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New From RPM Marketing – Virtual Tour E-Mail Hot Sheet

Virtual Tour HotsheetThe all new real estate Hot Sheet is finally here! For those of you that have been getting the most out of your Real Tour Vision system by using our RSS feeds, you probably already know that you can easily auto tweet, pin, facebook, blog, post, and email out your tours automatically as you create them. Automation is achieved by using our RSS feeds to your tours in conjunction with services like (for posting and blogging) and (for email blasts).

For a full one hour explanation on how this works, watch “The FORMULA 64 – Fusion Exposure Engine II” back in The show will take you through each step in detail so you can create your very own Hot Sheet and Exposure Engine which can be easily monetized. In 2016 BlueLaVaMedia photographed nearly 800 homes. Of those, 80% ordered the Exposure Engine at $35.

What is a Hot Sheet?

A Hot Sheet is a list of your most recent real estate virtual tour productions that gets sent out to your customer base on a regular basis as you complete new tours. You simply continue to create new virtual tours and when X number of virtual tours have been created your Hot Sheet will be automatically compiled and an email will be sent to everyone on your Hot Sheet email list. 

How does the Hot Sheet work?

Our Hot Sheet is a snippet of HTML code that we give you to paste into a service like Constant Contact, MailChimp, Aweber or any other online email marketing service. MailChimp calls it RSS-to-Email and Aweber calls it a Blog Broadcast. Here are training videos on how to setup the Hot Sheet on each service – MailChimp – Aweber – As you create new virtual tour productions they will get compiled into a nice legible format and laid out into an email template. Once you have created a specific number of tours (actual value is set by you), the final email will be sent out automatically to your email list. Take a look at some recent hot sheets that were pushed out by our Traverse City Real Estate Photography team – BlueLaVaMedia –

Why the Hot Sheet?

Staying in touch with your customers on a regular basis is VITAL in any business. Being that you’re photographing newly listed homes hitting the market and sending this highly relevant content to local real estate agents makes the Hot Sheet a MUST HAVE for your photography and virtual tour business. The Hot Sheet is a PERFECT marketing tool just begging to be put in front of as many local real estate agents as possible.

As people click on and watch the virtual tours from your Hot Sheet email, the weekly virtual tour traffic reports will show this referral traffic by putting “Hot Sheet” right onto the report. Your customers will know you’re working hard to get them the most exposure and the best part is that it will all be done for you automatically!

Here’s a short video for you to watch for further information and we hope to see many of you setting up your Hot Sheets today!



Team RTV

Got Virtual Tour Software?

When it comes to showing your real estate property to as many people as possible, the Internet is definitely the best way to go. Placing your property online allows you to present your home, business, or other property to multiple interested clients. Virtual tour software such as RTV’s new Fusion system gives you the power to create a realistic virtual walk-through of any type of property. A virtual tour can be a huge selling point when shown to interested clients who are in the market to make a purchase, rent a room , or simply visit a vacation rental.

By creating a virtual tour, you are allowing individuals to become familiar with your property before physically seeing it. This can be extremely helpful for those who are currently unsure about buying and may not want to travel a far distance. Using the newest and most advanced virtual tour software, property owners are able to upload high definition (HD) photos, videos, interactive panoramic photos, music, and much more. The options to customize a virtual tour are set so that each tour is unique for its owner and shows off each individual selling point. This gives a buyer the perfect visual experience so that they can make a personal connection and have that same feeling as if they were to walk into the home or property.

The visual aspect of RTV’s Fusion is not the only great benefit. The ability to share your property tour throughout the web by uploading to popular travel sites, classified listings, and other property websites is very powerful and effective. Placing your listings on the  top travel websites allows more traffic and potential sales to each listing. 360 virtual tours are an effective marketing tool that will take your listing from outdated and boring  to “SOLD”! 

Taking advantage of the latest technology and popular real estate marketing methods is by far one of the best ways to stay ahead of your competition. By reaching out to a larger and national audience, you can be sure that your listing will not stay on the market for long. If you are trying to sell a home or just rent out hotel rooms, using a powerful virtual tour software is the way to go!


Brian Boyer

RTV Inc.
Support Team
Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training

Fusion Virtual Tour Software Updates & More on the Way!!

We’ve been extremely busy here at RTV virtual tour company getting ready for our next battery of major system updates, enhancements and new feature releases.  Expect to see just over fifty new product releases for the Fusion virtual tour system over the next ninety days. These will be additional features being added to what’s already the most advanced virtual tour system on the market. For those of you who missed our webinar last night you can now preview the entire show at 

For those of you that are not yet setup in our Fusion Tour Track system yet, I highly encourage you do to so as soon as possible. RTV just picked up another National Account last week and we’ll be shooting parking lots across the USA.  The payouts on these jobs are range from $400 to $600 to our photographers!  Just get on our Radar or call in and find out if we already have coverage in your area.  If you’re not setup in Fusion we’re not sending you leads or Tour Track dispatches:

Over the next couple days we’ll be increasing the default Fusion image resolution. Please start making sure that you’re uploading your images at a minimum of 2000 pixels high. You’ll also have the ability to upload images at your own size and compression specifications here shortly using our new MySize feature. MySize will be released in October and will allow you to fully control your still and panorama size and bypass RTV’s Smart Sizer. Here are some sample Fusion productions:

Some other features that were recently added include:
•    You now have the ability to turn on or off the second loader screen (Home Screen)
•    RTV has TWO very attractive Craigs Ads, one of which is a simple version and the other is graphic intensive
•    A new version of our traffic report has been released that now shows even more data. Check it out
•    Scene lengths are now automatically adjusted if your voiceover or AudioPal narration runs over your transition time
•    Traffic reports now show how many people scanned your QR code
•    Now easily turn scene titles on or off using a single switch
•    Your company ad will now appear on all of your craigslist ads creating a link back to your company
•    Agent profiles support multiple email addresses to auto populate for weekly reports
•    Now renew your syndication with a single mouse click for multiple tours
•    Selective Rip to Video feature that allows you to leave some tour scenes out of your YouTube video

If you’re not setup yet on Fusion please don’t delay!

We’ll see you on our next Talk Show.

Yours Sincerely,


PS. We’re also near completion with our private labeled links.
2754 Lake Leelanau Dr  virtual tour is here:

RTV launches new RealTour Fusion platform to first 100 providers.

Wednesday we launched our new RealTour Fusion system to about 100 of our virtual tour providers.  Our virtual tour portal is quickly filling up with new virtual tours as they come off the assembly lines.  We can’t begin to tell you how happy we are to get the new virtual tour software system out to you, and we thank you all so much for your patience. 

We’re quickly making changes and enhancements to the system and working very hard to tie in the last few pieces that will make Fusion complete. Moving forward and throughout the remainder of the year, you can expect that we’ll continue to enhance at a rapid pace.

Now that we’ve got a brand new virtual tour platform written from the ground up, updates will be fast and keeping you at the forefront of virtual tour technology will be very easily accomplished. Look out! Expect a LOT of great new marketing pieces to hit your RPM site and make sure you attend the next IMAGE webinar on June 26th with Ben and myself called Fusion 101.

If you have not yet received your Fusion postcard in the mail, you will shortly.  We’re live and bringing FSD’s over to the new system daily. To setup your Fusion account simply call 231-947-0684 and you will most likely have to leave a message as our staff is busy helping to bring over FSD accounts.  Leave a message and we’ll be getting back to you as quickly as possible.  Enjoy the new system and we’ll see you on our show tomorrow night!

Yours Sincerely,

Team RTV
Order a virtual tour: 866-947-8687 

Wisconsin Virtual Tours – Summer 2012

Spring has sprung and summer is here. With all the great weather it has been a busy time in the real estate market. Home sales are up and so are prices, even with the promising news, 360 Image Media a premier Wisconsin Virtual Tour Company, continues to develop and implement virtual tour products to help its customers sell homes faster and for top dollar.

First I want to introduce our all-new venture with our virtual tour software partner, RTV.  360 FUSION, our all-new virtual tour experience. 360 FUSION, offers so many virtual tour features and tools, it will make your head spin. Full 360 x180 panorama capability, full motion video, lead generation, enhanced tracking reports, online syndication, and interactive gyro enabled mobile 360 tours. These are just a few of the features that will make the 360 FUSION tours the best in the Wisconsin Virtual Tour marketplace. Stay tuned to our blogs and website for a 360 FUSION sample coming soon.

Next we are ecstatic to announce our latest venture with Wisconsin Home Collection. Wisconsin Home Collection is an all-new all-Digital real estate publication for Wisconsin Homes for Sale. This amazing publication allows a niche-marketed avenue for realtors and home sellers to reach even more buyers, at a fraction of the cost for a print advertisement.

You can head over to Wisconsin Real Estate and view the current June sample issue.  So with sales and prices picking up, 360 Image Media, Wisconsin Home Collection, and Real Tour Vision are dedicated to helping our customers look amazing online.

Contact us today for your Professional Photography, Virtual Tours, and Online Advertising needs.

Robin Duran
360 Image Media
Order a virtual tour: 262-613-1099

Wisconsin Home Collection