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Ask Jack – Panorama Jack

Dear Jack,

I really love the hit reports from RTV because they go out to my virtual tour customers once a week and keep my clients thinking about me. I’m wondering if you have any other suggestions that work in a similar fashion.

Not a sales guy –


Dear Lance,

You bet I have some ideas for you. In fact this is a question that comes up quite often. “How do you stay in front of your clients without coming across like you’re always selling them stuff?” This is a question that has driven even the brainiest of men to drink over the years. Have you thought of writing a series of follow up emails? I know the team over there at BlueLavaMedia have a pretty nice “Tour Follow Up” program in place.

They send a follow up email when a customer’s virtual tour has been published. It is easy to arrange these emails so you are progressively training your customers on your products and services as they make repeat orders with you. For example, your very first email might look something like this:

Dear Customer,
I just wanted thank you for your continued support in our product line. I also wanted to make sure that your needs were met and your expectations surpassed. Please let me know if you were happy with the services that you received when you get a moment of free time. We just love testimonials!

Once again, I would like to thank you for your business and let you know that you can contact me anytime with questions that you might have.

Best regards,

Your Name

PS. Did you know that you can run an INSTANT on demand hit report by clicking on the little “Eye” at the bottom of your tours?

Most of the time your customers will reply back with glee over the novelty of the “on demand” hit report button they did not know about. As your customers continue placing orders with you, simply repeat this process of making sure they are happy with your services followed up with something new that you have just rolled out. By keeping your emails short and to the point, yet personable, you will find that a tour follow up is just another GREAT way to further establish better relationships with your customer base.

If you’re an inner circle member with RTV you can now login and download your first FOUR tour follow up emails that have been prewritten for you. Enjoy!!!

Click Here to Download Follow Up Emails

Hit Stats are a Selling Point for Virtual Tours

One of the main selling points of virtual tours are how much more they are viewed compared to listings without virtual tours. Real estate listings with a virtual tour receive 38% more views then listings without (

This is a selling point which real estate agents simply cannot ignore. Virtual tours are a key ingredient to the successful marketing of a home or commercial property. Giving a prospective buyer the ability to sit at their computer and feel like they are in the living room or kitchen is priceless. Also the monthly hit stats are proof in the pudding of how many more views agents are getting on their virtual home tours. These two selling points should be integrated into every marketing plan of selling virtual tours.

Here is a recent testimonial I received.


I cannot thank you enough! My single family property listing sold mainly because I had your virtual tour of the property. I represented the seller, the buyer was from Australia. The realtor emailed my listing with the virtual tour and sure enough it was a match! Another very nice feature is that I get a weekly breakdown on the number of people looking at the property on line.
Thank you again.” – Susan Kiley, Associate Broker/Roohan Realty

In this case the buyer would have never found this property if it wasn’t for the good timing of the virtual tour. Susan also mentioned she liked the weekly stats breakdown, which is very powerful. This testimonial went right up on my website, which is great marketing tool for me. When I point new clients to my website they are able to read about the agent’s experience with my virtual tour service.

Garret Ryan
Capital 360° Tours
Albany Virtual Tour Company
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Virtual Tour Hit Stats Loved by Agents

A big WOW for the Virtual Tour Hit Stats. I am getting so much positive feedback on this wonderful feature that RTV offers.

If you don’t know what this is all about let me tell you. The weekly report is sent to the listing agent once a week with the weekly activity from the internet hits. Anytime anyone views the virtual home tour the stats are collected and then totaled for the end of the week. On Sunday the reports are sent to the real estate agent with a breakdown of where the prospect spent their time. The category breakdowns are set up by the rooms within the tour. The agents love this info and pass it along to their clients that shows how much internet activity is being generated.

When my customers are happy, I am one happy person! Plus, it is a wonderful benefit that you have to use when marketing your virtual tours to new clients. You got to love that.

Beth Brown
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Maggie Valley Virtual Tour Company
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