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HDR Photography – It is worth it?

360 Virtual Tours HDR or No HDR? Mirage Virtual Tours, a Palm Springs virtual tour company is an RTV virtual tour provider specializing in 360 virtual tours for Southern California, Palm Springs and beyond. We are pleased to be officially taking pre bookings for July 2012. Call Toll Free: 1-877-678-4795 Contact us to discuss your 360 virtual tour needs.

In todays competitive business and real estate markets one thing is certain that does shooting in HDR make a difference, or is it too artsy and cartoony? Normally one would think HDR would be instant on request but most come far short when asked about HDR or why they need it and if they need it at all. Recently this was a very topic, that HDR was not necessary to create great shots, in fact the suggestions where that normal photos could sell the item whether it be business related or real estate better with normal shots and balanced and correct camera settings. Well, we disagree and here are the professional reasons why.

First HDR images that are shot with a professional camera and processed by a professionally trained virtual tour photographer will have instant characteristics that are instantly noticeable over shots taken with regular digital or film cameras. Here are just a few, first the overall look is far better. Usually there will be a lot more detail to colors and focus, next you should see more saturation and tonal gradients. Lastly light, light, light. Whys is light so important or not? With HDR it does not have to rely on light per say like that used in flash etc instead it relies on interior lights at any given location. Once all the elements are combined, the shots are taken and processed, you lastly should always see a perfect balance of light from the outside and the interior of the location, again something you will not get with a conventional camera, if so it’s “a loooooot” of work!

Here at Mirage Virtual Tours we use the latest and best virtual tour technology when it comes to shooting anything virtual tour related. Our HDR Cameras and lenses are the best. Our virtual tour software for processing your professional HDR images and creating either an HDR Gallery, HDR V-Slide tour or HDR 360 virtual tour stand out amongst the best in the 360 virtual tour industry.

A curious thing was the newness even to our organization regarding the HDR technology. In fact I can recall friends of mine that are very success driven realtors that have been shooting their own shots now for years..until now. Once they saw the HDR images we create, they started rethinking who their customers were, what they where doing and why they where doing it!

Now they are sold on HDR and we know you will too once you see the difference. We invite you to explore the samples of HDR images on our site here: and see for yourself the true and amazing quality and detail that HDR delivers to the final projects. You can see our HDR photo packages here: or simply check out our latest HDR 360 Virtual Tours here.

Also please take a look at our newest and most advanced tour recently shot with the latest HDR cameras and edited and posted with pro HDR. In considering HDR or Not to HDR a project we believe that HDR is truly the only way to go but ultimately it has to be your decision, we hope to hear from you very soon and to be part of your next great HDR project whether it’s a gallery shoot, v-slide or full 360 virtual tour you know that we will look after you in full HDR style.

360 Virtual Tours, V-Slides, HDR Photography for Southern California, Palm Springs and beyond.

Greg Osborne
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RTV ShutterBot Turns Heads


Our amazing ShutterBot works with ANY digital SLR camera and is an add-on to your RTV Tour Builder Kit.  Watch the ShutterBot Video Now:

Current full service RTV providers offering this technology are reaching an entirely new “HIGH END” customer base.  Give us a call today to see if your area is still open and feel free to review our packages and pricing on our virtual tour builder kit page:
This exciting technology is exclusive to RTV FULL SERVICE virtual tour providers
Thanks for your continued support!
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Team RTV
PS: All RTV virtual tours are streamed in HD, go to, provide an automatic weekly hit report, and run on all mobile platforms
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The Blender or the Juicer

Say goodbye to white and washed-out windows… and rooms too dark!  Get perfect real estate photos each and every time in a fast and easy way with the help of your local Lenawee County virtual tour provider, Tours d’ force.  Tours D’ Force has taken exposure compensation a step further by varying the exposure into our all NEW D-Photos. 

Let your photos portray the world as you see it… Don’t let your camera work on the assumption that everything is equivalent to a special hue of grey.  Ever tried taking a shot with tricky lighting, or one that has a lot of light variations between the dark and the bright areas  and you’re not sue which exposure to use?

Have you ever tried photographing a virtual tour scene with high contrast scene, and you know that even the best exposure will typically have blown out highlights and flat shadows. The solution is Tours D’ Force D-Photo processing:

Benefits of professional photographers for your virtual tours:
›    Saving on lighting equipment
     No need to acquire expensive lighting equipment -and carry it- when you shoot high contrast scenes. Just enable Tours D’ Force and their new D-Photo feature, and let them merge your photos into an image with extended dynamic range.
›    Great pictures on cloudy days
     Shadowless hazy sunlight or an overcast sky usually results in dull-looking photographs. The D-Photo feature of Tours D’ Force can turn them into great-looking images. Check out this amazing photography.

›    Saving time and money in post-processing
     Tours D’ Force automatic blending, unlimited stacking, easy comparison of results and batch processing will save you hours of editing time while creating results that make you look like a pro.

=    Well exposed images

Photos taken from the inside of a home or a business are almost always a high contrast scene — you can’t limit your view to areas with the same brightness when shooting. By taking views under several exposures and processing them Tours D’ Force can create an image that will show details in both the dark and bright areas of the scene.

Don’t waste your time trying to juice-up your photos in some photo editing program.  Let Tours D’ Force blend your image to perfection.

Emphasize the quality of your properties by improving your photos. 
Quality real estate photos are an essential marketing tool.
Say goodbye to white windows and rooms too dark.

Catch the Perfect Picture With Tours D’ Force!

Team Toursdforce
Hal Holubik
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The IMAGE 26 – The Secret Weapon II

Many of you have already ordered your Secret Weapon from RTV and you are ready to get started using it but you would like some help and direction. Here is your chance to get some training on how to use your new Secret Weapon. I will show you how to use both the Secret Weapon while in the field and the system back office so you can proceed with confidence.

If you missed the RTV conference here in TC and the previous Secret Weapon webinar then you are missing out on the chance to automate the process of taking photos and creating amazing photography. You could be saving hours of editing time while creating results that make you look like a PRO.

Discover the secret to great photography with an automated process that will eliminate all the time spent editing photos, which helps you be more efficient, while at the same time, giving you incredible results.

•    Learn how to get the see through window shots.
•    Learn how to get the proper exposure for each room, regardless of the lighting in the room.
•    Learn how to complete a Tour Track job with confidence.
•    Learn how to save time.
•    Learn about the secret that so many providers have already discovered.

Join us May 31, 2011 at 7pm Eastern for The Secret Weapon II and we show you how to use the secret weapon and the value of what it will do for you.

See you on the IMAGE!


Ben Knorr
Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training

Instant HDR – The RTV Secret Weapon

The IMAGEHDR – The Secret Weapon – April 26, 2011 at 7PM Eastern   

The official photography webinar of RTV

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If you are not planning on coming to the RTV national conference on April 15 you’re going to seriously miss out on the launch of our Instant HDR tool that has Jim Blue doing jumping jacks.  Everyone at the convention will see an in person first hand presentation of the BEST WIDGET IN 2011.  This is a time saver like no other. This little guy will completely, YES COMPLETELY eliminate ALL POST PROCESSING TIME.  We were the first to say it and after four weeks of intense testing we’re standing by such bold statements.

See a live presentation of this HDR Tool and discover the secret to great photography. Find out why everyone at the RTV convention will be leaving with smiles on their faces and a renewed vigor to take more photos.  Watch this episode of the image to know about the best HDR TOOL that will make it possible for you to always:

•    Get 100% perfect image shots with the press of a single button
•    Get the proper exposure for each room, regardless of the lighting in the room with the press of a single button
•    Complete a tour track job with confidence and not have to worry about reshoots ever again
•    Save HUNDREDS of hours in processing time annually

Join us as we reveal the secret HDR TOOL.  You will have to come to the webinar to find out more!!!

Join us April 26, 2011 at 7pm Eastern for…HDR – The Secret Weapon.

PS.  Anyone that implements our secret weapon is getting the new HD HDR Badge for their website:

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