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Our New HD V-Slide Is A Big Hit in West Michigan!

Wow,  what a great year it has been for upgrading virtual tour software features and releasing new V-Tour technology! Teaming up with RTV was the best business decision I could have made for my Grand Rapids virtual tour company. RTV is always on the cutting edge of new technology and always quick to roll out upgrades or new products to its providers, thereby helping us to quickly be able to offer these products and services to our clients.

We at Frees Frame have been providing quality professional property photography and virtual tours in the Grand Rapids market for 3 years now and business has been good, but why settle for good when you can have GREAT!

GREAT is what has happened thanks to RTV and the new HD slide show module! In mid-September, Frees Frame announced the release of the Frees Frame HD V-Slide and it’s been a huge hit with the Realtors here in West Michigan.

We have had many new clients call us to get their properties showcased in this new full-screen HD Slide Show! Many of them even mentioned the fact that they previously used other virtual tour providers UNTIL they saw the quality of our photography full-screen in the HD V-Slide.

One of the properties we shot for a new client turned out so awesome that the property was chosen to be featured in the Coldwell Banker E-Magazine. Another new client decided to give Frees Frame a try and was extremely pleased when the property sold very fast because our photography showcased in the slide show captured the essence of the home and the hearts of the buyers. This client quickly ordered additional marketing packages for other listings.

So A Big THANKS goes out to the Team at RTV for helping to keep my business, cutting edge in technology and the preferred property photography and marketing team in West Michigan!

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High Definition V-Slide Hit Reports Now Live

And so is our feed for the slideshow just in case you missed that update two weeks ago.

Check out a live running hit report here:

Which belongs to this HD Slideshow:

Our new Hit Reporting system went live yesterday morning for the Standalone Slideshow Module.  To access hit reports on any of your slideshows simply login to your

Click on the Standalone Slideshows button

Select one of your slideshows and click on reports.  You can view your report on this page and email your customer the link too.  The auto email portion should be wrapped up this week allowing you to have our system automatically email your report off to your customer for you on a weekly basis.

If you have a slideshow that was not created via our standalone slideshow module you can feel free to use the main hit report link: and replace the slideshow number with the number on your HD slideshow.  This feature however is not yet currently supported by RTV.

For those of you eager to push your standalone HD slideshows to simply follow the steps above to access your standalone slideshows and use the deliverables page to send to

If you have not yet purchased the new HD Slideshow Module you can still create HD slideshows for all of your virtual tours when you consume a virtual tour credit. You can manually check hit reports using the method above.  You will however not be able to push to your slideshow links to unless your using the standalone slideshow module. 

Purchasing the HD Slideshow module from RTV grants you the ability to create unlimited HD slideshows with unlimited scenes, push any of your standalone slideshows to and take advantage of automated weekly hit reports.  The cost for our standalone slideshow module is currently selling at $249/year and will most likely be increasing before the year is out. Those who purchase at this rate will be locked in at this price annually. Our introductory rate of $249 is on a per user basis.  Real estate brokerages and teams please call for volume pricing.

Enjoy the new technology and get ready for our new ONLINE TOUR BUILDER 4.0 Virtual Tour Software

See you on our next show!

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PS. Got friends using competing technology? Did you know that when you convert someone to RTV we pay 20% sales commissions on those customers for life?