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Single Property Websites and PanoRiders Proven

In 2006 a survey was completed by the NAR* that found that 77% of all home buyers felt the internet was their top choice for finding information and 71% said the yard sign was a top source of information.

With this in mind, on February 25, 2008, Insight 360 Tours launched its newest marketing solution, using a single property website with Panorider. This powerful combination, which I call the Insight ImageRider, combines the power of and demand for online information via the Internet, with the effectiveness and drive-by exposure of the traditional yard sign.

The ImageRider is a custom sign rider attached to your listing sign. It contains a unique web address for the property along with a full color panoramic image from inside the home. The website address is the same as the property address so it is easy to remember for prospective buyers and neighbors.

This website contains your full interactive virtual tour with enhanced listing features including: integrated Panoramic and Still Photos with Interactive HotSpot navigation, City and School links, Maps, Satellite View and Driving Directions, Mortgage Calculator, MLS Number and Property Information, Customized Tour Window including Agent Photo, Email and Website Link and Phone Number, as well as Optional Music, Floor Plans and Brochures.

Since February, the single property website and Panorider have been purchased for several of my virtual tours and the results are astounding! While is still a top contender for listing exposure, the single property website is a very close second.

In some instances the single property website actually surpasses the exposure generated by by more than 3 times, receiving 173 hits in comparison to 47 via!

If you are a Realtor®, you are probably always looking for that edge over your competition; however, you are only interested in marketing that works! Let Insight 360 Tours help you achieve your marketing goals; call us today!

*National Association of Realtors® Home Buyer and Seller Survey 2006

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Virtual Tour Samples

As a virtual tour provider in Erie, Colorado I am part of the network of providers with Real Tour Vision. Real Tour Vision has provided us with 360 panorama software that is truly amazing! Rather than a one-shot system we take a series of 12 shots every 30 degrees to get the 360 degree panoramic image. Being able to adjust the lighting for EACH shot allows us the providers to produce the highest quality images from the start.

At Insight 360° Tours, I then take each shot into a post editing software to straighten walls, enhance lighting and contrast etc. What happens next in the tour building process is the most amazing part of our virtual tours… the Interactive HotSpots.

Interactive HotSpots are clickable buttons within the virtual tour window. When clicked, the viewer moves through the home from room to room as though they were really inside. It’s a truly interactive experience!

Click here to see a sample Virtual Tour shot in Highlands Ranch, Colorado that includes HotSpots.

Hotspots can be left out for those who would prefer they not be added. This is where the next best feature of our virtual tours would take front seat AutoPlay. With AutoPlay the viewer opens the tour, sits back and watches as the tour automatically moves from scene to scene. The order the virtual tour is played is set during the building process.

At Insight 360° Tours, I allow my clients to select the scene order should they choose to do so.
Click here to see a sample of Virtual Tour shot in Boulder, Colorado without HotSpots.

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A Virtual Tour and Life Lesson Learned

I had a life lesson day today if I’ve ever had one.

I was called by a B&B owner to shoot a new virtual tour and photos for their website and print. In particular, they needed a new still image for a B&B publication, which had a due date of 7 days from the the day they called. They currently have a virtual tour on their site, but for whatever reason they wanted a new one. Who am I to argue?

I arrived at their house within 2 days of their phone call. It was about a 45 minute drive. I spent quite a bit of time with them discussing what they wanted in the way of stills, pricing for the tours and they signed an order form that lists the prices. I spent 3 1/2 hours shooting 8 spins and took over 65 still images and they shadowed me the entire time.

I came highly recommended to them by a realty office I deal with, and they seemed quite impressed with the amount of time I was spending on the shoot. When I asked them if they had been to my website to preview my work they said they hadn’t. I don’t understand why people don’t take that time when shopping for a virtual tour provider. I plan on insisting people do this prior to shooting, because let’s be honest, there are bound to be a few out there who won’t like my style of photography.

They called me later that night to request that I come back for an evening shoot. They wanted some sunset shots, as well as romantic candle lit bubble bath pictures. I went back the next night and spent another hour and a half. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a shootable sunset but we did get some good bath tub shots. I promptly edited the good ones and sent them off in an email the next morning. By this time I had also created the virtual tour, complete with hotspots and still images and sent a link to that as well. I eagerly awaited their call…..I waited, and waited and waited. I called them two days later to make sure they got the emails. They said they were busy with family issues and hadn’t had a chance to look at them. Okay. The next morning I emailed the couple and sent my well wishes and asked them to let me know if any changes needed to be done to the tour and if they had selected the images they wanted from the tub shoot.

I got this reply: “None of the shots that you took were of use to us for our brochure as it was the sunset we were after. We chose one of our own that we had taken. As we discussed earlier, this time of year, outside pictures and tours are not the best time for appeal. As I said on the phone to you, we were looking to improve on our pictures and virtual tour we already have on our web site. We could not use many of the Amethyst Suite bedroom pictures as there were items out of place, such as uneven curtains, Kleenex boxes, etc. that do not do the room justice. Our existing virtual tour is on our web site and it is functional.”

So….where does that leave me? Out about 8 hours worth of income and one tour credit. Did I get them to pay up front? NO. Did I get a deposit? NO. Have I learned from this? YES!

Linda Sabiston
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Seeing is believing!

After deciding to join the Real Tour Vision family and doing all my preparations, I finally had everything up and running and I was set to go. That’s when I started to worry. Go where? I’d sit and think for hours about ways to promote and gain new customers. I started to get nervous and wondered if I had what it takes to succeed with a virtual tour company.

I finally came to my senses and decided not to pass up any opportunity I came across. While walking to my car one day I noticed an Open House a few houses down. I casually walked in and introduced myself. I explained that I offered 360 Virtual Tours. He replied that he had a few ads out in the paper and wasn’t interested . Ok, at that point, do I take this answer and leave? I decided to stick it out and get at least 3 declines out of him before I left. I kindly explained that a Virtual Tour is more cost effective than an ad in a local paper and can reach a much broader audience. He declined again. At this point I ran to my car, grabbed my laptop, and headed back inside with my web page up on the screen. I showed him a few sample tours and he was hooked. I could see it in his eyes.

Virtual Tours by Real Tour Vision are far superior to any of the competitors in the area and getting a sample tour in front of the customers eyes is all it took. He was blown away by the hot spots on the tours.

The Real Tour Vision staff has been very helpful and friendly. I look forward to growing my Staten Island virtual tour company and working with you for many years to come.


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PanoRiders for Realtors

If you are a Realtor®, you are probably always looking for that edge over your competition. But you are only interested in marketing that works. The PanoRider™ provided by your Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider is just such a marketing tool.

The PanoRider is a custom sign rider that hangs off your broker’s sign. It contains a property specific web address for the property along with a full color panoramic photograph of the property. The web address is the same as the property address so it is easy to remember for prospective buyers and neighbors.

The Statistics

• The top scoring source of information for buyers is now the Internet, mentioned by 77% of all Home Buyers.*

• In addition, 71% of all Home Buyers surveyed, mentioned the yard sign as an important source of information. *

*National Association of Realtors® Home Buyer and Seller Survey 2006

A PanoRider combines the exposure of the Yard Sign with the power of the Internet. It drives prospective buyers to a 360 virtual tour of the property, even if no one is home to let them see the inside. The statistics support the need for every listing to have a PanoRider, regardless of market conditions. And the virtual tour contains your phone number, website and email, so you get the most exposure possible to secure an offer!

Property Specific Websites (

The web address on the PanoRider is for a property specific website for your listing. This website contains your full interactive 360 virtual tour with enhanced listing features including these options:

• Integrated Panoramic and Still Photos with Interactive Hot Spot Navigation

• Map, Satellite View and Driving Directions

• Mortgage Calculator

• Optional Music, Floor Plans & Brochure

• MLS Number and Property Information

• Scene descriptions

• Agent Photo, Email Link, Website Link and Phone Number

• Broker Logo and Address

• Secret Hot-Link to Traffic Statistics

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