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New PanoRider Pricing – For Real This Time!!!

Apologies going out to the RTV provider network as we posted the incorrect pricing of our PanoRiders in our last RTV Newsletter to you. Below is the OFFICIAL…NEW, PanoRider pricing which is now available from within your Tour Management System (TMS)

Please give us a call for any questions and thanks for your support!

Sign A
Sign A – 8” x 24”
Bottom No Image Rider

Sign B

1 Double Sided Rider w/ cable ties
Sign B – 10” x 24”
Oval No Image Rider
1 Double Sided Rider for top of pitchfork

Sign C
Sign C – 8” x 24”
Bottom Image Rider
1 Double Sided Rider w/ Photo and w/ cable ties

Single Property Website (PanoRider™ not Included) – $19.95
Single Property Website one year renewal- $19.95
Basic Panorider™ (Single Property Website not Included)
Sign A – $19.95
Sign B – $19.95
Sign C – $29.95
Deluxe Panorider™ with Single Property Website
Sign A – $39.90
Sign B – $39.90
Sign C – $49.90

Traverse City Real Estate on Tax Credits

Do You Qualify for the New $8000 Tax Credit?
Written by Jason Kudary Real Estate

No doubt you’ve heard something about the new $8000 tax credit available for first-time home buyers as part of the latest stimulus package. I wanted to provide you with a brief and easy-to-understand summary of what the credit means and who is eligible to take advantage of it.

The tax credit is for first-time home buyers who purchase a home from January 1, 2009 to November 30, 2009. Those eligible can receive a credit of $8000 or 10% of the value of the home, whichever is lower.

This is a tax credit, meaning it is a dollar-for-dollar tax reduction. So for example, if you were to owe $8000 in income tax and you qualify for the $8000 tax credit, then you would actually owe nothing. And, the tax incentive is refundable. If you were to owe only $4000 in income tax and qualify for the $8000 tax credit, you can apply $4000 of the credit toward your tax liability and receive a check for the remaining $4000.

The tax credit is available for any home that will be used as a principle residence, including single-family homes (including manufactured homes), townhouses and condominiums. Keep in mind that you would be required to repay the credit if you sell your home within three years.

The incentive does begin to phase out for couples earning above $150,000 and single filers with incomes above $75,000.

For more details on this and any other questions you may have, feel free to give us a call. We use the most powerful property marketing tools to sell your home faster in a slow market including interactive 360 Virtual Tours, Panoramic Sign Riders, Floor Plan Services, Elevated Photography, and mass listing distribution to YouTube, Craigslist, and more!!

Traverse City Real Estate – Jason Kudary Real Estate

PanoRiders Work For Me

The virtual tour industry becomes more competitive every year. More companies that offer “virtual tours” (even if they are just simple slide shows) open their doors every day. That means more companies are fighting for the same customers. So what can you do to win their business? Sure you can show them the virtual tour, stats reports and social networking built right in. Offer them the online distribution engine and then show them your PanoRider.

Even with online distribution, over 70% of home buyers claim the yard sign in front of the house is still an extremely valuable source of information and the PanoRider is a VERY effective yard sign. Prospective buyers who pass by a sign need a reason to react to and remember the listing.

By adding a PanoRider to the sign, you have instantly given that person an easy, non-confrontational way to access information online. When they are ready to contact the listing agent, the phone number, website and email are right in the tour window.
So be sure to offer your clients your PanoRider every time they place an order. You will be surprised how many agents want these great marketing tools. But it is up to you to tell them about it! If you don’t have a PanoRider, order one right now and keep it in your car. Then you can pull it out at the photo shoot and show the agent in person. You WILL sell many more of them if you do this every time. It’s easy money and you hardly have to do anything other than show them the product and collect the money!

Good Luck Out There!
RTV – Virtual Tours and Single Property Websites

Miami Real Estate Market Looking Up

Residential real estate professionals need to get back to the basics of business or their customer base will be lost. The industry is dealing with the continuing impact of sub-prime and mortgage liquidity problems in the housing market.

Some real estate agents complain about the conditions of the market, but if their home is priced right, buyers will buy. You need to inform your buyers that our local market is simply phenomenal because prices are down and interest rates are historically low.

It is important to increase your visibility in your community and your marketplace. Knock on doors; reintroduce yourself. Do not forget to place in the contract an agreement with the seller that if the property is not sold in a certain time span, the listing price will be revisited for a possible reduction. Home pricing needs to be aggressive and realistic. In this market it is a good idea to target market your prospecting to homeowners who have to sell for whatever reason, such as deaths, divorces, company relocation and downsizing.

The simple solution to the actual situation in the marketplace is to spend your time increasing the number of your listing inventory. You need to spend 100 percent of your time focused on getting your product in front of the consumer.

Most real estate companies are obtaining good results by using virtual tours and sending the tours and slide shows of properties on discs, using Panoriders and single property websites, thereby creating detailed exposure of the property for their prospects. This gives them more information than sending the standard photos and listing data.

You need to change your approach to fit today’s changing marketplace. Do something different to rebuild your productivity or you may find yourself doing something different tomorrow to make a living.

Right now there are some signs indicating that Miami’s real estate housing market is showing some signs of recovery. If you check you will see fewer foreclosure signs, that home prices are stabilizing and less time is required for listings to sell. Maybe the most important of all is that the media is becoming more positive.

For any of your virtual tour needs in Miami Beach, Miami Dade or Broward counties remember to contact Virtual Florida Tours at (305) 331 8960 or

Gabriel Duque
Miami Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour – (305) 331 8960

Reference: Monte Helme; “Say ‘Yes’ to Results – A Dozen Ways to Say ‘No’ to Negativity”; retrieved from

Heard about PanoRiders?

Of course you have! So if you are one of the few providers who have not started offering these fantastic add-on products to your list of offerings, you are missing out!

Missing out on what? ADDITIONAL REVENUE of course. This product simply sells itself. For a modest fee, your clients can add significant traffic to their virtual tour. And that benefits YOU as a provider. It shows the agent just how effectively your service can market their listing.

With the current housing situation in most of the country, most real estate agents are cutting back on their marketing expenses. But this means they have to invest more time to sell a property. Why not introduce them to the PanoRider with single property website? Demonstrate how these unique marketing tools can save them time and make them more money in the process.

Show them the statistics like these from an order from AT Virtual Tours in San Angelo, TX where about 1/3 of the traffic to this tour is from the sign! Show them that investing in your virtual tour services and PanoRider can dramatically increase their exposure in the marketplace without any additional investment of their time.

If you don’t have a sample PanoRider yet, now is the time to get one! Just add an additional sign with your next order to save on shipping. So what are you waiting for? It is your virtual tour business, so get busy and show your clients what you’ve got…show them your PanoRider and start generating MORE REVENUE for you and your clients!!

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