a voice over introducing yourself, a video, whatever you think will sell you.  Think of this as making a commercial for yourself, not only do you get to make it for free (No Tour Credit is required because as managers we can see your active AND inactive productions) but you can put it on your site (Tour Credit Required) to advertise yourself to your clients.  You will need to include at least 10 still interior real estate or hotel photography, a few 360 panoramas and 2-3 shots of any portrait work if you happen to provide that service.

3.    Have you shot any virtual tours?  If our staff goes in to look for a virtual tour photographer in the vicinity of a new job and you have zero virtual tours in your account, they will not assign a job to you.  Your work must be verified.  If you don’t have a gallery virtual tour or active virtual tours then you will not get a job from one of our national accounts. Sorry.

4.    Photography skills.  Make sure your skills are up to par.  Don’t submit out of focus, overly dark, overly noisy or severely crooked photos.  If photography isn’t your background then take advantage of our learning series, ‘The IMAGE’ found inside of  There are over fifty hours of training videos there on the subject of photography that will help you hone your skills.

5.    Responsiveness, openness and attitude.  Almost as important as being a good photographer is being a responsive photographer.  Calling the client within the requested time frame, following up and making notes in the system is all part of the role. Especially so is turning your photos in within a timely manner.  All these things will help out your overall Tour Track Score.  If you have a bad attitude on site or if you respond poorly to constructive feedback from us, this will 100% effect your ability to shoot jobs for us and thus lower your score that our management team sees before they send out jobs.  

6.    The Powers that Be will need to have some photo shoots in your area.  Things fluctuate.  You may have some Rock Star Tour Track years and some lean Tour Track years.  It all depends on where the jobs land.  If they aren’t landing near you then try going out and looking for them.  See if you have any of our National Accounts located in your area and approach them (but only if you’ve been approved to shoot for that account.  Check in with and ask before you go on your sales call).

7.    Send Chocolate.  Enough said.

Jacqueline Burke
National Accounts Director
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Professional Photographer VS Realtor

Andre Carriere, owner and operator of this locally owned business
specializes in Professional Real Estate and Property Photography.
Andre Carriere is a professional photographer based in Bracebridge,
Muskoka and shoots HD virtual tours of Listings or Projects. In the video below

RealEstateTalkShow host Erin McCoy has a photo taking contest with Andre Carriere an RTV virtual tour provider to see how important it is to have a professional photographer take real estate photos to help sell the home.  Check out this video now!!

Virtual Tour Visions is part of the worlds largest network for Virtual Tour Providers. Our propriety software is number one in the world. We are backed by the best in the business and always on top of the newest technology to hit the market.

Andre is currently shooting with professional Nikon equipment and industry leading software to produce the best quality interactive virtual tours, photography and HD Video. Andre has the trained eyes for capturing your products in their best light, angles with the proper composition and also using the latest in photography to get stunning results. VTV images have been featured in many home publications.

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Your Great Outdoors

Tips for filming memorable exterior virtual tours

When preparing to take pictures or video for a 360 virtual tour, most people put a lot of time and effort into making sure everything inside their business or property is primed for the cameras. But what about the outside? First impressions count, and the exterior of your building should look its virtual best.

If your virtual tour shows that the outside and the grounds of your property or business are well-tended, viewers will know that you pay attention to detail—making them more likely to do business with you. Here are some tips on prepping your exterior for a virtual tour.

Do a walk-around
You may be familiar with your property, but when is the last time you truly looked at the exterior? Grab a notepad (or use a voice recorder or notes program on your phone) and take a walk all the way around the building. Keep your eyes peeled for problems like chipped or faded paint, unnoticed graffiti, cracked windows, damaged door or window frames, and any other problems, so you can get them repaired as soon as possible.

Give it a power wash
Dirt, grime, dust, and even salt residue from winters in temperate climates can build up on the exterior of your property or business. Power washing the exterior of your building, and the sidewalks, will remove this layer of gunk and leave your property shining. If you don’t own a power washer, you can rent one from an equipment rental company or hardware store. While you’re washing, don’t forget to clean all the windows—but don’t use a power washer for glass. Manually wash them with water and glass cleaner, and use a ladder or a squeegee with a telescoping handle to reach second-floor windows from the outside.

Scour the grounds
Waste and debris can gather on your property and escape your attention, unless you’re looking for it. Be sure to check any lawn space and landscaping elements for junk that needs to be tossed. You’ll also want to have fresh-cut grass and trimmed greenery just before you start recording your virtual tour.

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