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Using 360 Virtual Tours as Advertising

As an Evansville Indiana virtual tour provider, I thought I would pass along a couple of virtual tours I did recently. Both were promotional and were created to show off what our new virtual tour business could do. The first was for the local Red Cross chapter.

I worked closely with their website designer and she was very happy with the results. She put it on the front page of their website and emailed it to 1200 of their corporate partners.

The second was for Crossroads Christian Church, the largest church in Evansville.

Once again, I worked closely with them and they were very pleased with the results. They turned it into a church project and the pastor even provided the music and voiceover. The 360 virtual tour is now on the front page of their website, which is how they communicate with their 2000+ congregation.

I also placed both virtual tours on the front page of our CustomTours360 website.

All this cost me was my time and 2 tour credits, but it has potentially exposed Customtours360 and Real Tour Vision to over 3000 people, many of whom are realtors, business owners etc. All in all, it was a very inexpensive form of advertising for our new virtual tour company.

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Virtual Tours of Condos

So you’re not sure if you should do a virtual tour of your condominium (condo) listing or not? Well, condo and apartment virtual tours are just as powerful as townhouse and single family home 360 virtual tours. Even in the most basic condo we can highlight amenities such as the community work out or party room, swimming pools, club house, tennis and basketball courts, volleyball court, open space parks, playgrounds or whatever other amenities might be in the community. It is really all up to you what you think will help sell the listing.

Still not sure? Well, visit this 360 virtual tour in King Farm, Rockville, Maryland and you will see what we were able to do with a three (3) bedroom condo. This tour has over 20 scenes, which makes it a perfect basic virtual tour provided by BakerB Solutions:

Direct link to the BakerB Solutions Interactive Virtual Tour

With all of our virtual home tours, we link the tour for you to the MRIS or MLS. We can also link the tour to if you select that option. To see how we leverage the power of the “spinning red house” click on this link to go to the listing for this condo. Then just click on the Spinning Red House to see the “Featured Virtual Tour” provided by BakerB Solutions:

BakerB Solutions provides Interactive Virtual tours in Rockville, Maryland for residential real estate including condominiums, townhouses, duplexes, single family homes, luxury homes and vacation homes or properties. We also provide commercial property virtual tours for corporate offices and more. Call to schedule your virtual tour right now!

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Virtual Tours in a Buyer’s Market

Right now the real estate market is a buyer’s market. In a buyer’s market you reach the buyers by giving them what they desire, which is convenience and information. Buyers are demanding 360 virtual tours so they can explore homes online at their convenience. Since there are so many homes on the market, a listing agent really needs to make their property stand out in creative ways. A few still shots of a home will not grab the attention of a tech savvy shopper.

The demand for virtual tours is a great opportunity for real estate agents to take advantage of a very cost efficient marketing tool. Virtual tours offer a 24/7 open house at the fraction of the cost of other advertising methods. The virtual tour also provides the agent with a pre-qualified lead that is interested in buying the home. Encourage real estate agents to go 100% virtual and maximizing their advertising dollars.

I hear stories time and time again of buyers that are searching for a home and have passed up properties that don’t have virtual tours. Then several months down the road the real estate agent will put up a virtual tour on the property and all of a sudden the property generates interest and sells. I had a broker tell me they were so glad they made the decision to put real estate virtual tours on all of their listings because their sales have been increasing and they love the cost efficiency of the virtual tours.

Ben Knorr
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Planting 360 Virtual Tour Seeds

What an awesome opportunity has been laid out before me. I have the opportunity to shoot beautiful virtual tours, be associated with the best virtual tour software company, Real Tour Vision, and to educate a group of agents and business owners as to the benefits of virtual tours.

As a real estate agent for a Century 21 brokerage, I took great pride in shooting the photography for my own listings. I had studied photography throughout high school and college and looked forward to taking images that would showcase the features of my listings. Imagine how pleased I was to find out that my brokerage also offered an employee in-house that would stitch together virtual home tours for us if we shot them ourselves! I took full advantage of this benefit and it wasn’t too long before my fellow agents noticed. They began approaching me to shoot their stills and panoramas for their listings! Soon I added flyers to the package and I became the one-stop shop for marketing within our brokerage’s four offices. They would let me know when they would be taking the listing and I would shoot and download everything lickity split. And I was loving it!

When I decided to move back home to the central coast of California, I knew that a decision about my career and passion had to be made. I enjoyed working with buyers and sellers, but I loved making homes look beautiful. In doing research on virtual tours and virtual tour software companies, it was a divine twist of fate to come across Real Tour Vision. There simply is not a better looking virtual tour out there, let alone the always available support and family of tour providers throughout the country. After my first conversation with my salesperson, there was no doubt in my mind about what my choice and future business would be.

Let me get to the planting seeds part. Fast forward two months. My business, doing virtual tours in San Luis Obispo is called Insight Virtual Tours. I have joined all six of the local MLS offices as an affiliate. I regularly attend MLS meetings to “show my wares”. I have visited too many offices to count, spoken to literally hundreds of agents about the benefits of having a virtual tour and even had the opportunity to educate a few as to what a virtual tour really is. Everyday I wake with the intent of making Insight Virtual Tours the best virtual tour provider on the central coast. I have this faith and intention because I simply know that there is nothing in our market comparable to the service that I provide and the quality of my tours. I stand back at the end of the day and I am extremely pleased with what I have accomplished.

I work not just with agents, but business owners as well. If you have a business and a website, you need a tour. I look forward to the opportunity to educate anyone and everyone about virtual tours. Little by little, I plant more seeds. Even if I get a “no”, I have planted the seed. They know who I am and eventually, that seed will grow.

Little did I know how following my own bliss two years ago would have planted the seeds of my own garden that are now shooting straight up. Little did I know what wonderful opportunities I would be given each day to hand out the seeds of my knowledge, my passion and my enthusiasm for something I simply love to do.

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Individual Property Websites And The Panorider

Have you seen one of the PanoRiders offered by Real Tour Vision? If you haven’t, you should consider ordering a sample to keep in your car. Why? Ever since RTV started offering the individual property website and PanoRider service I have kept a sample in MY car to show all of my clients. Sure you can explain the product to the agent, and in most cases they “get it”, but realistically it is so much better to view the full color Panorider rather than just hear about it.

I usually start the conversation by saying, “Hey, I have a new product in the car I want to show you. This is the PanoRider. What we do is forward the finished virtual tour to an individual property website for the house. Then we make this sign rider you can hang right here (as I hold it under their sign)…”. The result is that about 90% of my customers buy it right there on the spot! I charge $100 for this service, and those that “get it” have no problem with that price! The moral of the story is that if you don’t have a sample in your trunk, you have to sell using words. The combined power of the single property website and the full color panorama sells itself. All you have to do is show it to them. And you don’t even have to sell them the real estate home tour because you are already there to do it anyway!

In case you missed all the news flashes on this…RTV has details at You can even copy one of the images right off the site to include on your website!

BakerB Solutions provides Interactive Virtual Tours and PanoRiders for Realtors and businesses in Montgomery, Prince George, Frederick and Howard Counties in Maryland, and Fairfax, Alexandria and Loudon Counties in Virginia, plus Washington DC. Visit or call 301.424.8272 to order your Interactive Virtual Tour or PanoRider today!

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