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The Benefits of an HD Slideshow

The benefits of an HD slideshow are limitless. This week we are doing a virtual tour of a dental office. The slideshow will be used to introduce the staff. Car providerships could also benefit by showcasing vehicles on a slideshow. A chamber of commerce might want to showcase businesses in town through still photographs. A furniture store could use this as an internet “flyer” for special sales events. Product lines could be shown for any manufacturing company. The list of applications for this new slidehshow are limitless. What new income streams will you open up using the new Standalone HD Slideshow Module?

NE Mississippi Virtual Tours appreciates the continued support from RTV.

Hugh Jordan
See it Sell Studios
Corinth Virtual Tours
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BlueLaVaMedia Announces High Definition Slideshow Service

Traverse City, MI August 4, 2010 — BlueLaVaMedia, a provider of Traverse City virtual tours and property marketing services is proud to announce the addition of High Definition Slideshows to its line-up of online property marketing tools. The addition of HD Slideshows to BlueLaVaMedia’s current services will allow their current and future clients to have the competitive edge in marketing their property listings and businesses utilizing these advanced marketing tools in the Traverse City and Northern Michigan area.

Jason LaVanture, Owner of BlueLaVaMedia stated: “We are excited to be able to offer this new service to our clients. Our HD Slideshow is certainly first in class. It is built using the very latest flash based engine; it loads at impressively timely speeds, and displays full screen HD images with grace and elegance. With the ever growing demand for professional photography the need to have those photos displayed in a uniquely impressive format has never been greater.”

Sample a new BlueLaVaMedia HD Slideshow:

Since late 2007, BlueLaVaMedia has continually led the way in the Northern Michigan area with marketing implementations such as interactive HD virtual tours, virtual staging, panoramic listing sign riders, single property websites, listing syndication, mobile TXT marketing, virtual tour traffic reporting, interactive floor plans, elevated photography, and social networking training. For more information call 231-946-1360 email info AT or visit their website at . Those interested in sampling this new technology or business opportunities with BlueLaVaMedia are encouraged to visit their website for more information.

About BlueLaVaMedia
BlueLaVaMedia, a division of LaVaWorks, LLC is a locally owned TC virtual tour company with team members Jason LaVanture and Jim Blue. Jason LaVanture is the founder and Vice President of, makers of virtual tour software. Jim Blue has nearly 35 years of professional photography experience. He has designed and taught independent photo classes in both silver-halide and digital imaging for over 20 years.

Contact:, a division of LaVaWorks, LLC
Jason LaVanture
Owner / Organizer
Jason AT

New RTV HD Slideshow ROCKS!, producer of Wisconsin Virtual Tours, is pleased to announce the launch of our new High Definition Slideshow. This thing is truly an unbelievable new product that you must see to believe.
360 Image Media, and our partners at Real Tour Vision, have really knocked this one out of the park.

You can get this as a upgrade to your already beautiful HD Virtual tour for only a small charge, or you can get this as a standalone slideshow for your listing. Real Tour Vision has pulled all the stops to make this the absolute best slideshow product on the market today. Not only do you get unbelievable high quality images and fullscreen viewer, you will get blazing fast load times. It can be customized to match your color scheme as well as integrated fully into your existing 360 Image Media Virtual Tour. Plus it has google maps integrated, and you can now embed You Tube video onto the slideshow as well.

Wisconsin Virtual Tours and Real Tour Vision continue to dominate the virtual tour and property marketing industry. So don’t get left behind when it comes to your property marketing needs, get on board and get a HD Slideshow today. You can also check out a few samples for yourself here.

Happy HD Sliding!

Robin Duran
Team 360 Image Media
Wisconsin Virtual Tours

One Virtual Tour in One Hour!

I own Challenging Designs Inc., a Hot Springs Village Virtual Tour Company in Arkansas.  I live in a resort/retirement/gated community, so a lot of the agents are dealing mainly with retirement age sellers.  As one agent told me, “selling technology to the “older generation” (he’s 68) is a tough sale.”

I attended last week’s webinar with Ben and although I’ve built HD virtual tours and love them, I did see them as time consuming.  THANK YOU BEN!  I have downloaded Faststone – resizing software, and it has made my life SO much easier.  I just put together a standard tour and as Mike suggested before, “This is FREE HD Virtual Tour Month”, but I didn’t look forward to the time to optimize.

I use Photoshop and batch them, but it is still “timely”.  Well after downloading and setting up Faststone, I was hooked.  After cleaning up the ones that needed it, I optimized them two ways – one for the MLS and one for HD (separate folders of course).  All said and done it took me 1 hour to clean up, optimize, build and load the virtual tour, then add HD.  You guys make building virtual tours so fast and so much fun!!  It was fantastic!  Thank you again. Also looking forward to your new virtual tour software that’s all online coming out next month!

P.S. I’m getting the new Adobe Creative Suites (Photoshop 5) in the first delivery, so I’ll let you know if it is the improvement/time saver they claim. 

Thank you again Ben, Jason and RTV!

Donna Bigg
Photographer/Graphic Designer
Challenging Designs Inc.
Hot Springs Village Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 501.922.8009

**Newest Product:  Interactive Floor Plans now available for addition to Virtual Tours and Listing Information.

Welcome to the Family

Before becoming a virtual tour provider with RTV, Tulsa Eagle Eye Virtual Tours, I was a graphic designer as well as a video editor for my own company, I.C. Graphics and Design/Production, providing graphics and video solutions to my customers and clients and I also had a job with a large major company back in 2006 that let me go in September of 2009.  The employment scene was looking pretty dismal when one day after talking to a very good friend and client about making a virtual tour for him for one of his real estate properties the search began for a software company that could help me produce a virtual tour.

In my quest to find the right virtual tour software to produce a virtual tour I found RTV ( on the internet, a Michigan based virtual tour company.  I did not research just one or two, I researched all the companies that had virtual tour software that produced virtual tours but I found that nothing compared to the virtual tour software and services that RTV provides.  What drew me to RTV was the people and the willingness to address all my questions providing me with materials to read, testimonies to listen to, and they gave me permission to contact some of their RTV providers in different areas of the country.  I first spoke to Michael Thompson ( a Detroit Virtual Tour Company going on 9 yrs.  Michael gave me a true blue approach to all my questions and conveyed to me as a provider for RTV that he really enjoyed being a RTV provider, which was really important to me, since there was a time in my life when I hated what type of work I did and swore that I would never again be doing something that I did not love to do.  Mike also said “What other company can you invest a small about of money in that will net you a substantial yearly income of over $50 to $100K a year?”

I also spoke to Nancy Bain ( a producer of Nova Scotia Virtual Tours in Canada. Nancy is a wonderful, informative young lady with a zeal for RTV and RTV services.  Both being in the graphic design business we connected on a real level of understanding.  She said something to me about RTV that really sealed it for me regarding my decision to become a RTV provider.  She said, I quote, “RTV has your back”, after asking what she meant by that she responded, “If another person decides to join as a RTV provider in your market area RTV will check with you first to see if their location will affect your bottom line and in turn they will not be able to become a RTV provider. Instead RTV will recommend you and your services to them for their virtual tour needs.

I have discovered that RTV is truly interested in our success as an RTV provider and committed to each one of us to become that success, providing us with wonderful virtual tour Webinars, Marketing Materials, Tools and Resources at our finger tips besides all that, we have some wonderful services to offer our customers such as Virtual Home Staging, 2d and 3d Floor Plans, High Definition Virtual Tours, Inventory Virtual Tours and many Other Services offered. How can anyone not become successful with an RTV virtual tour business.

I want to thank Mike and Nancy the RTV providers, and Jason LaVanture for making my decision to join RTV as a provider a non-pressured yet informative, easy decision to make. I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful company along with all the wonderful providers across the country.  A big influence in making my life changing decision to becoming a provider was the testimonials from the other RTV providers, they are great!  I just love being a RTV provider!

Vicki Tuttle/owner
Tulsa Eagle Eye Virtual Tours
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