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Digital Insurance Documentation Services

Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Ike hit Houston, TX, people are still without power. The security of your home and business is challenged without question. Looters are a daily conversation on the Local channels. Ice is drying up and stores are restocking their supplies as fast as they can. People with power have started the clean up process.

Once people start cleaning up the debris, and remove the fallen trees and make everything safe they still have to make their insurance claim. This is a daunting task to do during a chaotic time in your life. Wouldn’t be easier if all you had to do is find a CD that had high resolution digital photos of your home and personal belongings? I’d say it would be.

Digital Tours and More can provide Digital Insurance Documentation service for you. Using the latest technology from RTV, Digital Tours and More can digitally capture your personal belongings and put them on a CD-ROM for you and your insurance agent. We also include a detailed list of serial numbers and other personal information that is also stored on CD. Please call Digital Tours and More for a free no obligation quote today on this service. Check out our website for info on our other services such as real estate photography and virtual tours.

Mike Stolte
Digital Tours and More
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New Full Service Virtual Tour provider in Northwest Arkansas

It’s a small world…

One day, as I was doing some social networking for my photography business, I found an old friend who I hadn’t seen in about 10 years! I sent a “friend request”, we sent a couple emails back and forth, then she called me and we chatted and caught up for an hour or so. During the course of the conversation, I asked what she was doing. “Virtual Tours” she said. “How do you do those?” I asked.

She spent about 5-10 minutes explaining to me what she does, all the while I was thinking “I should be doing that. That would be a great addition to my photography company.” I loved photography, business, and real estate. Talk about a perfect match.

I looked up a ton of MLS listings from all the local towns – Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville – none of them had real virtual tours. There were a few slideshows, but it was obvious from the photography that there was not a professional involved. The market was wide open for professional photography service!

My next step was to find the company I wanted to align my business with – my friend wasn’t happy with her virtual tour company, so I stayed away from them.

While researching virtual tour companies I picked out a name, Brick Road Visuals, I bought the domain, I had a logo professionally designed, and so on. I just needed to find the company that had the tools and offerings that were important to me – above all quality, but also marketing tools, support, and affordability. I kept coming back to RTV.

I talked to my salesperson for weeks, if not months. He never grew impatient with my gazillion questions comparing RTV to other providers- well not visibly anyway. And every time I called him guess what happened. He answered the phone! It seems like such a simple thing, but so rare these days. I thought if I can actually get these people on the phone now, surely they will be there for me when I’m paying part of their paycheck.

In the end, it came down to RTV and one other company. RTV had features the other didn’t, the other had something RTV didn’t have – I can’t remember now what it was, must not have been that important. I made the call and now here we are – providing Northwest Arkansas with full service tours through RTV.

Sandy Jagmin
Brick Road Visuals
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S.D. Professionals LLC – Up Up and Away

One of the hardest things for me to find these days is a little extra time! Ever since we started with RTV, we have been thinking of more services we could provide to our clients that would still complement each other. So, this spring, we decided we were going to invest in a fleet of helium powered blimps to begin aerial photography and aerial video. Wow, did this idea take off! It seems we may have struck gold once again with this idea. People love the idea of hiring us for more reasons than you would imagine. Obviously the main reason being they realize with S.D. Professionals, LLC, they can always count on professional, quality, affordable services but there’s more!

  1. This new blimp fleet we have allows our professional camera team and professional photographers to get that perfect shot as the clients watch! That’s right, while the blimp is in the air; we have a ground station that allows the client to see exactly what the blimp sees so they can approve the shot while we are in the air.
  2. Then there is my favorite positive point about the blimp fleet, there is ZERO NOISE! That’s right, no more waking up the neighbors with intrusive helicopter winds and noise, our fleet of blimps makes no noise and are a marvel to watch.
  3. Think Green! With this new service, we have made a choice to begin to do our part to help erase our carbon footprint so on top of the fact the we have all helium powered blimps, we have a completely electric trailer for storing them so that the helium is used over and over and over again. Furthermore, we pull the trailer with Chevrolet Avalanche that has the 4-6-8 ethanol conversion kit that allows for extraordinary fuel savings and cuts carbon emissions tremendously!
  4. All photo cameras, video cameras and transmitter equipment is completely electric and rechargeable.

Check out the NBC News Report about our blimps.

Now I realize this blog is more about 360 virtual tours but I thought this would still make the cut since we are a provider of RTV virtual tours and we wanted to announce yet another addition to our services. Those services are:

  1. RTV Virtual Tours
  2. Professional Photography
  3. Video Production & Editing
  4. Website Design & Programming
  5. Graphic Design

Thanks again to RTV and thanks to our clients for making this new endeavor such a successful addition to our services!

Jacob Timmons
Sevierville Tennesse Virtual Tours
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National Photography Services Available from RTV

Tour Track, our national photography service, is expanding its photographic horizons and now advertising our provider network’s ability to photograph more than just virtual tours. Within our network we have access to hundreds of highly skilled photographers who can take beautiful dramatic images for a property.

In our efforts to showcase the skill level and professionalism of our provider network, we are creating an online photo gallery of shots taken by Tour Track photographers.

If you are looking for photography service in multiple locations but want a consistent result please contact RTV to find out how we can help you. We can coordinate our group of photographers to deliver you the results you need with minimal hassle to you.

National Photography Service
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