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BlueLaVaMedia is Your Pathway to Success

Everyone we’ve worked with here in Northern Michigan agrees that BlueLaVaMedia saves home sellers and home buyers time. Our advanced interactive virtual media presentations add convenience, security and peace of mind to both sides of the transaction when it comes to buying or selling a home. Jim and I want you to stand out! Stop on by our Traverse City virtual tour company website today and see the benefits of integrating the most powerful real estate marketing system into your listing and sales process.

Learn creative ways of using the QR-codes and demo our powerful “Gyro-Enabled HTML 5 HD Virtual Tours. No longer is it acceptable to simply put a sign in the front yard, purchase a 3-line classified newspaper ad, send out “Just Listed” postcards or hold an open house.  97% of consumers surveyed prefer their home to be as a virtual tour with multiple photos first.  Stop on by our website today and see new ways to enhance your overall visibility that can help move listings faster and attract more qualified clients.

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Lots of Corinth Virtual Tours

“Corinth, Mississippi, pop. 14,289. See our Corinth City Virtual Tour

This year the area commemorates 150 years since several Civil War battles were fought in the area. In April, Shiloh, TN., saw it’s 150th year reenactment festivities. This October, it will be 150 years since the Union Maj. Gen. William S. Rosecrans defeated a Confederate army, this time one under Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn.

The town has wonderful centers for one to explore the history of these famous battles. There is the “Interpretive Center”, a museum that is a must see in learning about the war’s conflict, before driving a short distance to Shiloh’s battle field. There is the Railroad Museum, providing additional local history.

See our Railroad Museum Virtual Tour

However, while in Corinth one must visit these establishments:

Pizza Grocery Virtual Tour Located in a old historic building, it is the best pizza in town! Other specialties are available. Enjoy fine dining in the evenings.

Coffee, sandwiches, smoothies, soup….and more go to KC’s Espresso Virtual Tour.

Come to Corinth. Incredible place to visit and eat.

Work to promote your community  using your HD Virtual Tours. Provide virtual tours at an affordable price to draw tourists and visitors to your home. Good-will goes a very long way in networking for future contacts.”


NE Mississippi Virtual Tours

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Making Lemonade – The Turn Around

Hello RTV. We all know that every once in awhile we’re going to run into a realtor that gives us a hard time based on the price of our virtual tours.  These same people are probably selling million dollar homes and driving around in a 60K vehicle, but drive you nuts about a one to two hundred dollar marketing tool. What’s up with that?  Well remember folks, people buy based on EMOTION.  Let’s talk about a technique that Jim Blue uses to turn the tables on them.

One thing that Jim likes to do at a realtors office is ask these same people what other forms of advertising they’re doing.  Most of them will always point to print forms of advertising.  When they do Jim has an open door to show them how much money they are throwing away on these other forms of advertisement.  It’s simple math at this point.  Jim points out that classified ads cost A LOT on a per-day breakdown (like usually $100 for 3 days of local advertising), then he breaks it down to cost per day vs. cost per day for 365 days of internet worldwide exposure.  When he’s done with that part he pulls up a hit report for one of our elegant looking HD 360 virtual tours and shows the traffic report. When this is up on the screen Jim asks them how many showings the ad brought in and also points out how nice it is to send this hit report to the seller each week.  At this point the realtor begins thinking and scratching their head a bit.

Jim then goes back to the HD virtual tour and points out that 360 virtual tours can also work as excellent lead generators for realtors. “Wow honey look at what Joe Realtor did for the Smith’s house down the road! Look at how amazing these photos are! Maybe we should call up Joe” When is the last time you ever heard of someone looking at a classified ad and saying, “Wow! Now that’s an awesome marketing tool!”  Jim tells them that for the cost of one three day classified ad he can market their property on hundreds of websites until the listing has sold. With the help of our Exposure Engine of course!

Most of the time the turn-around comes when Jim asks them if their using any real estate books.  Many of them state that they are and admit to paying around $200-$500 per full color page ad.  Here is where you point out again that the virtual tour never expires, while the book will have a shelf-life of a month or so depending on publication and area.  NAR pointed out last year that nearly everyone is starting their search online so why on earth would you put the majority of your marketing efforts per home offline? You’ll find that if you show these realtors how they can use their marketing dollars MORE WISELY to appeal to more buyers in all phases of the active ‘shopping process’ you will turn these price gripers into good lifetime customers. After all…they just want to save precious marketing dollars!

Jim Blue & Jason LaVanture
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Traverse City Virtual Tour Company

Virtual Tour Company Now Offering Dark Room Imaging

I remember when I got my first big screen high definition television.  It was delivered right before the Master’s golf tournament and I finally understood the hype about that particular golf course.  I watched the Master’s every year with a golfer who had played Augusta National many times and had told me about how difficult the course was.  Watching the tournament on a normal TV, I couldn’t understand what the big deal was compared to other courses but when I watched it in high definition, I could suddenly see all the undulations and variations in the greens and even though I don’t golf, I got it! 

A similar change has recently come about with our virtual tour business.  We started offering professional hotel photography services!!  We recently began shooting our images using our new Dark Room technique and the difference is unbelievable.  My husband Ben is a great photographer and has always captured beautiful images to create our 360 degree virtual tours but regular photography has certain limitations.  Our 360 panoramas are created using 12 individual scenes blended together to form one picture.  A full 360 degree spin might include a wall of windows on one side  of a room and a long hallway on the other.  Even a great photographer is limited in creating an image that is exposed correctly for these two extremes.  The result is that the windows were somewhat blown out and the hallway was somewhat dark.  The stitching software would then try to compensate for these extremes and the panoramic image lost some of its crispness and clarity.

Enter our new Dark Room photography package! With our Dark Room photography, each individual scene is photographed 9 times from the very same spot – using many exposures ranging from the very darkest to the very brightest.  These images are then blended together so that the best of each setting is highlighted to create one picture.  Now instead of 12 images making up a 360 degree panorama, we take 108 individual shots!  Greg then uses several software programs to create a single panoramic image that is exposed for both the light and dark areas of the expanse.  The results are simply amazing!

My favorite shot in this virtual tour is the panoramic view of the mountains and the lake off the back deck.  That one 360 spin really shows off our new Dark Room process.  You can clearly see the logs inside the outdoor fireplace AND the rain storm falling on a far mountain AND the detail of the bedspread through the bedroom window!  The picture of the front of the house looks almost like a painting! 

Corpus Christi Virtual Tours Announces New HD9

Island Digital Images, LLC is proud to announce the next generation of virtual tours, our new Platinum HD9. Our Platinum HD9 photography features crystal clear high definition photos that will provide you with virtual tour and marketing photos of the highest quality.

For over five years our virtual tours have been known as the best, for many reasons, including our ability to balance the light level that allows us to have spins that feature clear out the window photography combined with vibrant well lit indoor photography. With our new Platinum HD9 photography you will see detail as never before. You will see clear out the window views with unbelievable interior detail all in the same photo.  This opens up a realm of possibilities for our clients including; choice of viewer style for our virtual tours, and outstanding marketing photos that will immediately garner attention as people search through the Internet. You will want to use these photos for all your advertising needs including MLS listings, flyers and other print advertising; we know that we have created a winner with this new package that will benefit all of our clients.

We also know that we needed to keep this new Platinum HD9 technology reachable and affordable. The new Platinum HD9 photography is now available at a low introductory price. Give us a call or see our web site today for current pricing.

Platinum HD9 Virtual Tour Examples

Standard Virtual Tour Viewer:

New High Tech Viewer:

HD Photo Tour:

Sample Photos That You Can Download:

Included as a no charge option with the Platinum HD9 package is the creation of a QR code for your virtual tour or Tour Gallery. We invite you to explore for pricing and viewing all our virtual tours.

Give us a call today to schedule your next virtual tour or Platinum HD9 virtual tour.

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