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Colorado Virtual Tour Company has Staying Power

My Colorado virtual tour company has had a great relationship with RTV for the past 2 ½ years. We started slowly, beating the bushes and knocking on doors. But we have now shot over 450 properties in the past couple years! That is a lot of virtual tours!

We work in Western Colorado, and focus most of our activity in the high dollar markets of Aspen, Crested Butte, and Telluride. These folks value quality work and are willing to pay for it. Although, our first client still has done more properties with us than anyone else, she has never paid more than $200 for a virtual home tour.

RTV has been great to work with, offering a very powerful package of desktop software, online software, support, and continuous improvement of service and features. And the cost is incredibly reasonable, both the initial investment and the ongoing cost.

Marc Terrien, Owner/President
thin air media solutions
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Dear RTV

I just wanted to let you all know that I still find RTV the top product and service when it comes to virtual tours. You guys have been there for me from start to finish on everything.

Last year was really tough. Many aspects of my life were looking bad and on top of that there is a bad situation with economy. Fortunately, this year I’ve got everything going in the right direction. My virtual tour business is picking up. Check out my new website

I really like RTV’s new ideas, solutions and powerful property marketing tools. The new Marketing Center also gave me a LOT of materials, brochures and flyers to customize and generate ideas from. Honestly the RTV corporate website has been like my home base.

I am also really looking forward to what’s to come this year both from my virtual tour company as well as all of the new innovations and programming from RTV. I have a feeling it is going to bring smiles on many faces including the RTV team.

Thanks again for everything!

Tom Worek

XL Visions
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Blogging helps increase search engine ranking

My search engine ranking has been improving steadily for the past year. I am always looking for new and better ways to improve visits and search engine ranking for my website.

Blogging is playing an important part of my marketing plan for 2008. I use MySpace and Real Tour Vision as my primary blogs. I also have been using social networks to increase traffic flow. I plan on using to increase internet marketing and website activity/search engine results. I have also increased my directory presence as well with free links. I have found that certain keywords help maximize exposure and I have been focusing on those to increase traffic. The main term I have been concentrating lately is Warner Robins Real Estate and keeping it on the 1st page of Google. I plan on having that term in the top three in 2008.

I’ve seen some activity on my website from my Real Tour Vision blog posts. I’ve had good results from MySpace also. I had one customer contact me about buying a house when I added them the other day to my friends list, so I definitely need more friends on MySpace. My virtual tour of Caleb Way has received a lot of activity. I like blogging because I can write articles, blogs on MySpace, blogs on Real Tour Vision, and also use these blogs/articles to add to my drip email, so it fits together in a nice little package that doesn’t take much time or much money.

John Cobb – Coldwell Banker SSK Real Estate Agent
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Real Estate Flyers Galore!

RTV’s RPM will be releasing a battery of Real Estate Flyers to get everyone ready for the roll out of our new Auto Flyer Generator System. There will be a series of flyers published over the next several days so be on the lookout! Some will be free for all RPM members and others will be for Inner Circle Marketing members only. Just like the other marketing materials that we provide for you, Microsoft office or Adobe is needed to edit and manipulate these documents.

When we do release the new Auto Flyer we encourage all of you to continue offering custom-made flyers as a service to your customers as you will still be able to upload your custom flyer to you tour as you can do now.

Good luck out there!

Real Tour Vision
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Tally Tours Advantage – Using RPM Materials

The “Secrets of Blogging” webinar really got me interested in the Real Tour Vision RPM marketing system. There was a lot of great information in that meeting. I’ve been wary of RPM because of the price and I couldn’t justify paying for it when I never really had a chance to look over the paid material. At the blogging webinar we went over some of the materials in the new RTV / RPM site. Well I went ahead and purchased the 3 month subscription to RPM and went in that night to look at the materials. I mostly downloaded the things that I felt would be most useful to me immediately, such as the PowerPoint Presentations, the Residential Info Pack and some Flyers. In my opinion RPM seems a bit expensive since you can download all they have in one day, but they assure me updates are coming out often.

I was very impressed with the presentation of all of the material I downloaded. It really does make your marketing more “turn-key” because they have put in the research, time, and effort producing quality marketing materials that sell. I could tell right up front that the materials saved me a ton of time and money.

The materials can be customized to fit your needs. For example, the PowerPoint Presentation “The Advantage” has a lot of great information in it, and really gets the message across and sells well. It’s also in PowerPoint, which makes it very easy to customize. To customize it, I went into Photoshop and added my pricing and customized the look of some of the graphics. I also removed the RTV logos because my customers get confused seeing 2 company names all over everything I do. I will later customize the voice over to my own script.

Once the PowerPoint Presentation was to my liking I remembered that PowerPoint doesn’t have a lot of distribution options. It’s great for giving presentations in person, on your own computer, but it doesn’t distribute well to the web, via email, and even the burn to CD option can create confusion to the end user.

So I started exploring other options…wouldn’t it be great if this presentation was in Flash so I could put it on my website as well as send it out in next month’s Email Newsletter? Flash is also a much smaller file size while retaining higher quality. So I did some research…come to find out, it is possible to turn your PowerPoint into Flash. I found several software packages that do it for you! I did a demo of about 5 different PowerPoint to Flash conversion programs, and only 1 worked for me (I use Vista and Office 07). In fact, within 5 min or less of downloading the software, I was able to have a high quality customized flash presentation on my website. You can view it right now by going to and clicking on “The Tally Tours Advantage” at the top of the page. The software was $200 to buy, a little pricey, but it works smoothly right from within PowerPoint (so there’s no need for importing / exporting files) and a free demo is available on their website (

Myles Lasco
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