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The State of UAV Drone Photography Laws & Real Estate Marketing in 2017 Webinar

Aerial Drone Photography ServiceIf you are working in the real estate photography industry, you already know how popular aerial drone photography is. Perhaps you have felt a bit intimidated by the licensing requirements and testing, or you weren’t sure you would receive enough work to justify the investment. If you can identify with either of these dilemmas or you weren’t sure where to begin, RTV’s next webinar just for you.

Join Alan Perlman of Drone Pilot Ground School and Jason LaVanture Vice President of RTV and owner of BlueLaVaMedia (Traverse City Drone Company) on June 20th, at 7:00 pm EST for The Formula 80, as they discuss the current state of licensing regulations in the United States, and share their experiences on how to set up a profitable aerial drone photography program. Drone Pilot Ground School has a proven track record teaching folks just like you what they need to know to pass their part 107 exam, and how to operate safely as well as how to handle airspace restrictions. Best of all they offer Real Tour Vision virtual tour software providers a special discount for their program.

RTV has seen a dramatic increase in interest in aerial drone photography with their national photography services and has begun offering this aerial drone services across the US. With new clients being brought on board every day, the time is right for our virtual tour photographers to be ready to jump on these drone photography orders, but they must be appropriately licensed and insured. Photographers who tune into the show will learn all they need to know to get on track to become a fully licensed commercial aerial drone operators.

Adding aerial photos and videos are an excellent addition to the services you already offer. Our interactive virtual tour software provides the perfect platform to display your professional imagery, aerial drone videos and more. Join us and learn how you can take advantage of Alan’s generous offer to RTV photographers, and how offering aerial photography services can help you grow as a business. If you are not currently an RTV photographer please take a moment to set up your free virtual tour software trial account and discover powerful tools to help take your business to the next level!

To learn more about and register for this webinar, please visit our webinar information page.

We hope you can join us!




Team RTV

Virtual Tour Software & National Hotel Photography

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Google Street View | Trusted and RTV Tour Track Update Webinar To Be Held July 19th, 2016

google-trusted-agencyThe old saying “The only thing constant is change” applies to many things and the Google Street View | Trusted program is certainly one of them. The Google Street View | Trusted program was started in April of 2010, in an effort to bring local businesses more attention in search engine results and increase the high-quality content that is served up in search content. Since that time Google has continually redefined the program including who can become a trusted photographer, what the final product will look like, and how it can be viewed. With each new announcement, photographers and the businesses they serve, are left to interpret what the changes mean, and do they increase or decrease the value of the final virtual tour product.

RTV became a Google Trusted Agency in 2014 and added Google’s walkthrough style tours to the services we offer to businesses across the country. In a short year and a half, many virtual tour providers within the RTV network took the initiative to become T4 Certified, which enabled them to shoot Google style tours for RTV, as well as allowing them to sell Google tours in their local area. Hundreds of Google-style virtual tours have been completed for our national clients, in addition to the high-quality professional photography and interactive virtual tours that have been the mainstay of our Tour Track professional photography service for years. 

On July 19th, 2016 at 7:00pm est, Shawn Roach and Jay Stringham will be hosting an informational Tour Track national photography service webinar, covering the most recent changes to the Google Street View | Trusted program and how RTV as a company will proceed with the program in the future. If you are a veteran Tour Track photographer, a recent newcomer, or an RTV photographer who is considering shooting Tour Track jobs this year, we encourage you to join us. You can register for this webinar through your Fusion dashboard. We look forward to seeing you there. 

If you would like to order professional photography or a virtual tour please contact us for pricing and additional information. Our network of photographers spans across the US and Canada allowing us to deliver the high-quality imagery you need quickly and efficiently.

If you are a photographer who is interested in offering virtual tours as a part of your business, we encourage you to start a free no-obligation trial account today.

How Can You Leverage Local Listings For Your Small Business


If you run your own photography business, it is very likely that the term SEO means something to you. For small virtual tour businesses, visibility on the web is a big deal. If people aren’t able to find your website your chances of growing your business are greatly reduced. For this reason, search engine optimization is the lifeblood for healthy small businesses.

Google has led the charge for local businesses in search results. A few years back 7 out of 10 first page results were for national companies and 3 spots were left for the little guys. Google realized that if you were looking for something like tires, it was more likely that you were looking to purchase tires from a local store rather than read the website of a tire manufacturer. Since that time, the typical search will yield only 3 national results on the first page of search results. Google has also shown a tendency to push their local listings as well as other relevant business listing sites to the first page of search results.

Many of these online business listings will automatically pull in information about your business, but in order to leverage the full benefits, small businesses should claim the listings and manage the information that is presented.

On Tuesday, June 7th 2016 RTV will present Social Realty 15, and talk about how you as a small business owner can decide which local business listings you should claim, the best practices when it comes to claiming these local listings, and how you can offer local listing management as an additional service you provide your clients. Whether you are a new small business owner or a seasoned marketer, you will learn something valuable that you can immediately begin to apply to your repertoire.

We will also be discussing the popularity of the Google Street View | Trusted program and the importance of having photographers who are able to complete these types of shoots as a part of our national photography service.

RTV’s webinars are free for all virtual tour photographers in the RTV network as well as select guests. After the shows are live they are archived into Rockpointe Marketing. Rockpointe Marketing is a subscription based sales and marketing tool for RTV affiliated real estate photographers who are looking to grow their business. Members have access to past webinars that cover everything from photography techniques to gadgets, to marketing. In addition to the webinars, there are also customizable fliers that photographers can download, customize and print out to help raise awareness of their brand in their community, and more.

If you would like to join in the fun please register for Social Realty 15 in your RTV Virtual Tour Manager!

We hope to see you there RTV.




Team RTV

P.S. If you have a topic that you would like RTV to talk about in a webinar, or if you would like to host a webinar with a member of the RTV team, please contact


RTV's Tour Track national photography service had a banner 2015. We were able to assign hundreds of jobs to our photography network and 2016 is already off to a great start.

We are excited to announce there are some changes coming to how we will ask our photographers to complete and deliver their orders. Many of our photographers have already completed shoots using our new shoot & deliver method. If you haven't received one of these jobs yet, your next order will likely be a bit different than how you have operated before.

Our aim is to provide a more consistent quality and look to our national clients. As you know, if you give 100 photographers a subject to shoot you will get 100 different results. The same is true for post processing methods. 

Our new photography workflow will not only help us achieve a consistent product, but it will save our photographers a lot of time in post processing. Our hope is that our photographers will have more time to spend working on their own photography businesses as well as spending time with family.  In many cases they will be receiving higher payments for less work as well!

More pay for less work? Sign me up!

On Tuesday, March 1st at 7:00 pm we will be hosting a webinar to discuss all of the exciting new changes and what they mean to you. Whether you are a Tour Track veteran or have never picked up a photography job from RTV you will want to be sure to join us. You will learn how the new process works and if you haven't been a part of Tour Track you will learn how you can be assigned paid photography assignments as well.

Be sure to sign up right away. We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to sign up for our live webinar Tuesday, March 1st.

How do I get more Tour Track Jobs from RTV?

How do I get more tour track jobs? I’m asked this question quite often in the hopes I’ll start doling out jobs like candy on Halloween.  I’m sent chocolate, which is great!   I’m frequently told I’m wearing a pretty dress, which I appreciate even though the last time I wore anything resembling a dress was probably at the RTV Virtual Tour Convention 2012 and I get the “Did I do something wrong?” emails.   So please let me quiet all your fears and quell your curiosity about this matter.

There are a few major things that you need to do to get Tour Track jobs.  Several of these are all within the realm of your control.  A few are in the hands of the Powers that Be.

Here is what you can do.

1.    Tour Track Set-up Area.  This area you will find in your Fusion virtual tour account manager (htttp:// under the Tour Track Tab.  Once you click on “Tour Track” if you look to the right side of that window you will see the set-up tab.  Fill out everything and anything there.  Be honest!!! Do not say you have a wide angle lens if you plan to buy one should you get a job requiring it.  Just buy one.  You’ll love it!  Same goes for the automatic trigger devise (the contraption that helps you do HDR).  If you want to say you have it, then just go ahead and buy it. 

2.    Your Gallery of work.  We need to see that you can successfully and skillfully shoot Panos and Still images.  Create a gallery of work or use an existing one and plug the link into your Tour Track Set Up area.  If you don’t have a gallery then create one using the Fusion system and we’ll give you back a credit.  Check out the one for BlueLaVaMedia  You can add a voice over introducing yourself, a video, whatever you think will sell you.  Think of this as making a commercial for yourself, not only do you get to make it for free (No Tour Credit is required because as managers we can see your active AND inactive productions) but you can put it on your site (Tour Credit Required) to advertise yourself to your clients.  You will need to include at least 10 still interior real estate or hotel photography, a few 360 panoramas and 2-3 shots of any portrait work if you happen to provide that service.

3.    Have you shot any virtual tours?  If our staff goes in to look for a virtual tour photographer in the vicinity of a new job and you have zero virtual tours in your account, they will not assign a job to you.  Your work must be verified.  If you don’t have a gallery virtual tour or active virtual tours then you will not get a job from one of our national accounts. Sorry.

4.    Photography skills.  Make sure your skills are up to par.  Don’t submit out of focus, overly dark, overly noisy or severely crooked photos.  If photography isn’t your background then take advantage of our learning series, ‘The IMAGE’ found inside of  There are over fifty hours of training videos there on the subject of photography that will help you hone your skills.

5.    Responsiveness, openness and attitude.  Almost as important as being a good photographer is being a responsive photographer.  Calling the client within the requested time frame, following up and making notes in the system is all part of the role. Especially so is turning your photos in within a timely manner.  All these things will help out your overall Tour Track Score.  If you have a bad attitude on site or if you respond poorly to constructive feedback from us, this will 100% effect your ability to shoot jobs for us and thus lower your score that our management team sees before they send out jobs.  

6.    The Powers that Be will need to have some photo shoots in your area.  Things fluctuate.  You may have some Rock Star Tour Track years and some lean Tour Track years.  It all depends on where the jobs land.  If they aren’t landing near you then try going out and looking for them.  See if you have any of our National Accounts located in your area and approach them (but only if you’ve been approved to shoot for that account.  Check in with and ask before you go on your sales call).

7.    Send Chocolate.  Enough said.

Jacqueline Burke
National Accounts Director
Real Tour Vision – Professional Healthcare Photography & Virtual Tours