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Parting Ways with a Happy Ending

My best friend and I had decided to become Real Tour Vision providers and partners in Quantum Views, LLC. We bought our provider package and a set of tour credits and started brainstorming. Then life happened and my partner ended up deciding to move to another state and I ended up with a full-time job at a University. Neither one of us had any time left over to devote to the virtual tour company. We were debating over which one of us would keep the business and struggling with the decision to stay or go.

It seemed like a fun idea to start a virtual tour business together. Now one of us was going to have to go it alone. I had been explaining my dilemma to our sales representative at RTV and he was both sympathetic and supportive. I left the conversation feeling motivated to go for it and I kept the business for myself even though I had to idea how I was going to get rid of the 30 tours credits we had purchased all on my own.

A couple of days later I was watching an elementary school evening performance of Aladdin with my 5 year old when I got an excited voice mail from Real Tour Vision. They had been in contact with a competing virtual tour provider from my area who was moving to Costa Rica in days. This virtual tour photographer had always regretted not becoming an RTV provider and had originally bought a one-shot lens system from a competitor. Now that he was moving to Costa Rica he saw what a great opportunity it would be to start fresh, become an RTV provider, and keep his existing customers VERY happy if he could roll them over to another RTV provider and get them continued service and better technology all on the way out.

Real Tour Vision quickly arranged for me to speak with Mr. Costa Rica and in just a few days I had an instant client base! I “virtually” took over all his clients. A week later I was told that my job at the University was being cut from the budget and so I threw myself into becoming a virtual tour provider. In 3 weeks, I have done tours for 5 of Mr. Costa Rica’s old clients and they all love the superior quality of the RTV virtual tour over that of the one shot lens virtual tours. Just today 2 more new clients contacted me. Each week I’ve had repeat business and it really only takes a few good customers to get you started.

One of the best things about RTV is the customer service you get from the whole team. If if hadn’t been for my sales rep and his motivation, I would still be wondering how to get my foot in the door and Mr. Costa Rica would have left his clients behind without a virtual tour provider. Now I’m watching those tour credits go out the door and looking forward to buying another batch!

Thanks RTV!!

Yvonne Kurtz
Quantum Views Virtual Photography
Authorized provider for Real Tour Vision — Website Coming Soon!

Achieving Realism Within a 360 Tour

Around, around we go and where we stop no one will know. That in affect is the art of virtual tours. Virtual tours make a flat presence to a global view showing no seams or breaks. The goal is to make a cohesive seamless presentation creating the true distinctiveness of the room or area. A very common misconception is that 360 virtual tours are created with video. Of course we know that you could spin a video camera around in a circle but you would never achieve the end result of one single printable high-res image that you can move throughout.

The “HOW” a tour is made is the key to achieving the goal of realism and intimacy. There are many who use a fisheye lens or a One-Shot Lens and while a 360 image is created the realism of the imagery is distorted. Real Tour Visions proprietary virtual tour software allows the photographer to create a stylish, unique 360 tour. The photographer can use settings capturing the depth of a room or area. Really the only thing missing are the smells since we can also add in sound to our virtual tours with a click of a button.

When you want to create a virtual tour, take the camera out of Auto and experiment with the depth and lighting settings. You will end with a formation of your vision in a Real Tour Vision.

Greg Daley
Daley Visual Development

My competitor and his One Shot Lens

A year ago we received a call from a competitor, stating that he may be referring about 6 tours our way per year. It seems that some of his agents feel it necessary to be able to see out the windows, and with his One Shot Lens system that’s not possible.

Imagine that….calling us because you can see out the windows! Well, he’s right, of course. One-shot systems can be (grossly) compared to taking a photo of the moon: Half is daytime, half is nighttime. Windows are blown-out (overexposed) because the camera doesn’t know what to do. Our technology is known for its crystal-clear window shots, crucial when shooting the nearby Columbia River.

Those 6 referrals grew to well over 50 in a year and counting. The competitor has tried unsuccessfully to become a Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider in our town, turned down because we have the area saturated.

Check out the available technology, compare the differences, and then decide. We can help.

Dawn Shaffer
All About Virtual Tours

Tracking your 360 tour hits

When you’re spending the advertising money, it’s nice to know how many consumers are really taking the time to look at your advertising. Television has its rating system so they can know which shows are being watched and I’m sure their commercial advertisers keep up on that end of the business. On each of our virtual tours there is also a page where you can log in to see how many hits your virtual tours are receiving each month- it’s nice to know how many people are checking out your listing! It’s also something that can be printed out or e-mailed to the seller, who also wants to know potential buyers are looking.

Becky Miles
InSite Virtual Tours

Losing my One-Shot-Lens and Finding RTV

After living most of my life in New York and working for Verizon for 32 ½ years I retired. After having bypass surgery in 2001 I decided to retire and move away from the hustle and bustle of New York. I decided to move to Delaware although I knew my employment opportunity would be limited compared to New York’s.

When I put my house up for sale in New York I asked the Realtor(R) to do a virtual tour of my home. At the time I had no idea how the tours where taken, until I saw the person come in with a virtual tour lens or a one shot lens attachment. I was some what impressed that only one picture of each room had to be taken but not to impressed when I saw the final results of the virtual tour. In the end my house sold and I was off to Delaware.

I always wanted to try selling homes so I got a real estate license shortly after moving. I found out quickly I was not meant to sell houses. I then remembered the virtual tour that was done of my home in New York and started to surf the web for virtual tour software and virtual tour companies, I thought I’d give that a try. I started to read about virtual tours that had to be stitched together and immediately dismissed them. I was looking for the easy one shot method, and found and ordered a single shot lens attachment for my camera.

I paid $ 600.00 and to my dismay it turned out to be one of the worst investment I have ever made. I never even got off the ground with that attachment because of the lack of support from the seller. I had no choice, so reluctantly I started to check out the stitched systems and
surfed right into the Real Tour Vision site. I feel a guardian angel guided me to the RTV site after the bad experience I had with the other company.

The staff at Real Tour Vision had me up and working my own virtual tour company in no time. I was truly impressed. I immediately found out the difference of a single shot attachment to the stitched system. First a single shot lens attachment takes one picture at maybe 3 mega pixels, with the Real Tour Visions system I take twelve shots of each 360 panoramic view which equates to 36 mega pixels, no comparison in the final results. Secondly and most importantly I am able to use the cameras on-board flash when necessary as well as get perfect exposure for each angle of the room. Real Tour Vision images from their photo stitching software are also printable which was a limitation of the single shot system.

From the day I started with my first virtual tour I have gotten nothing but praises and compliments on how great the virtual tours look. I even impressed myself. I’m a person that is a true believer in providing the best customer sevice, and I’m so glad that I work with a
company that feels the same way, Real Tour Vision. The name of my company is 360 Delaware Orbit Tours and together with Real Tour Vision I don’t see any obstacle in the way of our continued success.

Tony Pastoriza
360 Delaware Orbit Tours