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Never Stop Learning

It is easy to get caught up in the day in and day out of life. Paying the bills demands so much of our time and energy, that we begin to set aside our own professional and personal growth.

Most of the professional photographers I know, and believe me I know a lot of them, picked up a camera as a hobby first. I have seen it a thousand times, it is like they have a new love relationship. They pine for their camera when they aren’t shooting. They voraciously seek out tips and new techniques as they seek to master their new love. They begin to dream of how great would be to be able to make a living with their camera, so they begin to advertise their new business to family and friends.

If these folks are lucky enough to be able to drum up enough business to continue to work as a pro photographer, they realize how much work the profession really is. Don’t get me wrong it is certainly fun, but it is a lot of work. From the day to day client communication and scheduling, to shooting and don’t forget the hours of post processing! That doesn’t leave much time for learning and growing as an artist.

To complicate matters further the photographer must have confidence in themselves to present themselves as an expert in the field, and inspire confidence of potential clients. Very few of these photographers have attended college or a trade school for photography, so their growth as an artist and expertise is solely dependent on their drive to learn.

Learning opportunities is one of the many benefits of partnering with RTV virtual tour company & professional photography service. We host webinars to help photographers to continue to grow both in their craft as well as marketing their businesses. As a member you also have access to a library of past webinars to refer back to at your convenience. Do you have an area  you would like to know more about? Find us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google +. We have several professional photographers on our in house staff that would love to connect with you and answer any questions you may have.

If you are a photographer looking for a new avenue for income, or simply looking to start your own business, consider our proprietary virtual tour software. We provide the training and equipment to get you started quickly and with out hassle. You can learn more about our system by visiting our “Start a Virtual Tour Business” page or calling us at 866 947 8687.

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Duck Dynasty Professional Photo Shoot

On August 23rd, Mike Stolte (Virtual Tour and Event Photographer), Richard and Sarah Wade (Portrait and Wedding Photography Team), and Britney (Stager) with Michaels Photography Studio  photographed Willie Robertson with Duck Dynasty at the Houston Hyatt Regency located in Downtown Houston for the Arms of Hope.

We were selected from a group of professional photographers for the second time in a row.  We have donated our professional photography services because of our affiliation with the Arms of Hope. We support Medina Children Home located in Medina, Texas which is a part of this organization. If you would like to donate to the Arms of Hope, please visit their website at  I cannot wait to share the images on our Site at

Michael’s Photography Studio covers all your photography needs from Virtual tours of Real Estate Listings, Commercial Business, Headshots, Magazine Covers, Weddings, Bridals, and Family Photos.  Call us today!

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Professional Photographer VS Realtor

Andre Carriere, owner and operator of this locally owned business
specializes in Professional Real Estate and Property Photography.
Andre Carriere is a professional photographer based in Bracebridge,
Muskoka and shoots HD virtual tours of Listings or Projects. In the video below

RealEstateTalkShow host Erin McCoy has a photo taking contest with Andre Carriere an RTV virtual tour provider to see how important it is to have a professional photographer take real estate photos to help sell the home.  Check out this video now!!

Virtual Tour Visions is part of the worlds largest network for Virtual Tour Providers. Our propriety software is number one in the world. We are backed by the best in the business and always on top of the newest technology to hit the market.

Andre is currently shooting with professional Nikon equipment and industry leading software to produce the best quality interactive virtual tours, photography and HD Video. Andre has the trained eyes for capturing your products in their best light, angles with the proper composition and also using the latest in photography to get stunning results. VTV images have been featured in many home publications.

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Mississauga Virtual Tours & Real Estate Photography

Anyone who has ever tried to sell anything online knows that it is very tough, if you don’t have a great photograph. And I believe if a photograph says a 1000 words, then a virtual tours says a 1000 photographs.

In this day and age, virtual tours have become one of the most important tools for selling a house and drawing shoppers into a business. Just imagine having a 24×7 open house available online without agents or the home owner having to show the property. We at GTA360Tour are helping you and consumers per-qualify properties, saving everyone time.

We are offering our professional photography and virtual tour services in the Mississauga, Ontario and surrounding areas. Because we are a small creative company, we are highly flexible and can respond quickly to your every need. We believe in giving excellent customer service, from the quotation stage right through to delivering the finished project, fulfilling the client’s requirements is our top priority.

We believe styling a room for an interior photo shoot is an important step in the process. Just like models need time to apply makeup for studio shoots, you need to allow time to clean the room and prep for the shoot. De-cluttering the space is very important, and helps remove distractions for the eye. Watch out for piles of stuff on the coffee table or kitchen clutter. We treat every photo shoot as if we were shooting for a magazine.

AT GTA360Tour we believe; IF you’ve GOT IT, then FLAUNT IT!

Because our high resolution 360 virtual tours are ideal for highlighting what you have. Allow your leads to virtually interact with your business or your online portfolio and flaunt what you are so proud of !

Check us out on our website and call us for a presentation today!

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Get Photography Jobs With RTV

The RTV, Inc Tour Track program has paid professional photographers around the world millions of dollars over the years.  We want to make sure that you’re up to speed on the new fully integrated Fusion Tour Track.  Please watch our new Fusion Tour Track Orientation video below.

If you’re not setup on Fusion or on our Tour Track system, you’re most likely missing out on several thousand dollars of revenue each year.  With a variety of photography jobs that pay you anywhere from $100 to $700, being on your radar should be a top priority for you. Please visit our Tour Track orientation page to get setup on Fusion and start getting photography jobs today!
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