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Real Tour Vision Acquires Rock Pointe Marketing

Real Tour Vision Announces Acquisition of Rock Pointe Marketing!!

We are excited to announce the acquisition of our former marketing partner, Rock Pointe Marketing. In addition to the acquisition, former owner Cheryl Waller has joined our team to head-up our new in-house marketing and training department. Cheryl brings her experience in internet marketing, website design, search engine optimization, copy writing, corporate training, business ownership and the virtual tour industry. She will work with closely with RTV virtual tour providers and business owners in the designing and implementation of their own strategic marketing plans on local marketplace levels worldwide.

She will also head up the creation of training webinars designed to coach our virtual tour providers on how to train their clients and customers in internet marketing. The addition of the marketing and training department will enable Real Tour Vision to be the first in the virtual tour industry to offer individualized marketing support and training to business owners and real estate agents across the globe.

The RPM marketing center has both free materials and pay per materials for inner circle members. We are very dedicated this year to making sure our free marketing materials get a 2008 face lift so our non members have full access to great looking pieces as well. Our inner circle members can expect to see an abundance of materials ranging from canned newsletters and documents, ready to go press releases, more PowerPoint presentations, several new provider flyers, brochures and even flash presentations.

We have simplified the membership process to a 3, 6 and 12 month package and moving forward there will be no additional pay per items. If you are an inner circle member on any of our programs you will have full access to EVERYTHING that we create!!! Click HERE to see the online price list.

For a limited time only we are also offering free tour credits when you sign up for one of our marketing bundles. Visit Remember that you must register to sign into the marketing center and registration is FREE.

Finally, the RTV staff would like to take this chance to give Cheryl a huge welcome. We are so excited and just love the energy this new addition will bring to our virtual tour providers and corporation.

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Virtual Tours on Pull More Traffic

Our interactive virtual tour technology is pretty advanced, but recently it blew me away….again!

Believe it or not, one of my favorite 360 virtual tours, a million-dollar-plus home in Ridgefield, WA, has received more hits (viewings) from than our local MLS.

Take a moment and click on the small blue circle at the bottom of the tour to examine this hit report.

Now, think how reassuring it is to the homeowner to be able to see for themselves that their real estate professional is “putting the tour out there for everyone to see.” — AND they can click on it whenever they want to!

It used to blow me away how few real estate agents would pay the $25 to link virtual tours to their listings. Hopefully, now that they can see for themselves that it works, they’ll consider it.

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Home Visit Virtual Tours Vs BakerB Solutions

We had another assignment to replace our competitions virtual tours with one of our interactive virtual tours. This time our assignment was to replace a HomeVisit virtual tour and it was a switch of agent that prompted the new virtual tour. But interestingly enough, even though the season changed, I think our tour turned out great! See the difference between a Home Visit “slide show” virtual tour and a BakerB Solutions Interactive Virtual Tour.

Notice the 360 panoramic scenes in the BakerB tour? Oh, and we have a slide show option to view all the still shots as well. Which is more effective? Which gives the viewer more choices to navigate and view the property? You decide, here is a link to both:

Home Visit Virtual Tour: Virtual Tour

BakerB Solutions Tour: BakeB Interactive Virtual Tour

BakerB Solutions ( provides Interactive Virtual Tours with 360 panoramic scenes along with slide show tours. We offer our interactive virtual tours in Gaithersburg, Rockville, Silver Spring, Hyattsville, Frederick, Germantown, Bethesda, North Potomac, Potomac and all other suburbs of the Washington DC Metro Area (including DC and Northern Virginia).

To order one of our interactive virtual tours, or for pricing and options, contact us today!!

at 301.424.8272 or Don’t forget to check out our Web Sign Riders at!

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Single Property Websites and Panorider Show Off

Have you ordered a single property website yet? Still not sure if the PanoRider is an effective marketing tool? Sure this is an intuitively strong tool, but are there statistics to back up that notion? Well, with the NEW Real Tour Vision Hits Report released yesterday, you can now see for yourself!

When used properly, the PanoRider is EXTREMELY effective! Take a look at one specific PanoRider implemented just a week ago at 7021 Hunter Lane, Hyattsville, MD 20782 found at In just over a week, this virtual tour has achieved 212 hits with 145 of those hits coming directly from the individual property website URL that was placed on the PanoRider. That’s over 68% of the visits to this property directly from the PanoRider!

See more examples of single property websites below:

www.240MarionsWay.comHit Stats for this Virtual Tour
www.543independence.comHit Stats for this Virtual Tour
www.4406belpreroad.comHit Stats for this Virtual Tour
www.6504nwoak.comHit Stats for this Virtual Tour

Each PanoRider advertises the single property website URL with a high quality photo. The single property website for each tour accounts for at least 45% of the hits and for one virtual tour is as high as 76%! Check out the stats on each one.

The bottom line is that this tool is something every real estate agent should be implementing. And it is your job as a Real Tour Vision provider to make them aware of these significant statistics! The number that should be used is, “…around 50% or more of traffic to your tour will come from the PanoRider…”.

So if you have not ordered a PanoRider yet, you REALLY should think about getting a sample to use for selling to your real estate agent clients. Once they see the product in person, backed by these statistics (feel free to print out a Hits Report from any of the samples above), there will be no denying that you WILL sell these to your best clients! So place your order today and start generating extra revenue in 2008!

PanoRiders ( are the best way to leverage your virtual tour. Now available nationwide through your full service Real Tour Vision provider. Contact Real Tour Vision today to get more details or to find the Real Tour Vision provider nearest you, at 866-947-8687 or online at

Interactive 360 Virtual Tours with PanoRiders available in the following states:


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Virtual Tour Sales Tips

As a virtual tour company owner, you might face several challenges in promoting your product to potential clients. You may have limited funds for marketing and advertising, or you may feel overwhelmed by the demands of being both owner and employee. Some struggle with the lack of knowledge and experience they have for effectively selling and marketing their product. Too often, individuals “open up shop” and expect, like, in the movie Field of Dreams “if you build it, they will come.”

While there is some validity to this approach with an in-demand product or service, the bottom line is that if you want to be successful in selling your virtual tours you must let people know who you are and what you can do.

This does not mean that you adopt a persona that doesn’t suit you, or that you try all the marketing and sales techniques you can find. Potential clients can sense when you are desperate and this may be a pitfall to your success. While research does pay off and it never hurts to check out every book in the library on sales and marketing, I’d like to suggest a more simple approach. In order to sell your virtual tour service – you must first sell yourself! These are my simple tips for being an effective virtual tour provider:

Give Your Clients Clarity.
This refers to spending time to create a clear, compelling, memorable message. It means being very clear about the benefits of your virtual tour service and finding a way to “speak the language” of your potential customers. Do not resort to phrases like, “I shoot virtual tours.” or “I market your listing.” Is there anything particularly compelling or memorable about those statements? Instead, how about these: “I help my clients market their listings through interactive media creating a 24/7 open house available to the World Wide Web.” Or “My clients are able to reach out to more individuals on the web by using my services. A compelling use of virtual tour technology will keep visitors on your site, and will also keep them coming back.” Or “On a typical day, more than six million people take virtual tours in cyberspace and 80% of internet users say images are imperative when deciding to buy or use a company’s product or service.” Do you see how each of the latter statements provides more clarity and gives the potential customer more information about benefits?

Show That You Care.
Sales and marketing is most effective (and easiest) when you have a passion for what you do and absolutely know that it’s effective. You really want people to experience your virtual tour service, because you care about their satisfaction. Show your passion by starting a blog on your website. Always, have a bit of excitement in your voice when you’re talking to clients. Excitement makes people curious to learn more and passion leads to many sales!

Actions Are Louder Than Words.
What you say, and what you do, must match. This creates credibility – being who you say you are. If you forget to follow through on the smallest statement, your client will remember and that will stick in their mind the next time they consider your services. If you are consistent between what you say, and what you do, people will be naturally attracted to you and your service.

Be Competent!
The best marketing in the world will not save a professional who is not competent and skilled at their trade. Although you are probably extraordinarily competent already, make sure to maintain this “edge” by continuous learning through more education, training or whatever you need to continue to be extremely skilled. Take an online course in photography and if you work with a lot of real estate agents make sure to stay on top of the market in your area. Those who are very skilled command higher fees and find it easier to attract and retain high quality clients. Also make sure you keep on top of new technology developments at RTV so that you are always offering your clients all the services at your disposal.

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