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Mobile Websites From Virtual Digital Images

Our video today is taking a look at mobile websites and some of the advantages that a good mobile website brings to realtors, brokers and property management companies.
What makes a mobile web site different from your standard website is that the site is formatted for the limited screen size of your mobile telephone. So information is very concise and fits within the limits of the physical screen size.
Our mobile website can be accessed in three ways; a QR Code, Web Address or a Text Message.

Often clients are exposed to our mobile website through a sign rider, sales flyer or some other print medium. In this video demonstration we are using a text message; the phone number for our text service is 43766 and the message is our short code, BUYIDI6.
One of the nice features about this mobile website is that you can show multiple property virtual tours on the site so your prospect can find out more about the home that they are in front of as well as about other properties that you represent.

When you look at the property you can see all of the pertinent information about the property including price, bedrooms, baths, square footage etc.
The contact button provides your contact information including one button dialing to your phone, sending you a text message, or an email and links to your full website as well as your social networking pages. Each perspective client phone number that texts to access your mobile website is captured and forwarded to you giving you the opportunity to personally follow up with each new lead.

What an easy way to capture new customers!
Our mobile web sites are very easy to sign up for, through our website; and selecting mobile website from the side navigation bar. The mobile website is just $29.95 per month. It’s easy to get started with your mobile website, and a snap to maintain as you close properties and add new listings. If you would like we will manage your mobile web site for you as part of our full service virtual tour option.
If you would like more information on this inexpensive and powerful tool, call or email us today.

Alan Fon
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Five Tips for Better Use of Mobile Tools

Tablets, smartphones and cloud computing, oh my! Five tips for better use of mobile tools when meeting with clients:

When it comes to mobile technology, the numbers tell half the story. Apple sold over 25 million iPhones last year. IDC estimates 166,000,000 tablets will sell worldwide in 2013. Even modest e-readers are selling faster than ever. Take a walk through an airport or drive down a highway to witness how consumed we’ve become with our little, mobile screens.

Oh, and the apps, right? Hundreds of thousands of tiny little programs that make our products sing, dance, store, share and spend our way to a better life. We love apps – at least fifty of them, or so – that make our day easier. Who can beat the price, either? Free, mostly, or a few dollars. Long live the app!

Now comes the hard part: If everyone’s looking at their screens, how can we do the most important part of our job: Earning trust with our virtual tour clients. Which, as you might suspect, involves looking someone in the eye.

Selling virtual tours to real estate agents and local business owners is pretty simple: build rapport, identify a need, demonstrate how you fill that need. The rest is pricing and process, which are meaningless if the first parts don’t go well. Price and process look great on screen – slides, pdf’s, videos to explain and entice – but we must be careful not to disconnect ourselves from the person too early by injecting our tablets.

Even an iPad doesn’t work without a human touch.

That’s why we’ve collected five simple ideas to help you use mobile tools to enhance your virtual tour sales activities, without getting in the way of making contact with the person who will eventually shake your hand.

  • Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em. The most important thing about using any mobile technology with clients is timing. Depending upon your sales cycle, you need to position technology at the right moment, for the right reason. For example, a real estate broker might want to have an iPad in-hand, ready to reference, when taking existing clients to see homes. Referencing the database, photos, maps and videos in real-time enhances their ability to explain features and benefits of each home. On the other hand, a salesperson might want to reserve their tablet until the end of the process, at an open house: Greeting prospective buyers with a smile and kind words to put them at ease will make it more likely they’ll take their time touring the home. They can tap their email address into your tablet on the way out, when it’s a barrier to leaving (not entering). The same holds true for similar retail experiences, as well.
  • A Picture, Not a Thousand Words. The last thing customers want to do is read lots of words. Any presentation apps or content should contain few or no words. Pictures, videos, virtual tours, and graphics that convey a scene or emotional appeal create a backdrop for a discussion. Some things are better said than read. Images should be full screen and easy to understand. Skip screenshots, especially if they’re small or fuzzy:  Go online entirely if you must show a web tool and use the Fusion virtual tour system to make a full presentation about your virtual tour business. It works GREAT!
  • Less is. You know the ending to that one, right? Which proves the point. You don’t need to fill up the time together with endless slides, videos, content, and use of apps. Use the tablet only where most important to enhance a message or meaning. Otherwise, talk. Maybe even use a pencil and paper, too.
  • Be One with The Folder. Before meeting with a client, put everything you might possibly need in one folder. Think ahead to any slides, pictures, charts, videos, forms, whatever you might need to reference, and collect it into a single folder. Nothing is more distracting to customers – and damaging to your conversation’s momentum – than suddenly having to hunt-swipe-tap your way through multiple screens to find something to reinforce your discussion.
  • Let their fingers do the talking. The beautiful thing about tablets is their simplicity, even for novices. Which also makes them perfect tools for getting customers involved. Launch your fusion presentation or website or photo library, and hand over your tablet. Let the customer explore, while you sit back and watch. Take mental notes about what catches their attention, then adjust your conversation to incorporate it. No matter what you sell, giving customers your tablet during your time together also conveys a subtle message: To earn their trust, give some of yours, first.

Your “presentation” isn’t your “presentation materials” simply arranged all shiny and neat on a tablet. Make sure you can create a conversation, listening, verifying and then conveying solutions without materials (this holds true for paper, too!). Then think of the right times and right types of content your tablet might display, to enhance the discussion. First arrange your thoughts, then arrange your tools, and you’ll ultimately arrange the best experience for your virtual tour clients every time.

Duane Williams, President
Urban Design Studios, LLC
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Keys to the Perfect Mobile Website

KM3 LogoSimplify Your Design

The small screen size of mobile browsers demands a different approach than desktop website design. Clear, simple designs work best, preferably in a single column, as most users don’t want to be scrolling sideways across a page as well as up and down. Pages should not be cluttered or crammed with too much information. The use of white space can help achieve a clean, unfussy look and make your mobile-optimized site clearer and more navigable.  Take notice of now nicely our mobile virtual tours load!

Optimize Your Content

Almost invariably, they don’t want to read a lengthy mission statement, detailed staff biographies, or learn that you’re a great equal opportunities employer. By all means include links to the full version of your website where you can cram in as much information as you like. When thinking of mobile usage, however, think primarily of functionality.

Make Navigation Easier
Users do not want to be clicking through numerous pages and it’s usually best to put the most important information and functions on the opening page where possible.

When other pages do have to be accessed you should make the process of navigation as simple as possible. Don’t forget that the small screen size of mobile browsers is not ideally suited for clicking on small items. Many mobile devices use a finger as the primary input device and this can be considerably less accurate than a mouse cursor when it comes to clicking the correct button or link. Clearly marked, reasonably large buttons are generally far better than tiny hotspots, clickable images, or embedded text links.
Similarly, it can be useful if you minimize the amount of text a visitor has to enter in order to achieve her goal. Using dropdown menus, checklists, and pre-populated fields as a means of data entry can all help minimize the amount of typing a visitor has to do on a small handheld keyboard and streamline the visit.
Minimize Load Times 
If you’ve already simplified your design, that will also reduce load times but there are a number of additional things to bear in mind. Flash might be great for regular websites, but too much animation can have a major effect on load times. Not to mention the fact that Apple products do not support Flash at all – a big deal considering the iPhone is 30 percent of the smartphone market. Java can also be a huge drag on load times. It’s often better to simply do away with animations and automatically-starting video and audio effects altogether.

Large, high-resolution images can also affect load times. Consider whether all your images are necessary. Do they add anything essential or are they just decorative? Ensure any images you do use are sized and optimized for the mobile format.  Our HTML 5 mobile virtual tours do exactly this.  When a  user is on a mobile device we serve up a mobile version of our presentation using smaller images, smaller videos and so on and so forth. This keep our HTML 5 virtual tour load times down across mobile platforms.

Make Your Brand Recognizable
Your mobile-optimized site is likely to be considerably different to your regular site, but a customer who visits both should still feel they stem from the same source. Logos, tone of content, and other branding elements should carry over from one site to the other. This will help to make a strong impression on new visitors and add a sense of familiarity to repeat customers – the single most important asset a business can have.  If you’re reading this on a mobile device click here to sample one of our mobile virtual tours:

If KM3 Media can help you determine if mobile websites are right for you, please email us at, call us at 916-517-0029 or visit our website at We would love to help!

Kyle Murphy
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10 Reasons Why Realtors Need Mobile Site 4 Realtors

1)  Internet enabled mobile phones are the way Home Buyers look for a home now.  With most Realtors behind the curve on this change you have an opportunity to clearly differentiate yourself and get ahead. Virtually every Home Buyer in the Silicon Valley uses an Internet enabled mobile phone to look at your 360 home tours and online listings as they drive around.  They’re actively using their mobile phone during the home hunting process.

2)  Mobile Site 4 Realtors is easily forward able way to market your listings.   Your clients can easily build a quick consensus with family and close friends on your listings by forwarding the property information.

3)  Mobile Site 4 Realtors is EASY to setup and change.  Our assisted loading feature means you type in an MLS number and 80% of the information, images, and our HD Virtual Tours are loaded for you.

4)  Virtually every mobile app available today includes all listings and some reference to other Realtors.  Do you really want to recommend your clients use Zillow, Trulia or Redfin?

In this competitive market you cannot afford to send your hard earned clients to a site where they can be exposed to other Realtors.  Mobile Site 4 Realtors showcases your listings, private listings, pocket listings and brokerage listings keeping your valued prospects close to home.

5) Mobile Site 4 Realtors is a browser based app so it works on all internet enabled phones much like the browser based applications on your desktop computer.  Mobile Site 4 Realtors senses the type of mobile phone the user has.  With over 600 profiles we automatically adjust the delivery to match their phone so your mobile website visitors get an optimum experience every time!

6)  Mobile Site 4 Realtors is easily sent from one phone to another creating a viral marketing effect that cannot be replicated with mobile other tools.   Access is available through text messaging and QR codes we provide with the app so your customers can access without typing long URLS and its browser based so it works on all phones.

7)  Buyers agents can offer their clients an engaging way to view and review suggested listings on the buyers mobile phone.  With pictures, video and maps included in the Mobile Site 4 Realtors, you can provide you can provide an engaging way for your clients to review their favorite choices and get your contact information on their phone for easy access putting you ahead of your competition when your clients need your expertise.

8)  Realtors have an excellent way to get listings on a home hunter’s phone.  Flyers get lost & have little impact on buyers.  Seeing your listing pictures and details means your potential prospects have easy and engaging access to their interested property that they can reference tomorrow and the next day.  This is the IDEAL solution for your prized pocket listings & private listings.  As a silver lining we also capture their mobile phone number for follow up!

9) Your clients want to the best value properties in your farming area.  Mobile Site 4 Realtors gives you the opportunity to share your expertise about the properties that you think are the best value.  Your clients will bookmark your site and come back week after week for the engaging, educational experience that you offer.

10) Mobile Site 4 Realtors keeps your most valued listings within one branded keyword of anyone you meet looking for a home.  Today most Realtors are sending clients home with a business card hoping they will go to their website.  Using Mobile Site 4 Realtors gives you, the Realtor, the ability to share your key properties at the point of interest in a conversation and capture the mobile phone number of the interested person for follow  up.

Exposure Elements is a Silicon Valley virtual tour provider & property marketing expert with an exceptional background in mobile marketing to the Northern California real estate community.   Call Exposure Elements at 408-440-2278 (d) or 408-431-0461 (m) to find out more about this extraordinary marketing tool.

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The Mobile View

Tours D’ Force, your Southern Michigan promotional media company, brings mobility to The Blissfield Connector.  Empowering Toursdforce NEW 2011 Explosive Exposure allows the Blissfield Business Channel to be adapted to the mobile marketing market.  Yes, The Blissfield Connector is now fully compatible with iPhones, iPads, and any other web-based SmartPhone for a mobile experience!  And we didn’t stop there Toursdforce is even tossing in a Quick Response (QR) code and a QR sticker so the Blissfield Businesses can easily share their tour and details with their mobile customers and prospects.

Hal Holubik of Toursdforce states; “Today’s customers and prospects are becoming more mobile and depending on their smart phone devices more and more as a source of information.  So utilizing a QR Code in your marketing materials will give you the upper hand to reach out to your mobile customers and prospects in a new and efficient way!”

What are QR Codes?

A QR Codes is a two dimensional bar code that can be printed on any marketing materials to link printed materials to mobile and Internet marketing efforts.  The Blissfield Connector QR Code below has been programmed to The Blissfield Business Channel /virtual tour but could be programmed to communicate several types of information.   After the receiver scans the QR Code with their smart phone, the bar code will automatically prompt the user’s phone to launch the virtual business tour.  Once the tour is loaded the viewer will simply click on the “iPad / SmartPhone” button at the top of the tour viewing window to view the business video that will fit perfectly on their Smart Phone.

A QR code can also be programmed to launch a website (note: the web site must be a mobile site to fit properly) play a video (in this case) automatically enter contact information into a contact list (good for the back of your business cards), send an e-mail, send a text message, or make a phone call.  QR Codes are completely customizable and the possibilities are truly endless (left up to your creative minds).  Most importantly, they are tractable and we’re able to see how many individuals scanned a specific QR Code and when (in our case the hits will show on the virtual tours weekly hit report because the QR Code has been programmed to the virtual tour).  This tractability makes QR Codes a valuable (and affordable) response tracking mechanism for all marketing materials.

How does it work?

1.    Use a smart phone with Internet access. (Note: An Android is the only smart phone on the market that comes with a Flash player and our virtual tours are in Flash.  But that’s OK because I have changed the button at the top of the tour window from ‘Video’ to ‘iPad / SmartPhone’ and this will take those without a Flash player to the YouTube Video or there are apps for Flash out there for them too.)
2.    Download a free bar code reader app (If you have a recently purchased BlackBerry it comes with the app, if not I suggest one of these NeoReader, or Scanlife)
3.    Scan or take a picture of the QR Code with the reader app.
4.    Phone will automatically launch the code’s message or tour.

What can QR Codes do for you?
QR Codes are a basically an image, just like any other graphic, and can be placed on any and all marketing materials such as: business cards, fliers, brochures, promotional items, t-shirts, car wraps, signs, posters, direct mail, print ads, and more! They allow you to:
•    Increase response rates (almost anyone who knows about this technology finds it difficult to resist scanning the bar codes).
•    Measure the effectiveness of your campaign; different QR Codes can be generated for each individual project and tracked.
•    Integrate print, mobile, and Internet marketing with three “touch points” in one print item.
•    Plus, you will be on the cutting edge of a marketing strategy that is still relatively new in the United States.

The Blissfield Connector participating businesses can now showcase their businesses to their mobile cliental via iPhones, iPads, and any other web-based SmartPhone .  To help the participating Blissfield businesses achieve mobile exposure Toursdforce is providing 2D code stickers (sample below)in four convent sizes (Small 4’ X 4’, Medium 5’ X 5’, Large 6’ X 6’ or  X Large 7.5” X 7.5”) to be proudly displayed.   Tousdforce believes that QR codes will be an integral part of a complete solution that they can provide to your clients.  The technology is free on both ends (code generator and code reader) so, it time is right to start introducing the technology starting with our virtual tours to show clients and build value as an internet marketing expert. 

Imagine what you can do with your QR sticker

For more information on mobile marketing with QR codes read QR codes for Internet Marketing?
Or scribe to my blog post at:

Use Technology to Your Advantage and Capture Interest Immediately!!!

It is time to connect with all potential buyers, provide them immediate, detailed information, demonstrate your leadership in the industry and capture leads around the clock.  Not only are QR Codes simple to use, and effective.  They are also extremely cost efficient and the return will be immediate.

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