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3D Floor Plans by RTV

We are very excited to announce an increase in demand in provider floor plans over the last few months. Since launching the program last summer we have seen continued growth of the amount of RTV providers offering the 2D and 3D floor plans as add-ons to their virtual tour services.

Due to this surge in demand RTV will no longer be offering floor plan Sketch and Fax services internally as our network continues to to become more and more of a national virtual tour and floor plan service.

We will still continue to provide Full Service 2D floor plans to providers in available locations and will be more than happy to put you in touch with one of our many virtual tour providers around the world who may help you with your sketch and fax floor plans.

One of the more popular floor plan upgrades is the 2D Picture Plus plans. Picture Plus floor
plans offer our providers an innovative, interactive solution to displaying digital still images to
potential buyers. They are a great standalone product to offer outside the virtual tour

For more information on RTV’s internal 2D and 3D floor plan developments please give us a call today or visit the floor plan section of your virtual tour manager. If you are new to RTV and have not yet begun marketing your floor plan service be sure to download our floor plan infopack.

Good luck out there!
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Prospective provider Questions

Everyday the RTV sales department fields inquiries from entrepreneurs looking to start a new virtual tour business. One thing we like to do is send the prospective provider the contact info for a provider using the system so they can ask questions.

This is a great opportunity for them to hear from someone actually using our virtual tour building system and get real feedback on areas they are curious or concerned about.

One of our providers was kind enough to share with Sales one of the emails he received and responded to recently. The black text is from the prospective provider and the blue is from the current provider. Check it out, it is very interesting to read!

Real Tour Vision
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Dear provider,

I am in the process of evaluating the purchase of an Real Tour Vision business opportunity and would like to receive some input from a current provider. I decided to do this through an e-mail so as not to disrupt your work day. I hope, at your leisure, you can find the time to answer at least a few of the following questions.

Thank you in advance!

1. How long have you been associated with RTV? And are you doing this part or full-time?- 3 years, Part time on weekends

2. Is the system as user friendly as it is described in the literature? I find it is very much so. My 17 year old son does the processing for me.

3. How are you received when they are already using another vendor? – By far we offer the highest quality. The key is the relationships you establish. I tell clients, I am not just there to take pictures (anyone can do that) I am there to help market them as an Agent and the Property to its fullest.

4. How is the tech support and response time for any problems? – Tech support is fantastic.

5. How many jobs (tours) in an average week/month? – That is hard to answer because I am in a unique area. There are weekends where I have done 6 in one day. I allocate 1 hour per tour to shoot. That gives me the travel time between.

6. What is the total time spent on 1 tour from beginning to end (photos, input, uploading, etc.)? – Most homes take 25 min. ( If I don’t talk). Vacant listings are great because I don’t get distracted. Processing time is about 45 min. We do some extra stuff to the images that makes us a little different.

Remember — Real Estate is only one type of tour that is possible. I am venturing out into other areas with it. Got Wineries? Golf Courses? You name it.

This is the best side business I have ever had.

Virtual Tour Preparation

RISMEDIA, April 18, 2008-As more buyers are turning to the Web to begin their home search, sellers in today’s market are relying on virtual tours for that oh-so-important first impression. If you are selling your home this spring, take some time to get it virtual-tour and open-house ready. Your extra spring cleaning will pay off with more interested buyers and a faster sale.
“Realtors® have experience in staging virtual tours and can offer you tips to attract buyers,” said Virginia “Ginger” Downs, CEO of the 15,000-member Chicago Association of Realtors. “By following a few simple guidelines, you can make the changes necessary to help your home shine above the rest.”

Virtual tours show buyers a 360-degree view of the interior of a home and allow them to narrow their home search conveniently from their personal computer. Since potential buyers will be sorting through hundreds of photos and virtual tours throughout this process, it is important to understand that your home looks different through the lens of a camera than in person.
Just as you would prepare for an open house, prepare for your virtual tour shoot by removing clutter. Move personal belongings out of sight or use this as an opportunity to donate or throw away items that you no longer use. The goal is to maximize the space of your home and depersonalize it enough to allow potential buyers to imagine themselves living there.

Here are some tips to cut down the clutter:

  • Remove excess furniture to make rooms look larger.
  • Clear off the kitchen counter and hide everyday items, such as kitchen utensils, toasters, hand soap and magnets on the fridge.
  • Store children’s toys, bicycles, gardening tools and other clutter out of sight.
  • Place toiletries and cleaning products in cabinets or closets. Most virtual tours will only photograph the major rooms in your home.
  • Take family photos off of walls and shelves while the home is being shown.
  • Recycle old magazines and newspapers that take up extra space throughout the home.

“Realtors have photographed numerous virtual tours, and can act as sort of a producer for the shoot,” said Ginger Downs. “For example, think about the elements of your home that attracted you to it in the first place. Maybe it was the high ceilings or historic features? Work with your Realtor to ensure that the virtual tour really embodies the spirit of your home and shows off its finest characteristics.”

The next step is to give your home a good, thorough cleaning. Since cameras often capture more than the eye can see, it is important to spend some time cleaning your home from top to bottom. Areas that are often overlooked during the cleaning process include windows and stainless steel appliances. Be sure to keep them streak free and clean to ensure the best photo.

Another cheap way to prepare your home for buyers is to brighten it up by replacing old or dim light bulbs. Consider using a higher wattage light bulb in rooms or areas that don’t get direct sunlight. You can also add a brightly-colored throw or vase to lighten up a space that has dark flooring or furniture.

Some other tips to consider for the virtual tour include:

  • Take your own digital photographs to see how each room looks on camera.
  • Get layout and style ideas from home and design magazines.
  • Don’t forget about ceilings and floors. Most virtual tours today show all angles.
  • Limit seasonal decorations.
  • If exterior photos are included, park vehicles elsewhere and make sure your lawn is freshly mowed and garbage cans are out of sight.

The Chicago Association of Realtors has a variety of consumer resources available at Click on ‘Selling’ for ideas, including tips for sprucing up the home for sale.

This great article from RisMedia about virtual tour preparation has great advice for any virtual tour provider. Simple home cleanup prior to shooting a virtual tour is vital to getting a beautiful virtual tour. Prospective buyers usually want a home with clean, airy space, not clutter filled refrigerators and overflowing trash cans. Encourage your homeowners to clean up prior to their virtual tour shoot for best results!

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Is Your Message being Heard

This month marks the 233rd anniversary of Paul Revere’s and William Dawes rides. From a business perspective, these rides are most interesting when looking at the effectiveness of both of these gentlemen’s messages. They both had the same exact message to deliver. So why it is that Paul Revere was not only more successful at delivering that message but is also most remembered for it?

Both men had very important news that needed to be delivered to many people in a very short period of time. If you look at this from a marketing perspective, their message was urgent, relevant to the people to which it was being delivered and at a time that people would be sensitive to the message.

Same message, same method, same time …completely different results.

According to the book, The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, the difference was in the way that Paul Revere was connected to his community. He was a man who was very intensely social. As Gladwell wrote: “He was a fisherman and a hunter, a card player and a theater-lover, a frequenter of clubs and a successful businessman. He was active in the local Masonic Lodge and was a member of several select social clubs.”

(Interesting point to note here is the question: was Paul Revere so social because he was a successful businessman, or was he a successful businessman because he was so social?)

As Gladwell’s book points out, it isn’t that Paul Revere knew everyone; it is that he knew whom to alert to aid him in alerting the others. He knew, as Gladwell puts it, ‘whose door to knock on’ to get his message spread as quickly as possible. Paul Revere was most likely alerting people such as the head of the Masonic Lodge, the head of a fisherman’s club, and various other well-connected people. While Dawes, being a man of normal social circles, simply spread his message to everyone as he rode through town.

So the question is; are you Paul Revere or are you William Dawes? Do you take the time to connect yourself with different organizations in your local area? Do you invest the time necessary for your business to thrive in creating your own social network?

You may never have to ride through town contacting everyone with an urgent message at midnight, but getting to know many people in different types of social networks can do incredible things for your referral network and ultimately your success.

Cheryl Waller
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Keep Your Customers Loyal by Making It Fun!

What makes consumers love your website and stay loyal to your product? Research shows that customers have a more upbeat attitude toward a site when their online experience is engaging and enjoyable. Enjoyment is a top reason why consumers browse on the web in the first place!

When potential customers become engrossed in your site, they view being on your site as fun and not just work. If their experience feels like play, they return for more—making them more loyal to the site, your virtual tour company, and the services it sells.

What creates this captivation? You gain loyalty when:

  • The site impresses customers. Customers don’t want to be bored. They want their experience to be an enjoyable escape rather than a burden.
  • Customers have the ability to interact directly with the content on your site. Customers need to be entertained and enthralled by a form of media to stay focused and bond with your company.
  • Customers feel they have control over the search. If the navigation is too complicated for the average user to master, they won’t return to the site. If customers can’t follow the site navigation, they will lose interest in their search and, perhaps, your company and its products.

Make your company’s website more appealing by adding sharp visuals created by the Real Tour Vision RPM marketing team. Inner Circle members now have access to an engaging PowerPoint presentation which can be streamed to play on your site. The PowerPoint is designed to market to customer’s emotions with the use of compelling audio and engaging media. This presentation is the first ever RPM marketing material with professionally voiced audio and music!

Start enhancing your virtual tour marketing by becoming an RTV RPM Inner Circle Member today! See a clip of this exciting new presentation below.

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