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The Importance of Continual Marketing

I wanted to take a minute to talk to everyone on this beautiful Friday morning about the extreme importance of continual marketing as we go forward with the launch of our new RealTour Fusion virtual tour software system. By now so many of you have seen just how much the Fusion system has to offer and how we are integrating the system itself to be used as a great marketing tool. With powerful items now just a click away such as integrated flyers, exposure engine, video ripper, the gyro enabled mobile tour, and more we’re giving you a huge opportunity to give your customers feel a sense of ‘shock and amazement’ at how far above and beyond your tours are from any other virtual tour company in the world!

But, take aside the things that Fusion does for you and think of how you can get in the game and do some outside marketing of your own. The importance of continual marketing is something so vital; no virtual tour provider can live without it. You may be asking me, “What if I simply don’t have the revenue to pay for marketing?” The good news is there are easy and inexpensive (even free) ways to constantly market yourself that you NEED to be utilizing.

For starters you can start looking for agents that use virtual tour technology on These agents will be using a variety of virtual tour systems and the good thing is that they already understand the value of the tool.  Start making a list of their names and contact information as you will want to connect with this group of individuals first. 

Secondly be sure that you’re carving out a little time on Social Media. It is one of the MOST IMPORTANT tools you can use today and again this is completely free. Here are some places to go and set up free accounts:
•    Facebook
•    Twitter
•    LinkedIn
•    About.Me

These outlets will give you access to the people in your community that can see your virtual tour business growing as you create interactive virtual media in your community.  You need to be interactive and ENGAGE with the people on these sites, especially Facebook and Twitter. It’s free and will create a larger audience for you as you start pushing virtual tours. I know at a recent trade show that Jim and I attended many realtors stopped by our booth and said, “We see your tours and posts all the time on facebook.”

Another thing I would like to tell you to start doing is a simple thing called Cold Calling. That’s right. Pick up the phone and start calling businesses in your area that you think could use your services. By calling as many as twenty new potential leads a day, you will see results from free marketing that will boost your sales and give you the extra income you’re looking for.  Not sure who to call??  Call people you already know. That’s seriously the very best place to start.  Where do you go to the gym? Who cuts your hair? Your spouses hair? Are your children in a daycare or in preschool? What church do you belong to? How about your doctor or dentist?  A local spa or massage therapist that you go to is great.  Do you know the chef or owner of your favorite restaurant in town?  See there, you already have a list going and we’ve just scratched the surface!

 On top of cold calling, I also suggest that you send out e-mail notifications, or a newsletter.  Start gathering e-mails from people in your area. Businesses that may need your services will have their e-mail addresses on their websites or media outlets and you can compile a very useful list for yourself without paying a cent! Make sure that when you do these free e-mail blasts that you are putting something intriguing and useful in the subject line and not over doing it. Send out a nice e-mail once a month or so.  Try to do it only when you have something truly important to say.  With Fusion you’ll be busy for months to come. You’ll quickly brand yourself in the person’s mind and they’ll start feeling comfortable with seeing you in their inbox.

Social media, cold calls, and e-mailing that I’ve mentioned above are all free! Now, if you want to expand your wallet a little and get more direct results you can always try a few different things for being on a tight budget. Making sure you have eye catching business cards is HUGE! Instead of cold calling, take a day and swing into the establishments you’re looking to target. Drop off your card and engage with them first hand.

You’ll find as you start doing these things that there are so many ways to market and brand yourself that there is really not enough time in a day. As a final note please don’t put all of your eggs in a single basket. Meaning if you’re spending all of your day facebooking or list building or even cold calling you will want to try and spread things out a bit more.

Good luck out there everyone and get ready for launch!

Yours sincerely,


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5 Virtual Tour Marketing Pieces From RPM – WOW!

Ok RTV virtual tour providers, we are gearing up for the release of RTV’s new virtual tour software system, RealTour Fusion. You’re going to see lots of customizable marketing documents coming your way and I wanted to write you a blog today and give you some pointers on how to customize these and get them ready for print. First of all please remember, we create all of these materials in Microsoft Word so that you can easily place in your contact information, company logo, and edit text as YOU see fit.  We recommend that you have Microsoft Word 2007 and later to get the most mileage out of our marketing pieces. If you login to your account today you will see that we’ve uploaded FIVE new marketing pieces for you. I will list them off and describe each one below.

#1 Virtual Tour Features Flyer. This one page, two sided flyer highlights the new fusion player with a large screen shot on the front page and six virtual tour features described in detail on the back page.  There are three locations for you to place in your logo and two for your contact information.  Simply add your logo inside of these text boxes and eliminate any borders and text box colors. Depending on your particular market you may want to highlight other fusion virtual tour features than those we have put on here.  We’ve made this easy for you by placing the feature icons and text descriptions from document # 5 below titled Descriptions & Icons. This way you can pick and choose which features you’re going to showcase in your area as you roll out your new virtual tour system.  For example, you may not be offering floor plans right away but you know you would like to offer the new gorgeous Flyers or E-Brochure. We recommend that you get this piece customized as soon as possible and sent off to VistaPrint so you’re ready to do your whistle stops when fusion rolls out.  Remember too, that any time you send items in to print you should have converted the document into a PDF first.

#2 Audio Flyer. This highlights the new audio options for your virtual tours.  Add your logo, change the prices if you like and place your contact information along the bottom and you are all set.  Some of you have told us that you’re going to make the new AudioPal system a value added, while others will be making this an add on.  As FORMULA episodes kick back up again I’m sure that we’ll hear many more ideas. Either way this is a nice piece to get printed up and ready to hand out.  DON’T give out all of these at once either. You should get ready to stop by offices once every few weeks and keep your marketing materials popping up. This way you’ll always be on their mind.

#3 Gyro Flyer. Got Gyro?  Fusion does and this gorgeous two sided flyer that points out the awesome gyro capability of our new truly interactive virtual tours.  Tilt, pan and move your way through our fusion tours!  The second page highlights QR codes, Flyers and DeepStats. Once again add your logo, place in your contact information and change the text to fit your needs. Again, please don’t forget to turn these into PDF’s before trying to send to VistaPrint.

#4 Mini InfoPack. This is a simple, clear and concise, way to get your customers and prospects  familiar with your new virtual tour platform.  We recommend that you customize this two page, four sided document, rip to a PDF, then use it for your email blast when we go live.  Your cover letter should be short and sweet with a sample fusion virtual tour.  Use a subject like “Regarding Your Real Estate Photography” to catch their attention.  This mini manual will cover the basics of the fusion system and will walk the viewer through the most popular SIX screens throughout the Fusion Experience.  It also highlights the gorgeous flyers, amazing new DeepStats, your Exposure Engine and more.  Simply add in your logo along with your contact information and you’re ready to go blast away. Feel free to give these products a unique name too.  We’ve kept the icons generic enough for that very reason.

#5 Descriptions & Icons. This is a great document for each of you to review.  It will fully cover each of the new features found in the RealTour Fusion virtual tour platform and fully describe each one.  We recommend that you login to your beta account and try out each feature so you know how it is going to work.  You can also expect that RTV will hold several webinars on the new system after launch but it would be a good idea to login and get started sooner than later. On this piece you will find that each feature description has been placed in a text box so you simply have to copy and paste the text box into a new document as well as the icon.  This will allow you to easily pick and choose the features that you’re going to promote right away. Feel free to use the icons and text on your website too. It’s all here for you!

Thank you all so much for your time. It was also great meeting so many of you at the virtual tour show and I’m looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

Please send any suggestion/recommendation or requests to jill(AT) and remember to login to your account today and snag all these pieces!!!

Yours Sincerely,

Jill Sill
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Getting to No

Many people who begin a career in sales get to the point where they dread hearing the word NO.  In fact, many new salespeople get so discouraged from being told NO that they quit trying and ultimately fail.  If you hear a hundred NO’s without hearing a YES, you may be tempted to give up.  The metric used to measure success in sales is the “closing ratio”.  In the most basic form, a closing ratio is how many people you have to talk to in order to make one sale. But in actuality, a closing ratio is better measured as how many prospective virtual tour customers ultimately tell you YES in comparison to how many ultimately tell you NO.

The key to success in sales is what you do after you hear the word NO. Even the best salesperson hears NO a great deal of the time. But the fact is that 90% of YES’s come after a prospective customer has said NO.   Those people who become successful in sales realize that NO is just one step on the way to YES.

In his book 12 Cliches of Selling and Why They Work, Barry Farber says, “The cliche is that extroverted people people go into sales but the fact is that introverts make just as successful salespeople as extroverts, perhaps because introverts are such good listeners.” What successful people learn is how to listen to what their prospective customers are really saying because No doesn’t always mean NEVER.

NO may mean “You haven’t given me enough information to say YES”.  For a new salesperson (or an experienced salesperson learning a new product like I was when we started our Virtual Tour Company, there are going to be many more NO’s than YES’s at first.  While it’s important to be educated before making a sales presentation, there are some things you can only learn with experience.  For any product or service that is sold, there are a finite set of objections. In the beginning, these objections represent locked doors but once you have learned how to overcome an objection, you have the key to open that door the next time you hear the objection. The goal is to collect a wheelbarrow full of keys so that you are ready for any objection you may hear.

NO may mean “Not Now”.  When someone tells me No Thank You, I ask if they mind if I send them some information in case their situation changes in the future.  If they say yes, then I add them to my Contact Management System and set up a drip campaign to stay in front of them.  This may be a postcard every 90 days or it may be a phone call every week.  I am currently talking to the owners of a cabin rental management company who assures me they are interested in cabin virtual tours.  They are incredibly busy so each time I have called, the owner has asked me to call him back.  I have called him a dozen times but each time he assures me that he really wants to talk to me but is just busy.  At some point, I will go from calling him weekly to bi-weekly to monthly to every 90 days but unless he says, please don’t call me anymore, he will remain on my drip list. 

NO may mean “NO”.  There is no such thing as a 100% closing ratio…even the best salespeople get told NO a predictable amount of time.  In fact, seasoned salespeople can tell you how many No’s they expect for every sale they make.  If NO really means “NO”, then the key is to find this out as soon as possible so that you can get on to the YES.  If it takes 100 No’s to get to Yes, then each No is just one step closer to your sale.

Keep an eye on us! We’ll be doing lots of vacation rental photography jobs real soon!

Compliments Work For You

The results of a recent survey released by the National Association of REALTORS indicated that 46% of sellers desire online listing enhancement which includes virtual tours. Internal  Logs at REALTOR.COM showed that only 10% of listings on their site actually receive an enhancement of any sort. This indicates a disconnect between consumer demand and the services most REALTORS are actually offering their consumers.

The mere fact that a REALTOR has contacted you to request a virtual tour for a property listing indicates that they are in a minority population of REALTORS taking one of the necessary steps to satisfy consumer demand and properly market a seller’s property. This justifies your endorsement.

Part 1: While you are at the property, make a point to compliment the seller on their choice of REALTOR. Be sure to emphasize the fact that the virtual tour will increase their exposure and that it has been proven to aid in shorter sales cycles and higher selling prices. The fact that their REALTOR is aware of this and decided to take action is going to give the seller an advantage over comparable listings that do not have a virtual tour.

Part 2: At whatever time you deem to be appropriate, make a point to compliment the REALTOR for their decision to use virtual tours in their marketing system. Explain that you work with many REALTORS in the area and their commitment to an effective marketing system that includes virtual tours is refreshing.

Complimenting the REALTOR to the seller will reinforce the seller’s confidence in their agent and boost their own ego for having chosen a good REALTOR.

The REALTOR will appreciate hearing that you spoke highly of them when they eventually hear from the seller that you offered a compliment and this is sure to guarantee a long term relationship between you and the agent.

The compliment will reinforce the idea that virtual tours are necessary to effectively market a property in the mind of the seller. The seller will be more likely to recommend to friends who are planning to sell their homes that they make sure to list with agents who use virtual tours thereby driving business back to you.

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Get Your Facts Straight | New from RTV Marketing

Attention RTV virtual tour providers!! Being able to provide hard hitting facts that are relevant to the virtual tour and real estate industry is not only very important to your success but also POWERFUL in making a case for your pitch.

The National Association of Realtors profile of Home Buyers and Sellers for 2010 is out and the data proves that, now more than ever, the technology we offer as digital property marketers is becoming increasingly important and extremely effective in the home selling process.  This month RTV has created for you a few beautiful flyers and postcards that highlight a few of these hard hitting facts and targets the real estate industry. Login to your virtual tour marketing center and download them NOW!

These materials are easily customizable with your virtual tour company information. If you have an idea or a need for a specific marketing piece email us and we will see what I can do.  Remember all of our marketing materials can be accessed through

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