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Inventory Your Home Using Virtual Tours

Last fall we had a house fire at your Nova Scotia virtual tour providers home. We are happy to report that we are back home, settled and looking forward to the RTV convention.  OMG has RTV been rocking it with Fusion or WHAT!

I’ve procrastinated filling out the reams and reams of paperwork for the insurance company. It’s been on my “to do” list since January. I need to itemize everything that was lost in the fire and put an approximate replacement value. It’s a lot of work.

Lucky for me I had a virtual tour of my home on file. Why? Because you forget. Forget about the china elephant figurine your great aunt bought you. The hand carved book ends, the size and artist of the painting that hung over the sofa.

So, it got me to thinking…. ALL of my friends/family should have a virtual tour of their home for the purpose of inventorying their precious belongings. Special items could have still photos, artist info etc., could be posted in the comments.

You only have to forget one thing to make that virtual tour pay for itself.

So do your family and friends a favor and tell them my story. Although you can never get those precious belongings back, or put a “replacement cost” on them, you should be compensated by your insurance company. If you don’t  remember to put it on the list, you don’t get compensated.

We were lucky that most of our precious belongings including photographs were not lost. Imagine if they were? Your online digital virtual tour is safe/secure and never goes away. It could possibly be the last link to your precious memories. Do it for yourself today.

See you at the RTV Virtual Tour Convention!

Nancy Bain

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Tornados Strike | Insurance Documentation Services Rise

Tornado Devastation – Will you be prepared?

Massive Devastation in Oklahoma due to the tornado that hit Oklahoma and Missouri areas yesterday.  Grove Oklahoma-Grand Lake and Joplin, Missouri were hit by a tornado yesterday.  Joplin reported 89 deaths so far, but this could climb as the search for survivors continue on the following days.  My husband, his son and myself  have a Automotive business about 8.8 miles south of Locust Grove, Oklahoma and we  were not affected but it came very close to us. Relatives of my husbands’ family lived in Joplin, Missouri lost their home but their lives were saved.  The devastation is overwhelming for them; they just relocated to Joplin, Missouri a few months ago due to job re-location. This young family of 3 will have to start all over with all their house hold belonging, clothing, dishes, and I am sure you could imagine, so the list goes on.
The following link shows the pictures, slideshows and videos of the devastation of this massive tornado and the horrible loss that so many people have experienced.

Most people are not prepared for such disasters, providing the insurance adjusters with the receipts and photo’s to provide proof of the loss. In most cases not having proof of your items means you will not receive the full value from your valuables from your insurance company.

Here at Tulsa Eagle Eye Virtual Tours has a perfect solution for you and your valuables with our Tulsa Eagle Eye Inventory Virtual Tour!  Let us photograph, document, and securely store all images of your valuables on a CD and on RTV’s secure virtual tour server facility where they will be a mouse click away, giving you proof of ownership for your Insurance Company to verify.

Tulsa Eagle Eye provides 360 virtual tours and we service all the Northeastern Oklahoma. Our wide variety of services include the state of art interactive 360 virtual tours, professional photography services, powerful slideshow presentations along with many other services to provide you with the very best presentation of your property and or belongings.

Finally we would also like to show you a related posting from another fellow RTV provider from Tuscaloosa.  Here’s a virtual tour of the destruction from that tornado:

Vicki Tuttle – Owner
Tulsa Eagle Eye Virtual Tours
Tulsa Virtual Tours
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Lenawee County Home Inventory Tours

Inventory Documentation Services gives owner Hal Holubik of Toursdforce, a Lenawee County virtual tour company, what he wants out of life – a great deal of satisfaction  in knowing that the service that he provides to others  will give them security and peace of mind.  With an up-to-date home or business inventory Hal Holubik’s clients have in hand the information that they will need to protect themselves if disaster does strike.

Lenawee Home inventory documentation is nothing new for Toursdforce, but it is just now seeing remarkable growth. Large companies have known the value of a thorough asset list for years, and now small- to medium-sized businesses and homeowners are realizing the need as well. A thorough inventory is a great tool to help people remember, whether their loss is from a fire, burglary or natural disaster. Personal property inventories are either beneficial – if not essential – for many other reasons, some being estate planning and settlement, divorce, prenuptial agreements, taxes and valuations, moving, and buying or selling a home or business.

Experiencing is certainly the hard way to learn the value of a personal property inventory, and Holubik’s first-hand knowledge speaks for itself. His family experienced a financial loss after their garage was broken into.  Hal quickly did a visual inventory for the policy report and then was granted a 6 week extension from his insurance company to come up with a complete missing item list. One year later they’re still finding items missing that were not reported. “You simply cannot remember everything until you go to get it”, states Hal Holubik. This instance would have benefited greatly from a thoroughly prepared inventory.

Insurance Companies, Agents, law enforcement agencies, and Financial Advisors strongly recommend through documentation of personal property to ensure your family’s financial protection in the future.  Tourdforce Home Inventory Service provides a professional, reliable, third-party home and business inventory designed to maximize your claim as well as making the process smoother and faster.  In addition their service can document your personal property prior to a move or storage in the event you need to prove damage or theft.  Fire, floods, thieves or storms can take away a lifetime of memories and valuables.  Don’t add additional grief and pain by not being prepared for your insurance company.

About Toursdforce inventory documented tours. Toursdforce professional photographer has the perfect solution for you AND your valuables with their Home Inventory Tour!  They will photograph, document and securely store all of your valuables on their secure servers and onto a CD for you and one stored in your file at your insurance agency for your proof of ownership which is only a mouse click away!  Did you know that when making an insurance claim a photo is worth as much as an actual receipt to your insurance company? 

Learn more about Toursdforce Home/Business inventory tours:

It’s Time You Get Started!
An up-to-date home inventory of your property will give you security and peace of mind knowing that you have in hand the information you need to protect yourself.

Contact Toursdforce and they’ll be happy to provide you with additional information or set-up a convenient time for your Business or Home Inventory Tour for you.

Hal Holubik
Tours D’ Force
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Traverse City Insurance Documentation Service

BlueLaVaMedia proudly announces the Insurance Documentation Virtual Tour Service! Did you know that when making an insurance claim a photo is worth as much as an actual receipt to your insurance company? Over the last ten years at RTV I have been hearing our virtual tour providers around the world show growing interest with the concept of the “home inventory tour”. To date only a select few RTV providers have actually put a program like this together. Now we are very pleased to announce that after many meetings with Traverse City insurance companies BlueLaVaMedia has officially launched our Insurance Virtual Tours. You can read more about this exciting new addition to our tour offering by visiting our home inventory virtual tour page found here:

“As we get closer and closer to the winter here in Northern Michigan it will be more important than ever to diversify as much as possible. Summer was great and filled with a good amount of real estate tours and commercial / business virtual tours. With this new addition to our product offering I plan on staying busy all Winter long especially with the incredible feedback that I have been getting from the insurance companies and adjusters. Basically as long as Jason keep coming up with these new income streams for our product I don’t see things slowing down that much!” said Jim Blue, manager and virtual tour coordinator of BlueLaVaMedia.

Each Home Inventory Tours Includes:
Up to 30 Rooms featured of your choice
Both 360 panoramic and still images
One full year of secure tour hosting
2 Virtual tour CD’s for off site storage
Insurance company contact information

BlueLaVaMedia is nearing our 200th virtual tour produced since our launch in May of 2008 and it is our goal to hit just over 300 before our one year anniversary. We plan on launching one more virtual tour type here in the near future so be sure to check back with us often!

PS. Did you happen to check out our virtual tour testimonials?
PSS. Are you using virtual tour stickers?

Traverse City Insurance Documentation Service
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Special Thanks to Rob Lenthe from Robo Tours for keeping this concept alive over the years

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The Power of Blogging

Last month I wrote an entry for the RTV Blog on the subject of Home and Business Inventory virtual tours using our virtual tour software. It was put out there to get a response from other providers in order to see if any of them were currently producing 360 virtual tours for this market sector. There were a few responses on the forum but the biggest surprise came from two people that weren’t providers (one is now). Both had found the blog through RSS Feeds keying in on home inventory services which they have been involved with for some time. We have traded info on how their format works compared to ours and are trying to come up with a system that will be efficient and worth the effort money wise.

I’ve also been in contact with RTV about this lucrative market and will continue to post info as we learn more. If there are any RTV providers that are currently serving this sector, your input is greatly appreciated. Step forward with any criteria or materials that may help us all.

Just another reason to post on this blog. Not only will it give your business better rankings in the search engines, but it can also lead you to entirely different markets that we have yet to tap into. One little suggestion from one person may give an ‘ah-ha’ to another that could break this wide open!


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