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Mobile Websites From Virtual Digital Images

Our video today is taking a look at mobile websites and some of the advantages that a good mobile website brings to realtors, brokers and property management companies.
What makes a mobile web site different from your standard website is that the site is formatted for the limited screen size of your mobile telephone. So information is very concise and fits within the limits of the physical screen size.
Our mobile website can be accessed in three ways; a QR Code, Web Address or a Text Message.

Often clients are exposed to our mobile website through a sign rider, sales flyer or some other print medium. In this video demonstration we are using a text message; the phone number for our text service is 43766 and the message is our short code, BUYIDI6.
One of the nice features about this mobile website is that you can show multiple property virtual tours on the site so your prospect can find out more about the home that they are in front of as well as about other properties that you represent.

When you look at the property you can see all of the pertinent information about the property including price, bedrooms, baths, square footage etc.
The contact button provides your contact information including one button dialing to your phone, sending you a text message, or an email and links to your full website as well as your social networking pages. Each perspective client phone number that texts to access your mobile website is captured and forwarded to you giving you the opportunity to personally follow up with each new lead.

What an easy way to capture new customers!
Our mobile web sites are very easy to sign up for, through our website; and selecting mobile website from the side navigation bar. The mobile website is just $29.95 per month. It’s easy to get started with your mobile website, and a snap to maintain as you close properties and add new listings. If you would like we will manage your mobile web site for you as part of our full service virtual tour option.
If you would like more information on this inexpensive and powerful tool, call or email us today.

Alan Fon
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Keys to the Perfect Mobile Website

KM3 LogoSimplify Your Design

The small screen size of mobile browsers demands a different approach than desktop website design. Clear, simple designs work best, preferably in a single column, as most users don’t want to be scrolling sideways across a page as well as up and down. Pages should not be cluttered or crammed with too much information. The use of white space can help achieve a clean, unfussy look and make your mobile-optimized site clearer and more navigable.  Take notice of now nicely our mobile virtual tours load!

Optimize Your Content

Almost invariably, they don’t want to read a lengthy mission statement, detailed staff biographies, or learn that you’re a great equal opportunities employer. By all means include links to the full version of your website where you can cram in as much information as you like. When thinking of mobile usage, however, think primarily of functionality.

Make Navigation Easier
Users do not want to be clicking through numerous pages and it’s usually best to put the most important information and functions on the opening page where possible.

When other pages do have to be accessed you should make the process of navigation as simple as possible. Don’t forget that the small screen size of mobile browsers is not ideally suited for clicking on small items. Many mobile devices use a finger as the primary input device and this can be considerably less accurate than a mouse cursor when it comes to clicking the correct button or link. Clearly marked, reasonably large buttons are generally far better than tiny hotspots, clickable images, or embedded text links.
Similarly, it can be useful if you minimize the amount of text a visitor has to enter in order to achieve her goal. Using dropdown menus, checklists, and pre-populated fields as a means of data entry can all help minimize the amount of typing a visitor has to do on a small handheld keyboard and streamline the visit.
Minimize Load Times 
If you’ve already simplified your design, that will also reduce load times but there are a number of additional things to bear in mind. Flash might be great for regular websites, but too much animation can have a major effect on load times. Not to mention the fact that Apple products do not support Flash at all – a big deal considering the iPhone is 30 percent of the smartphone market. Java can also be a huge drag on load times. It’s often better to simply do away with animations and automatically-starting video and audio effects altogether.

Large, high-resolution images can also affect load times. Consider whether all your images are necessary. Do they add anything essential or are they just decorative? Ensure any images you do use are sized and optimized for the mobile format.  Our HTML 5 mobile virtual tours do exactly this.  When a  user is on a mobile device we serve up a mobile version of our presentation using smaller images, smaller videos and so on and so forth. This keep our HTML 5 virtual tour load times down across mobile platforms.

Make Your Brand Recognizable
Your mobile-optimized site is likely to be considerably different to your regular site, but a customer who visits both should still feel they stem from the same source. Logos, tone of content, and other branding elements should carry over from one site to the other. This will help to make a strong impression on new visitors and add a sense of familiarity to repeat customers – the single most important asset a business can have.  If you’re reading this on a mobile device click here to sample one of our mobile virtual tours:

If KM3 Media can help you determine if mobile websites are right for you, please email us at, call us at 916-517-0029 or visit our website at We would love to help!

Kyle Murphy
Owner / Virtual Tour Provider
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New RTV Mobile Websites are BIG HIT!

I can’t imagine where my property marketing and virtual tour business would be without RTV. I know we are not your biggest tour users, but we do a lot of other business based on the virtual tour and products and services that bring in a ton of profit. We are going to be selling more tours,because Tina is really gung ho and has helped develop an IPAD portfolio to demonstrate that will help us to ace each sale.

Another big help to my business is Robin Duran, RTV provider from WI who constantly helps me with the RTV offerings he has found helpful to his VT business. With help from Robin and from another RTV provider, Nancy Bain of Nova Scotia Virtual Tours, I am getting ready to put out a facebook add to all realtors in Arizona. I will be using the technology to target my advertising to a limited audience of potential users I have identified. I actually learned this technique from Benn Kinney of Keller Williams in Seattle at Active Rain Camp. (Go if the tour comes through your town – its worth the $75).

If you have noticed one thing in this blog, you will have noticed that I specifically mention four RTV providers, including one in my city. They aren’t the only ones who have helped me. I know we would be successful without the help of RTV and the other providers, but I know that I wouldn’t be as profitable or as versatile without them. As providers, you should all rely on each other and learn from each other. It’s a great time saver and it actually can result in some new and strong business and personal relationship.

Mobile Websites from DragonFly 360

DragonFly 360 Imaging, an Albuquerque virtual tour company announces mobile websites for Real Estate Professionals. DragonFly 360 Imaging , a certified Real Tour Vision™ virtual tour provider and producer powerful property marketing services is proud to announce the addition of Mobile Websites  to its line-up of on-line marketing tools.

The addition of Mobile Websites to DragonFly 360 Imaging’s current services will allow their current and future clients to have the competitive edge in marketing their property listings and businesses utilizing these advanced marketing tools in the Albuquerque-Rio Rancho area.

Dale Hart, Owner of DragonFly 360 Imaging stated: “We are very excited to be able to offer this new service to our clients. Our Mobile Websites offer Real Estate Professionals the opportunity to display all of their listings, photos, Virtual Tours and information in a format compatible with Mobile devices. In addition, it allows for lead capture. The addition of Mobile Websites to our already powerful line-up of marketing tools will give our clients the competitive edge they need in this tough market.”

Since mid 2008, DragonFly 360 Imaging has continually led the way in the Albuquerque area with marketing implementations such as interactive HD virtual tours, virtual staging, panoramic listing sign riders, single property websites, listing syndication, mobile TXT marketing, virtual tour traffic reporting and social networking training.

Dale Hart
DragonFly 360 Imaging
Albuquerque virtual tour
Order a Mobile Website Today: 505-962-2207 

Are You Setup to Sell Mobile Websites Yet?

Is your virtual tour & property marketing company setup to sell TXT Connect and Mobile Agent Websites yet? This is an amazing opportunity for RTV virtual tour providers to really connect with their Real Estate clients to offer a service that they will love, and, promote their virtual tours at the same time!

In an effort to continue to provide agents with the best tools and information available in the industry, we have introduced a new service that will improve an agent’s productivity, professionalism and relationships with buyers and sellers. Its important to note that access to real estate listing information while on-the-go has become mission critical to today’s active buyer. Mobile Websites for Realtors is an industry first that not only helps meet the ever increasing demands of mobile buyers but promotes the name and brand of the Realtor while saving them time and money.

Some of you may not be aware of this yet but accessing the internet on a mobile phone is like night and day vs. using a standard computer and website. Unless a website is specifically built to work on all operating systems and for each of the thousands of mobile phone handsets, it will be a horrible browsing experience for any user. The mobile phone is here to stay and as they get smarter and smarter, and people continue to access the mobile web, Realtors and all other businesses need a mobile formatted website to continue to capture users and promote their services.

RTV’s TxTConnect mobile solutions help real estate professionals win more listings, acquire more leads and close more sales, bottom line, make more money. Mobile Websites for Realtors is one of our most exciting property marketing tools available today next to our new HD Slideshow Module. It puts all of an agents listings in the hands of an active buyer and at a time when it is most advantageous. The built in GPS functionality will also identify the nearest properties available to where the buyer is at that time and show the next closest properties to them at that time. This added feature makes it so much more convenient for a buyer to view an agent’s other properties nearby for sale.

The mobile site is created automatically and gives buyers instant access to the agent’s bio, photo and contact info. In addition, the site promotes the virtual tour of every property listed by that agent.

So why should you purchase the Text Connect program for your virtual tour company and pitch Mobile Sites?

1. Mobile sites and TxT Connect is a GREAT way to promote your virtual tours
2. Any RTV provider reselling this service will make reoccurring 30% sales commissions
3. It is the most advanced tool on the market today to appeal to the mobile buyer
4. Every listing is displayed with a location map plotting all their listings, a video or virtual tour upload option, up to 10 photos, GPS activation, a full property description and “Click-to-call” links to contact the agent by SMS/Text, Email or Phone
5. It is all automatically created as they upload their listings and they are live within just a few minutes
6. Buyers access this mobile site either by using 1 single SMS/Text keyword or by an automatically generated QR barcode we create in each account.
7. They can then promote these in all their ads, signs, TV, radio, business cards, etc
8. Custom colors are available for the branding most of the major brokerages
9. This captures leads of all inquiries made to the mobile website
10.SMS technology and mobile sites raises the profile of the agent using the service

The time to get out there and start selling TxT Connect and Mobile Agent Websites is now! All of those looking to start offering this, along with the other TxT Connect 10 code plans, you can sign up right now at and start selling right away!