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Virtual Tour Company Search Engine Optimization

I have been reading what others have to say about SEO. I have seen where people say that they don’t think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important. As a Charlotte Virtual Tour Provider I wanted to make sure that my company was listed at the top of the search engines if a real estate professional searched for service provider in my area.

I needed internet exposure for my new virtual tour company in Charlotte North Carolina. Since my website was brand new, I was coming up all the way back on page 9 in Google when performed a search for my company. I was pretty much nowhere to be found. I asked Team RTV (RTV’s provider Marketing Department) for some help. They responded very quickly.

Following the RTV plan, I started working on my site’s optimization that same Sunday afternoon. By the following Saturday, my site was appearing on the first page of Google results. Now, thanks to my blogs in Active Rain, and a little effort on my part, my site now shows at the top of the first page in Google for many key words. In addition, there are multiple references to my site for other keywords and searches through my Active Rain blogs and my Active Rain profile throughout the search engine results pages.

It feels good knowing that when potential customers search, they will find my company, Look Charlotte. I think it lends a certain amount of credibility to my virtual tour company when someone searches for a virtual tour provider and finds me at the top of the first page of the results.

Now is SEO important? I think you could make an argument both ways. I am just proud to be found in the search results when someone searches for my Charlotte NC virtual tour company.

Thanks Team RTV!!

RickLook Charlotte Media Solutions
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Traverse Virtual Tour Company EXPANDS!!

Team BlueLaVa is proud to announce an addition to the BlueLaVaMedia Team. Bruce D, age 32 will be taking on the role of regional sales manager and will be responsible for additional BlueLaVa Tours in the Northern Michigan market. Bruce will be filling in an existing gap at BlueLaVaMedia and will be making use of the RTV Inner-Circle marketing pieces that are being created to market directly to businesses such as hotels, golf courses, campgrounds, B&B’s, restaurants and so forth.

Please take a moment to review some of our new virtual tour marketing brochures found here:

With BlueLaVa’s Traverse City real estate virtual tour load reaching nearly forty tours a month and growing, having a full time dedicated person out there selling business tours will be a wonderful asset to the company. Bruce comes to BlueLaVaMedia as a well seasoned B2B sales representative and has well established relationships the real estate, health care, hospitality and lodging industries. Bruce has been a professional sales rep now for more than ten years and is very excited to help businesses throughout Northern Michigan display their properties online by way of an interactive 360 virtual tour.

Good luck out there!

Team BlueLaVa
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RTV Marketing 2.0 Revealed

RTV is proud to announce the launch of our newest Inner-Circle resource: Marketing 2.0. This newest resource includes video training on important business marketing strategies and techniques with a focus on YOU, the small business owner.

Growing your business is often a difficult challenge and many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with the feeling that they are alone in determining the best course for their business. As an entrepreneur you can’t share business strategies with family members because often times (and because you work so much already) family members want you to focus on the ‘family’ when you are not working. Clients want to know that you are ‘the expert’ in what you do, so you can’t bounce ideas off of them. And employees (maybe even your spouse) want to know that the business is secure, so constant ideas may scare them. So what is an entrepreneur to do when he/she needs advice, new ideas and direction? How do you steer the business with a road map that doesn’t exist yet?

Answer: Borrow someone else’s road map and use it to form your own.

RTV has been in business for over 8 years. All the members of Team RTV have either owned their own small business or have been working with small business owners just like you for years. We have access to a multitude of road maps that others have used and ARE using to build their businesses, both in virtual tours AND in real estate. So we thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we can take all of these road maps, break them down into fundamentals and allow our providers to pick and choose the strategies and techniques that will work for their business model without forcing them to all follow one plan?”

Answer: Marketing 2.0

Want to know more? On July 4th at 7pm, log into the RPM Marketing Center and click on the Marketing 2.0 button and then…..get ready to shift gears!

Team RTV