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RTV Announces Ernie Blood as New CEO/President and Financial Investor

virtual tour software guysTRAVERSE CITY, MI February 13th, 2020 – Real Tour Vision (RTV, Inc) announced today that Ernie Blood acquired the majority of its shares and will take on the new active role as CEO/President. Ernie, an international trainer and author of “The Pocket Real Estate Guides” plans on leveraging his vast business connections and marketing tools from his array of existing companies and partnerships to provide RTV and its network of 1000 plus global photographers with a unique and competitive advantage in their marketplace.

RTV is one of the world’s most established providers of virtual tour software, property websites, 3D walkthroughs, virtual staging, and boost marketing services for professional photographers, enterprising real estate agents, and brokers. RTV is also a Google Trusted Photography Agency and offers professional still photography, virtual tours, and drone services to corporations throughout North America and worldwide. RTV’s major business categories include hospitality, healthcare, assisted living, apartment communities, home builders, and real estate. Some clients include Choice Hotels International, G6 Hospitality (Motel 6), Red Roof Inn, and RLH Corporation to name a few.

Ernie brings over forty years of marketing expertise to RTV after having partnered with or helped start-up and operate companies such as Global Referral Center, Inc., Harmon Media Group, CellaHome, ProspectConverter, Home Actions LLC™,, EMB Lenders, SecureData 365,™, Carmel Digital Printing, ConnectNow Inc™ and more. In total, Ernie has been involved with and helped grow over 45 companies since 1973.

RTV Founder, Vice President, and Co-Owner, Jason LaVanture said, “Thanks to Peter Leon of the Global Referral Center, we were introduced to Ernie, and could not be more excited to have found such a perfect match for our virtual tour company. In the short term, Ernie will give RTV instant access to products and services that have previously been outside of our reach and are also likely to be a financial barrier for our competitors. Looking forward, Ernie will help us create strategic relationships that will keep our virtual tour photographers from around the world growing for years to come. This is a game-changer!”

Ernie Blood stated, “I looked at many companies in this sector to add to our network of technology companies. RTV stood out because of its leadership, strong team, longevity in the industry, business integrity, vast photography network, and consistent advancement of technology since 1999. With Jason’s leadership, cutting edge virtual tour technology, and backing by our local and global partners, RTV will continue to be the dominant leader in their marketplace. RTV customers can expect tremendous leaps in technology and service offerings in the months to come.”

This alignment will not only create more exposure and opportunities for RTV’s network of photographers, but it will also empower these local entrepreneurs with new services and marketing tools such as MLS data synchronization, SMS text messaging, social media video re-targeting, advanced lead capture, print-on-demand, and more, thus giving RTV a unique edge in the marketplace.

Read the full news release here

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The Lightroom Class From The 2015 Convention Series Is Now Available

Lightroom is one of the most powerful tools in a virtual tour photographer's bag of tricks. The question is are you getting the most out of Lightroom? 

Beth Nixon, RTV's Lead Digital Imaging Specialist taught this informative class at our 2015 virtual tour provider convention in Orlando, Florida. From the feedback, we have heard she did a great job. We can't speak highly enough about Beth's photo editing skills. Her title is well earned, and she is a wealth of knowledge.

We have recreated the class she taught at the virtual tour provider convention into this informative webinar available for all RTV RPM members. You will learn powerful ways to create collections and use keywords to help organize your files. She also shares her workflow as she works through the development module within Lightroom all the way to the finishing touches in Photoshop. There is something to learn from this class whether you are new to the Adobe photography suite or a long time user.

If you aren't a RPM member yet we hope you will consider joining. There are countless hours of classes covering professional photography, virtual tour photography, post processing to marketing and much more. You will also have access to a large collection of virtual tour related marketing materials you are welcome to download and customize for your own virtual tour business.

As always we hope you enjoy this webinar. If you have suggestions for future classes or would be interested in co-hosting a show please let us know.  We'll be posting the 2015 RTV Convention Green Screen class here real soon so make sure you're on the lookout for that show!!

Finally, Please keep an eye out for our up and coming Tour Track 2016 webinar that we have teed up for next week.

Thank you again for all you do!


Team RTV

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RTV's Tour Track national photography service had a banner 2015. We were able to assign hundreds of jobs to our photography network and 2016 is already off to a great start.

We are excited to announce there are some changes coming to how we will ask our photographers to complete and deliver their orders. Many of our photographers have already completed shoots using our new shoot & deliver method. If you haven't received one of these jobs yet, your next order will likely be a bit different than how you have operated before.

Our aim is to provide a more consistent quality and look to our national clients. As you know, if you give 100 photographers a subject to shoot you will get 100 different results. The same is true for post processing methods. 

Our new photography workflow will not only help us achieve a consistent product, but it will save our photographers a lot of time in post processing. Our hope is that our photographers will have more time to spend working on their own photography businesses as well as spending time with family.  In many cases they will be receiving higher payments for less work as well!

More pay for less work? Sign me up!

On Tuesday, March 1st at 7:00 pm we will be hosting a webinar to discuss all of the exciting new changes and what they mean to you. Whether you are a Tour Track veteran or have never picked up a photography job from RTV you will want to be sure to join us. You will learn how the new process works and if you haven't been a part of Tour Track you will learn how you can be assigned paid photography assignments as well.

Be sure to sign up right away. We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to sign up for our live webinar Tuesday, March 1st.

New RTV Photography Director & Tour Track Policy Changes

In April of 2014 RTV recruited Elizabeth Tiffany (Liz) as RTV’s new
photography director. Liz comes to RTV with a professional photography
degree and seven years of experience in sales and business management. 
Over the last several months Liz has been overhauling and reorganizing
the Fusion Tour Track system to handle thousands of orders a month
versus hundreds of orders.  This includes the rewriting of all
photographer instructions and style guides for each RTV national account
in a much more logical manner, developing RTV’s new upper tier
professional photography program, and implementing new Tour Track
guidelines and policies.

As you can imagine this has been an
incredible undertaking for Liz and the entire Tour Track team. These are
all vital steps that Liz and her team are taking to make things easier
and more efficient for our virtual tour photographers and national accounts.

following are a few things that you will notice right away and should
be aware of as new Tour Track jobs are assigned to you:

First of
all you will notice that Tour Track instructions are broken down on a
per-package basis and can be found under the “View Notes” section of
your order.  Please make sure you check here for your updated

Next you will see in your instructions that we have
increased mileage payouts to .56 / Mile. If you require mileage in
ORDER. Mileage will NOT be paid out unless you ask for it BEFORE
accepting the order.  The RTV Tour Track team will always strive to
choose virtual tour providers that do not require mileage and qualify
for the shoot over those who qualify and ask for mileage so make sure
you’re staying competitive, or jobs will pass you by.

RTV has
made a new policy that will give you TWO (2) attempts to successfully
complete a Tour Track job.  If you do not successfully complete the job
after two attempts RTV will appoint another photographer and you will
not receive payment for that job. You will notice too that the Tour
Track team will be doing a MUCH better job detailing out comments as you
complete each job.  Training classes will be given to those that need
extra help by RTV’s on staff photography trainer.

immediately, you will begin to notice slightly higher payouts on some
accounts. As RTV’s Tour Track  contracts expire, the National Sales
department will begin stepping clients into higher priced virtual tour
and photography packages. Higher payout of course comes with more
expectations from our photographers such as an increased image quality, a
mandate on bracketed shots, no window blowout, and making sure all Tour
Track instructions are carefully followed.
On that note, we
will be announcing a fee schedule that will be included in our Tour
Track Guidelines PDF.  This is a fee schedule that RTV will use to
charge back to photographers should they not follow Tour Track
instructions. Often when Tour Track instructions are not followed, RTV
must put in extra time and effort to properly complete the job. Fees
will be charged on a variety of items including, but not limited to,
naming images, having to rebuild a virtual tour, image stitching, HDR
processing, organizing photos, and fixing overexposed windows.  Please
keep an eye out for the fee schedule in our up and coming Tour Track
Guidelines PDF.

Finally, and most importantly, Liz and the Tour
Track team would like you to take this opportunity to update your Tour
Track section in the  Pay close
attention to each switch on the Tour Track profile.  Be honest, and only
choose the switches that apply to your abilities and hardware.  Please
pay special attention to the mileage section.  The mileage here
indicates the round trip distance that you are willing to travel before
you would charge for mileage.  This section gives RTV a good idea as to
how far we can send you.  Remember that whenever possible RTV will use
the closest qualified virtual tour provider as to avoid paying out
mileage. When mileage is continually paid out in an area, that area
becomes a HOLE in the RTV network. That’s when we begin looking for a
provider to cover an area.

Don’t forget to update your virtual
tour gallery within your Fusion virtual tour software system!  Your virtual tour gallery posted on your tour track setup
page is our only way of knowing what you’re capable of.  Below are a
couple of sample virtual tour gallery tours that you can use as a model
to create your own.  Once your gallery tour has been completed you can
use a virtual tour credit and make the tour active for marketing
purposes, or you’re free to leave the gallery tour inactive and simply
used as a Tour Track Gallery Tour.

Thank you for your continued support!


Team RTV
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