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Digital Tours and More Provides Virtual Tours in Houston

I want to tell the story about how my virtual tour company in Houston got started. I got into real estate in 2003. One morning as I was walking past my trainer’s office, I was asked if I knew how to make a flyer. Well of course I said yes. I created a nifty little flyer for her and it did not take long the word got out that I knew how to be creative in Word.

Other agents from my office started to ask me to create flyers for their listings. I charged those agents $25.00 to create a flyer. Later I purchased my first laptop computer. It came with this neat program on it called Media Show from Cyberlinks. I played around with it and started to call it Digital Tours. I thought that was a pretty cool name and introduced it to agents in my office. Most of the agents loved the new concept. So I named my business Digital Tours and More.

Fast forward to 2006…I went full time marketing my product Digital Tours. I placed them on cd and on the internet as a virtual tour. I did ok the first year.

One day I was contacted by a real estate agent and she told me that she was interested in my product. When I called her back to find out if she liked it, she told me that her 8 year old could do that in PowerPoint. Right then I decided to start looking for an Interactive 360° Virtual Tour System.

I found the Real Tour Vision website and loved their product. I called up and spoke to a salesman and he explained everything to me. In December of 2006, I partnered with RTV to provide 360 virtual tours to the Houston area.

My business, in one year, tripled in sales and volume. Blogging is an essential part to my web placement in the Houston area. It is simple and helps tremendously. If you haven’t blogged, then you need to start. Also, all the extras, ie..PanoRiders, Floor Plans, Hit Stats and much more that you can add turns one item sales into multiple items.

I offer more options than a national competitor in my market place and I am very competitive in price and customer service. I just launched a campaign in Houston and I am getting great results. When agents purchase a vrtual tour from Digital Tours and More, they get it in 24 hours or it is FREE! I am on track to double what I did last year and the all the thanks goes to RTV!

Mike Stolte
Digital Tours and More
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Virtual tours and FSBO listings

I was on my way back from visiting a friend’s house last night when I came to the entrance of their neighborhood. A man was there tapping a “for sale by owner” sign into the ground.

Being a Jacksonville virtual tour provider, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to stop and hand him one of my business cards. I asked about how they were currently marketing their home. He indicated that they were trying to be cost conscious since their home was now worth less in the current real estate market and so were doing it themselves.

They had created their own flyers, were putting out signs on the main road near their neighborhood (which had already been pulled up a few times by road crews) and were putting the house in the paper this next week and planned an open house. Sounds fairly basic and straightforward.

I am guessing that they already spent $200 since an ad in our local newspaper costs over $105 for ONLY a ONE WEEK run. Given that, in Florida, over 65% of buyers are from out of state, it is quite likely that most buyers may never even see or consider this home with the current marketing approach.

I definitely gave him something to think about when I explained that he could have gotten a virtual tour package and a PanoRider with single property website for that same price!! A virtual tour would be online for 2 YEARS for that price, be distributed to over 90 sites, be accessible to a GLOBAL market, and would be built with quality photos taken by a professional real estate photographer.

As Linda Sabiston of First Impression Virtual Tours notes in her blog, high quality photographs are the foundation of an effective marketing strategy. Our Panoriders with unique property addresses are also invaluable for FSBO homes. We also support our clients by providing a prep sheet to ensure their home looks its absolute best for the virtual tour shoot. Needless to say, he was going home to speak with his wife about their current sales approach. I expect I will be hearing back from him by end of week. Being cost conscious is not just about how much you spend, but how much value you get for your money.

Trish Edmonds
Ad Vantage Virtual Tours, LLC
Jacksonville Virtual Tour Provider
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FSBO marketing should include single property website and Panorider

With the prices of homes leveling off and in many cases dropping, I have talked with a number of people that are trying to sell their homes on their own to save on paying a realtor commission. Even though there are companies and web sites out there that will assist sellers, they still face a major problem. How do I market my home? Where do I go for professional photos? Where do I get a virtual tour? Do I just get a yard sign from the local hardware store and stick it in the ground?

Many sellers are facing these questions, and I feel we have a great opportunity to ease their fears and market their homes in the best available way. My solution to this problem is to have an in depth conversation with the homeowner. Ask them how they plan on marketing the home and develop a strategy with them. It can help put them at ease in what can be a highly stressful time in their lives.

I have recently changed my FSBO package pricing and edited it to include more options, specifically, the deluxe PanoRider which includes the single property website. These are critical tools for anyone attempting to sell their home own their own and after thinking about it, I decided that the sellers should not be given the choice to add these items on. If the seller wants maximum exposure and the most effective way to market their home, they should be standard. Afterall, regardless of the cost for their ultimate FSBO package, it is pretty much a guarantee that it will be less than a 6% realtor commission.

As many posts before have focused on, we are not just the virtual tour provider. Whether our client is a real estate agent, homeowner, or business owner, we are also their consultant, their sales and marketing partner, and their friend.

Sean M. Turnan
North Metro Atlanta Virtual Tours
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Real Estate Outlook: Positive Trends

We thought that we would share this article with you that was written by Kenneth R. Harney and published in Realty Times on March 13, 2008. We encourage all of you out there to share this story with your customers and potential customers:

You might assume from the steady drumbeat of bad news about housing and real estate that there’s nothing encouraging out there in the economy. But you’d be wrong. And you might just be missing some positives in the market equation that you could put to work for you. So amid the gloom and doom, here are a few examples of trends that are at least slightly hopeful … and might even be helpful:

Number One: New mortgage applications nationwide jumped last week for the first time in more than a month, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

New applications for loans to purchase houses — a very important indicator of home buying in the months ahead — were up by 1.4 percent on a seasonally-adjusted basis. But they rose by a surprising 14 and a half percent on an unadjusted basis — that’s the raw numbers last week compared with the week before.

Why the sudden increase?

Get the rest of the story here: Real Estate Outlook

Real Tour Vision
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Single Property Websites and the PanoRider Work!

Recently one of our Full Service providers contacted Real Tour Vision to let us know that our single property websites and PanoRider(tm) really work!

The Realtor who purchased the PanoRider for their property told our provider that they recently had a buyer contact them to see a home they had on the market. After showing them the home and writing an offer, the agent asked the buyer how they came to this particular home without an agent.

As it turns out, they had driven by the house and saw the PanoRider. They went home and punched in the single property website address into the computer. The individual property website took them directly to the virtual tour of that listing. Since the agent’s contact details were on the top of the branded interactive virtual tour and single property website used with the PanoRider, the prospective buyer had a DIRECT line back to the agent for the full commission.

So, not only do the statistics prove that the PanoRider works but now we are receiving RAVE testimonials from agents in the field as well!

Real Tour Vision
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