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FREE GOLF With Real Tour Vision Virtual Tours

Are you an avid golfer? Don’t want to pay the high greens fees at courses you’d like to play? Why not contact golf club managers and ask if they would be interested in a virtual tour?

Not only can you shoot the virtual tour of the golf course itself, but many clubs have a driving range, putting green, banquet facilities and clubhouse that can be included in a tour. Some managers won’t want to spend the money for a virtual tour, but are more than willing to barter for free golf!

I have produced Virtual Golf Course Tours for premier clubs in Las Vegas that have traded for free rounds of golf, plus received payment as well. It’s a win/win opportunity for all involved. The golf club gets to showcase their facilities online and you get to golf for free! The only thing you’ll have to spend is time…doing what you love!

Rob Lenthe

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Ready Set Tour

After my official “go live” date of 1 September 07, I will be using the Pay Per Click Advertising service offered through Rock Pointe Marketing to further improve my site’s visibility. And, of course, I will continue to contribute to this blog, which is having some amazing results so far! My goal is to have a Page Rank of at least a “3” and be on the first page of Google’s results inside of six months. Locally, I want to be THE go-to website for real estate listings and virtual tours in Oklahoma. As one of only two RTV Full Service providers in the entire state, ( and nearly no other competition) I think I’ve got a pretty good shot!

Baker B’s 1000th Virtual Tour Camera Blowout

I absolutely love my Olympus C-7070 for taking virtual tours. It is light weight and compact for the results it produces. And it is a powerhouse camera producing crisp images with a long lasting battery life. But what happens when you stress out a compact zoom to its limit? BOOM – the flash blows! It scared the crap out of me with an explosion merely inches from my eye ball! Yup, finally happened to me this past week. But realistically its not like I didn’t see it coming – after all, on that camera I have probably shot over 1,000 virtual tours with shots blasting out one after the other non-stop, and most using the flash.

So if you add in that each tour captures at least 100 photos with 1000 tours, that’s roughly 100,000 photos taken with that flash. Now I’m no light bulb scientist, but if you stress out any bulb that hard and nearly every day, its bound to blow. And it did. Luckily I had taken all 5 tours for the day and only had 1 panoramic and 2 stills left to take. I simply set up the camera on the tripod and used existing light. But what would have been better is to have an external flash! So now my hand is forced to have one. But realistically I am glad. The external flash gives much more control of the lighting with angles and also has a separate power supply. Sure the camera will not be as nimble, but at least I had my camera up and operational the next day. Although I do have other cameras as backups.

The moral of the story is use the flash on your camera as a backup, not the primary flash. Then if your external flash runs out of juice or breaks during a shoot, you at least have the built-in flash as a backup.

Alex Saenger
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Just How Hot are the RTV Hot Spots?

Pretty Hot!

Loop Photography is proud to be one of the only major Virtual Tour Providers in the Minneapolis area to utilize Hot Spots in their 360 Interactive Virtual Tours. Real Tour Vision’s virtual tour software allows for these custom .gif images called Hot Spots to be imported directly onto the images or scenes within the tour. Hot Spots allow a fully interactive viewing experience for online shoppers.

Engaging the online shopper with your real estate listings or business sets your virtual tour apart from those that require or call for no activity other than watching. Online visitors navigate through a home or a business by dragging the mouse and looking for the visual indicators that are built into each virtual tour scene.

Real Tour Vision Hot Spots allow potential buyers to get a better feel for the homes layout without getting “lost” in the experience. Hot Spots can also draw attention to unique home features such as fireplaces, built-ins, upgraded appliances etc. If you have never seen a virtual tour with the unique RTV hot spots check out some samples on our website:

The fact is virtual tours with “hot spots” keep buyers looking at your listing longer as they have fun navigating from room to room. To order the best Virtual Tours in Minnesota produced by the worlds finest virtual tour software visit

Jeff Bartol
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