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Accepting Critical Reviews with Grace

In my years at RTV I have seen a lot of photos. I mean, A LOT of photos. Some are wonderful and amazing, some are ok, and occasionally there will be some that leave me feeling like I need to wash my eyes out with hot water.

For a long time I would take note of who the good photographers were and avoid the ones that submitted less than stellar images, and I left it at that. But then I heard Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture and changed the way I did things. It made me realize that the message I had been sending you when I didn’t give feedback was “I give up on you. I don’t think you can do it.” And that wasn’t true.

I was just afraid someone would get angry with me. I like to be liked. I like to be nice. But I also believe in you and think you can do better and want you to do better, so now I try to tell you when things don’t come out exactly how they should. Or I make Melissa tell you, lol. My hope is that I am doing you a favor and helping you grow, and I think for the most part people take it that way. But sometimes they don’t and there are angry emails and phone calls to me and about me and I have to deal with the ramifications. And that’s ok, I’m a big girl, I can deal with it.

But a month or so ago I gave some feedback to a photographer hoping that he could look into what was going wrong with his shoots and figure out how to fix it. His response was so appreciated that I asked if I could share it with you.


I wanted to Thank You for this feedback. I have been wanting this since the beginning. I have no idea what I could be doing to provide a better product without the opinion of someone else.

I had a feeling that we were going to have a problem with these last pictures. I noticed that I was having some problems with my lens about 4 months ago. My shots started having those halos and streaks through them. I have been trying to edit them out and it is just not working.

FYI, I have purchased an “L” series lens for my Canon 50d, as well as a portable, softbox, flash kit to help with the lighting in the darker areas of the hotels.

I also enrolled in a short photography class to help with these issues, if in fact, it is me and not just the lens that is doing this.

As for this last shoot, I will be happy to re-shoot this location when he calls me back out this Spring, as I do not like not providing what is expected from me.

Thanks for the information and please let me know when more information comes about the conference. I will need to know ASAP so I can schedule accordingly here with my work.


His gracious response shows that he truly understood that my feedback was meant to help him grow. He also went one step further and offered to fix any issues that we had with his initial shoot. And that speaks volumes to me. His desire to learn and grow and also to provide the best product possible will keep him working with RTV for a long time.

Jacqueline Burke
Director of National Accounts
Toll Free 866-947-8687 Option 6
Direct 231-932-1605

PRESS RELEASE – BakerB Solutions welcomes Megan Parker

PRESS RELEASE – BakerB Solutions welcomes Megan Parker

Megan Bloom Parker has joined BakerB Solutions, Inc. to oversee our new Baltimore Maryland regional office as Baltimore Regional Photography Director. Megan will be in charge of all professional photography services including Baltimore MD Panoramic Virtual Tours and Interactive Floor Plan Tours. With this new office established in the heart of Baltimore, BakerB Solutions will now have strong market coverage in many more service areas including Canton, Fells Point, Federal Hill, Mt. Vernon, Charles Village, Hampden, Roland Park, Lutherville, Towson, Pikesville, Timonium, White Marsh, Owings Mills, Annapolis, Greenspring Valley, Guilford and Homeland as well as surrounding areas.

Megan has over 8 years of experience providing event photography including Weddings, Parties and is an expert in Real Estate photography. In addition, Megan has been a licensed real estate agent for 6 years and has performed all marketing tasks related to the sale of a home with brokers such as Coldwell Banker and Long and Foster Real Estate. With this experience, Megan is an asset to all BakerB clients that leverage our suite of Baltimore marketing services including 2-Page and 4-Page Property Brochures, PanoRiders, Piggy-back Sign Riders, Single Property Websites, Interactive Marketing CDs, Floor Plans and Jumbo Postcard Mailers.

BakerB Solutions is the first Interactive Virtual Tour company to be part of the approved Long and Foster Home Services- Agent Services program. This means that we meet or exceed the Long and Foster standards for a certified vendor including quality of service, experience, customer satisfaction, insurance and more. In addition, BakerB Solutions is an independently approved Virtual Tour supplier to the MRIS/MLS system and an approved Picture Path vendor. Only approved vendors can submit virtual tours to these systems.

Please give BakerB Solutions a call if you are in need of a Panoramic Virtual Tour or an Interactive Floor Plan Tour from a professional photographer for any of these types of properties:

* Home for Sale
* Rental Property
* Single Family Home
* Townhome or Townhouse
* Condominium
* Commercial Business
* Wedding Reception Hall or Banquet Hall
* Restaurant
* Golf Course
* Theme Park
* Small Business
* And more…

To order your virtual tour, visit us online at, or call us now:


Order Submission – Headquarters
(Gaithersburg, MD)301.424.8272 or 1.877.TOUR.1.4.U

Washington DC Metro Region

Baltimore Regional **NEW**
(Baltimore, MD)443.255.5636

Eastern Shore – Ocean City
(Salisbury, MD)443.365.0978

Western North Carolina
(Ashville, NC)828.552.1310

European Services
(Vienna, Austria)+43.664.3357257

United Kingdom Services
(Surrey, United Kingdom)+44(0)20.8133.9661


Alex Saenger
BakerB Solutions, Inc.
Baltimore Maryland Virtual Tour Photographer
Order a virtual tour in Baltimore, MD – 443.255.5636

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Professional Photography Service from RTV

RTV is excited to announce that it now offers Nationwide Professional Photography Services! With this new service, companies that need high quality high resolution still photography can contract with us to handle all their photography needs for them.

It will allow them to streamline their photography, minimize their administrative duties and give them a consistency they wouldn’t have if they used multiple vendors at multiple sites.

With our vast network of Professional Photographers we can guarantee national photography service coverage, even in the smallest of towns.

Working with our network of photographers across the nation, I’ve come to see how wonderfully talented they are. I’ve sent a photographer out to shoot a virtual tour of a ranch and received not only the virtual tour, but also a whole host of stills shot from expert angles and expansive shots taken from the roof. These photographs are not “snap shots”, they were high resolution, high quality well shot photographs worthy of magazine covers.

So when I had an inquiry from a national company looking for high quality still photography only, I didn’t hesitate to say we could do it. Seeing the amazing shots I get every day I had no qualms telling them that we certainly were able to provide them what they needed. My work with this client opened my eyes to the lack of National Professional Photography Services available today.

With that in mind, RTV decided to step forward and take the initiative in establishing a high quality, reliable national virtual tour network that will provide consumers with a single point for ordering commercial photography for sites located across the nation.

To showcase the wonderful work our photographers do for us we created a gallery of some of their work. Below is a slideshow that is just a sampling of the excellent photos I get in every day.

Jacque Burke
Team RTV
National Virtual Tour Photographer Network
Order a virtual tour – 866-947-8687

Houston Virtual Tour Company is Making Changes

Digital Tours and More has gotten a face lift and name change. Now Leneé Photography (formally known as Digital Tours and More) offers 360 Virtual Tours in Houston and much more!

The reason for the face lift and name change is simple. Just take a look at our name. The change brings in a new area that we thought we were missing. Now we can accommodate REALTORS®, Business owners, events facilities, families, Weddings and more. Our focus is on professional photography as a whole, and not just the virtual tour market.

So far it has been a big hit with Realtors® knowing that we can now handle all kinds of professional photography service for them and for their clients. NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN SERVICE but we just added some more for your clients. Visit us online at to view our new look.

Mike Stolte
Leneé Photography
Houston Virtual Tours
Call me about photography for virtual tours and more! (832) 247-0634

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Florida Virtual Tour Company Hits the Road and Blows a Tire

Impressive Virtual Tours, Inc. had a 360 virtual tour to shoot that was a 50-minute trek to the location. The trip went pretty well, besides the fact that there were tolls that I had to pay to get to the job.

The virtual tour shoot took two hours longer than it should have because of high resolution image processing and the fact that the staff really didn’t know what I should shoot or really why I was even there when they were going to be remodeling in a month (time spent on location: 4 hours). It was a Tour Track order and was ordered by corporate, so the the staff on site didn’t know why I was shooting now instead of waiting for the remodel.

On the journey home, traveling at speeds in excess of 70 miles an hour and during, of course, the depths of rush hour traffic . . . all of a sudden I heard a very loud banging noise in the right rear part of my truck. There were four lanes of traffic, me in one of the middle lanes, and vehicles on all sides. I had no idea what I should do. So I slowed a little and edged myself over to the right lane to exit at the first exit.

When I find a place to safely stop to investigate, I find that my tire has pretty much exploded and I’m lucky, quite honestly, to be alive!! Had I lost control of my truck in that amount of traffic, it could have been tragic.

I called AAA to have them come change my tire. However, upon closer inspection after waiting an hour for help to arrive, the spare is dry rotted and we now need to wait for a tow truck (another 45 minutes). Unfortunately, I’ve had so many truck issues this year that I’ve used all my allotments and now they have to start charging me for service. Anyway, I finally arrive home after eight long hours for one virtual tour.

Finding humor in a day like this: PRICELESS!!!

Beth Pauvlinch
Impressive Virtual Tours, Inc.
Clearwater Florida Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour – 727-343-2658