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Virtual Tour Orders Generated by Keeping in Touch

360realhometours, a virtual tour company in Monmouth County New Jersey is alive and kicking! September was a very strong month and we are looking forward to a busy Fall season creating the best commercial and residential property virtual tours in the New Jersey Monmouth County, Ocean County and Middlesex County areas.

We’re enjoying our 4th successful year and are blowing our competitors out of the water. We’ve witnessed several virtual tour companies going out of business and we have worked successfully at getting their business.

Our goal is simple: Deliver high quality work at a fair and competitive price. Stay in touch with our customers using frequent email campaigns and keep the lines of communication open.

RTV supplies its full time providers with neat and helpful weekly tips that offer a fun and wonderful way of keeping in touch with your customers. My customers love them and it has started the ball rolling for many new 360 virtual tour orders.

Zivko Grcic
360 real home tours
New Jersey Shore Virtual Tours
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Brookfield Virtual Tour Company Testimonial

This is Mike from 360 Virtual Pics, a Brookfield Wisconsin virtual tour company. I have been with RTV for about 2 years now. Previously, I was a “franchise” owner for another virtual tour company. I choose RTV virtual tour software because it gives me the ability to run my own company in the way I wish to run it. I am free to set my own prices and to create tours for my customers that suit the needs of the property. I now have the freedom to customize the virtual tours to the clients preferences. The RTV system is simple and easy to use. The camera setup went very smoothly and the software is simple and easy to understand. With very little effort quality virtual tours are easily made.

One of my favorite features of the RTV system is the hits summary that is provided for each virtual tour. My customers really like seeing the results of the virtual tours. It provides them with a way of analyzing the effectiveness of the virtual tour and the various places that the virtual tour is linked to. Also, it is an excellent way to let the property owner know of the interest in their property. In a slow market with clients demanding to know what is going on with their home, this feature has been very beneficial in helping my real estate agents show their clients what is being done to help promote their home.

The high quailty tours produced by the RTV software have helped keep my clients and (more importantly) – their clients – happy. The positive feedback and referrals have been fantastic.

The RTV staff has been very supportive and helpful in developing my business.

Mike Rostkowski
Brookfield, Wisconsin

Shore Builders Take on a New Virtual Tour Girl

Cathy Williams, owner of Jersey Girl Virtual Tours , is now a member of the Shore Builders Association of Central New Jersey.

“I applied for membership because Jersey Girl Virtual Tours and the Shore Builders could mutually benefit from the relationship” states Williams. “I was happy to hear that the Shore Builders Association felt the same way and granted membership this July.”

Jersey Girl Virtual Tours is a division of Virtual Access Tours. “We have been in business for 5 years. We started off photographing homes and then expanded our services, offering virtual tour marketing for a wide variety of industries” said Cathy Williams partner and owner of Jersey Girl Virtual Tours. Cathy handles the sales and marketing for both companies. “We are excited about joining the Shore Builders Association . We hope to bring a new non-traditional form of marketing to the builder’s industry. We are looking forward to working with the builders, assisting them with increasing web exposure, reducing sales cycle times and ultimately bringing them in more revenue.”

Jersey Girl Virtual Tours creates virtual tour marketing programs for various industries, ultimately increasing their exposure, driving more traffic to their businesses. They have been commissioned for a wide range of projects and have custom-tailored their tours to fit within the tight budget constraints that exist in many of today’s organizations. Their goal is to provide clients with a comprehensive virtual tour marketing program that exposes all of the exiting benefits and features found within their businesses.

A few of the industries we currently serve (click on any of the following for an example of our work): Wedding Halls, YMCA Centers, Senior Care Facilities, Bed & Breakfast, Towns, Builders, Restaurants and Retail Shops to name a few.

To learn more please visit Jersey Girl Virtual Tours.