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Virtual Tour Success – The Formula

This year we are opening up our provider teleconference to ANYONE in our network. If you are familiar with RTV, then you know that we have the largest provider network of virtual tour providers with 1500 providers in 27 countries. We constantly work together to improve each others businesses and grow as a family.

Join Jason LaVanture & Cheryl Waller on this exciting teleconference where we will be discussing some of the SECRETS behind running a successful virtual tour company. Guest appearance of Mike Thompson of Real Vision Studio, a Detroit Virtual Tour Company.

Just how did BlueLaVaMedia, a Traverse City Virtual Tour Company, produce over 200 tours in 7 months time? What is ‘The Formula’ for this success? Find out about the powerful marketing tools used.

Listen to key strategies that WORKED with a potential customer base of only 500 active area real estate agents, despite outrageous gas prices and a struggling real estate market.

Find out how easy it is to apply ‘The Formula’ to your business!

Title: The FORMULA
Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST

Space is limited.
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Cold-calling Virtual Tour Sales at Open Houses

Increasing sales and breaking into a new market are challenging, however we were very pleased to sell two virtual tours on two consecutive weekends after making cold calls at Open Houses!

This first sale came when we arrived at an Open House and the Realtor was just happy to see anyone come through the door. I don’t know how well homes are moving in your area, but it is a bit dismal here. The Realtor was familiar with the product of virtual tours. We brought along an information packet and a virtual tour marketing CD with examples of our Northern Illinois virtual tours. We were telling her to “take a look at our work on our web site” when she suddenly asked how soon we could shoot the home she had for sale. We said we could do it right then.

The following week, flush from our success, we again went out to Open Houses. We approached one Realtor who was showing a home for a colleague and found her to be receptive. She was soon to be listing a condo for sale and wanted a virtual tour done. (She had been selling Real Estate in California before moving back to Illinois and knew the value of a virtual tour.)

As many Realtors are using their self-photographed slide shows, many are resistant to using a professional photographer. We emphasize our tours are a compliment to what they are currently using. We also explain how a directional tour lets someone experience how the floor plan flows in a home. They quickly find that our virtual tour is far superior to what they had originally been using.

We know the value of RTV 360 virtual tours first hand. We became part of RTV because of the experience we had with their service while we were selling our own home. While researching virtual tours on line, we thought RTV had the best product to offer hands-down. Mike Willett, another RTV provider from a neighboring community, filmed our home and was instrumental in our association with RTV. He has proven to be an invaluable mentor.

Thanks in part to the marketing power of the RTV virtual tour, our home has sold. We are moving to Mississippi and we will be offering RTV virtual tours and fulfilling a marketing need in the area as a virtual tour provider.

Jean Jordan
Northern Illinois Virtual Tours

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Shore Builders Take on a New Virtual Tour Girl

Cathy Williams, owner of Jersey Girl Virtual Tours , is now a member of the Shore Builders Association of Central New Jersey.

“I applied for membership because Jersey Girl Virtual Tours and the Shore Builders could mutually benefit from the relationship” states Williams. “I was happy to hear that the Shore Builders Association felt the same way and granted membership this July.”

Jersey Girl Virtual Tours is a division of Virtual Access Tours. “We have been in business for 5 years. We started off photographing homes and then expanded our services, offering virtual tour marketing for a wide variety of industries” said Cathy Williams partner and owner of Jersey Girl Virtual Tours. Cathy handles the sales and marketing for both companies. “We are excited about joining the Shore Builders Association . We hope to bring a new non-traditional form of marketing to the builder’s industry. We are looking forward to working with the builders, assisting them with increasing web exposure, reducing sales cycle times and ultimately bringing them in more revenue.”

Jersey Girl Virtual Tours creates virtual tour marketing programs for various industries, ultimately increasing their exposure, driving more traffic to their businesses. They have been commissioned for a wide range of projects and have custom-tailored their tours to fit within the tight budget constraints that exist in many of today’s organizations. Their goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive virtual tour marketing program that exposes all of the exiting benefits and features found within their businesses.

A few of the industries we currently serve (click on any of the following for an example of our work): Wedding Halls, YMCA Centers, Senior Care Facilities, Bed & Breakfast, Towns, Builders, Restaurants and Retail Shops to name a few.

To learn more please visit Jersey Girl Virtual Tours.