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The IMAGE 46 – Quiet On The Set! – Recording Quality Audio

The IMAGE photography talkshowTuesday July 30, 2013, at 7:00 PM Eastern

Quiet On The Set! When was the last time you watched a silent movie? I dare say for most of you it has been a long time, if ever. Sound plays a very important role in the video for your virtual tours. It helps to tell the story and bring the video to life.

Imagine watching a movie with a massive explosion tearing apart buildings and throwing cars and debris thousands of feet in every direction… completely silent. Picture watching Niagara Falls and its six plus million cubic feet of water falling every minute without hearing the thunderous rumble created by this massive amount of water beating against the river below. Both of these video clips would be very ineffective without the good use of audio.We’re seeing more and more of you make great use of the full motion video capabilities that we’ve built into Fusion so it’s only natural that we have a show on improving upon the audio quality too!

Audio can range from ambient sounds to spoken words. In every case good quality audio makes the difference between video clips that exist and video clips that captivate. In this webinar we are going to discuss how to capture good quality audio.  These basics can then be easily applied to your video clips as well as your Audio Pal and Voice Overs too!

There are many different audio solutions available to you. We are going to discuss the different recording options and their proper application depending on what you are trying to record.

Join me, Ben Knorr, as we walk through the world of sound and how to capture great audio for virtual tours.

Join us July 30, 2013 at 7pm Eastern for…IMAGE 46 – Quiet On The Set! – Recording Quality Audio.

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Photography or Video?

Silicon Valley Virtual ToursExposure Elements was a photography company first.  We cut our teeth offering professional still photography and Silicon Valley virtual tours in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our clients have come to love our unique ability to deliver extraordinary architectural photography images wrapped into a software delivery tool that gives our business clients the ability to show their business off in an engaging way with just a single click of the mouse.
Our 360 panoramic images create the effects of video movement through a business while still delivering imagery that is impossible to economically deliver.   Video still has compelling value in a virtual tour though.

Why use full motion video?
Full motion video can show elements of a business or property listing that couldn’t be shown otherwise.  For all the strengths of great photography it still lacks the function movement that video can deliver.   Movement comes in many forms such as a personal introduction to the virtual tour,  an  action or process that defines the character of a business or property listing, or a video animation that captures the attention of the viewer.

Personal Introductions
No other scene in a virtual tour can more positively affect the branding and viewer perception than a well done personal introduction.  In the case of a business virtual tour, a personal introduction defines the brand and assures the viewer of senior management interest in the viewer.  See a sample here:

In the case of a real estate virtual tour, a personal introduction articulates the commitment of the listing realtor to the property and builds the branding power of the listing realtor.

Capturing Movement
Capturing movement can be a broad range of activities that range from portraying the nature of the business, such as a chef cooking or a jeweler setting a gemstone into a ring setting.  It can be horses galloping through a field on a horse ranch or an exercise class at a fitness club. 

Existing Video Footage
Existing video footage can be a powerful use of video in an interactive virtual tour.  Many companies already have significant investments in video footage.  Much of that footage is relevant to the function of a virtual tour.  Adding relevant clips to the virtual tour can make a big impact on the final production and create a cohesive bond between the virtual tour message and other company messaging.

Adobe After Effects Animations
Capturing the attention of your audience is the key to a successful video production of any sort.  The most advanced videos today use Adobe After Effects for animated video introductions and trailers.  Exposure Elements can create an engaging animated video introduction and trailer for your virtual tour that will capture your audience’s attention.  Our animated AstroZoom option is an engaging and entertaining animation that can show your viewers where you are located  in a way no other product has done before. 

Photography and Video
So there is no question whether you should use photography or video to show your business to the world.  The answer is to use both.  Our professional photography creates impeccable and compelling imagery of your business or real estate listing.  Short video clips that highlight movement, branding or a personal message are complimentary and create energy in your virtual tour.  Exposure Elements is the San Francisco Bay Area virtual tour company that has the experience to deliver that compelling production to your viewers.

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Stills, Panos, or Full Motion Video?

Stills, Panoramas, or Video…The Fusion Virtual Tour Software Offers SO MUCH!! How do you decide??

Which type of media is best for a virtual tour? When you’re creating a virtual tour in the Fusion virtual tour system, you can use high-definition still photos, high definition panoramas, and HD video footage to bring your property or business to life for your viewers. But which media format should you choose? Each type of image has different strengths and advantages.

Still photos: Capturing the best moment
One main advantage of using photos in your virtual tour is that you can create the perfect image and include it permanently as part of your presentation. Photos come with fewer variables and potential problems, especially compared to panoramas and video footage that includes audio. Still images are also perfect for using in the MLS so if you’re shooting real estate we recommend including at least five to ten really nice shots for your MLS.  Feel free to charge for more.  Many MLS boards now allow for upwards of twenty or more images. Still images in a business are also perfect for zooming in on special features or items of interest.  Be sure to include stills in ANY production!

Panoramic Images: You can use panoramic imagery that allows viewers to
explore your business or property at their leisure, and focus on
whatever details interest them the most.  A quality panoramic image will allow you to capture an entire full 360 scene at an incredibly high level of detail.  With RTV’s Fusion virtual tour software system you’ll be able to capture full 360 by 360 spherical panoramas or traditional cylindrical panoramas.  While the former is more expensive to create, you’ll also be able to charge more. Especially if you’re shooting virtual tours for a business.  There are those out there that will tell you that panoramic photography is a thing of the past but here at RTV we clearly see a HUGE rise in both cylindrical panoramas and full 360 by 360 sphericals are making a HUGE comeback. By using panoramas in your virtual tour, you’ll also be able to balance out the exposure much better using a panorama than you would be able to do using full motion video.  Expect to get at least $100 to $200 per panorama in any business related production. 

Full Motion Video: Breathing life into your tour! Most people enjoy watching videos online. In fact, video footage has a higher engagement level than images—so it’s been proven to get attention. Including video in your virtual tour can transform a static setting into an active presentation that keeps visitors on your website longer. Video is especially positive for businesses. You can use video footage to show your business in action, interview satisfied customers, offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your staff, and much more.  Remember that video is GREAT for things that move and make noise.  Most people really don’t want to watch you walk through the house, bouncing around with a camera.  At the end of the day your windows are going to be blown out and the production is linear.  Be sure to use video when appropriate, when business owners and real estate agents want to get in front of the camera and when you would like to show off water features, hot tubs, animal life and of course water activities. Most RTV virtual tour providers sell full motion video services starting at $100 or more.

Which should you choose?
In nearly all cases, the best choice for creating a fantastic virtual tour is to use a combination of high quality still photos and video footage. Real estate properties might use photos for the main portion of the tour, with mini-videos included as pop-outs for hot spots. Businesses can feature videos with customer and staff interaction in equal proportion with imagery.

Whatever mix you decide to use, you can create a vivid and compelling virtual tour with both still photos, panoramas, and video that will capture your visitors’ attention.

Make sure you’re taking full advantage of all three using RTV’s Fusion Technology!

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Lights, Camera, Action – It’s Fusion Video

We thought that we would focus today on the powerful built in full motion video capabilities of the Fusion virtual tour software engine and the benefits of including video in your 360 virtual tour.

Creating virtual tours with high definition images and interactive, 360 panoramic photography is an eye-catching way to draw in visitors and boost your business. To add another dimension to your Fusion presentations, you can also choose to enhance your virtual tour with full motion video footage.  Let’s take a look at a gorgeous production that Stan Davis recently put together that made its way to the RTV virtual tour gallery:  When you look at this Fusion presentation also take notice of the gorgeous custom loader and slick interface background that he has added.
There are many benefits of including video in your virtual tour. Videos are highly engaging, and help keep visitors on your website longer. They’ll often look for more videos once they’ve seen the first one. With video content, you can convey more information effectively through the audio narration—people will be more likely to watch a video presentation than to read long blocks of text.  Let’s take a look at the Fusion Deep Stat report for this virtual tour:   Some VERY impressive traffic going on here but what’s even more impressive is the fact that the average person is looking at this production for over 19 Minutes.  YES!! 19 MINUTES.  You’re not reading this wrong.  The use of Fusion along with full motion video is keeping the eyeballs on the production longer than we’ve ever heard of here at RTV.  It’s simply amazing.

Next we would like to point out that the use of full motion video boosts your credibility, helping to portray you as an authority in your industry or market sector. Best of all your videos within the Fusion presentation will go where the Fusion presentation goes and Fusion is very easy to instantly share through social media.  Your visitors can easily spread the word about your virtual tour.

Where should you add video?
You can embed video content at any point in your virtual tour to enhance several portions of your virtual media presentation. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Intro/home page: At the start of your tour, you can post an introductory video to welcome visitors and offer background information about you or your company.
  • You might want to order up one of Fusion’s powerful AstroZoom to boldly show your property or business from a unique perspective:
  • Hot spots: On your virtual floor plan, you can embed video content into hot spots that expand on features of your property or business.
  • Customer areas: If your virtual tour is for a business, you can include video that shows your company in action on the appropriate page. For example, a restaurant might include footage of a dining room, and a museum could post a video of a special event or interactive display.
  • Testimonials: You can include video testimonials from your satisfied customers at various points throughout your virtual tour.
  • Closing: At the end of your 360 virtual tour, include a thank-you video with your contact information and call to action, so your visitors can act while your information is still fresh.

Video content can be a powerful addition to your virtual tour. It’s a good idea to make use of this feature whenever possible, so you can offer visitors more value for their time—and convert more of them into customers or buyers.  Start offering video in your Fusion virtual tours today and watch your business soar!


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Fun Video Marketing Stats

Silicon Valley Virtual Tours#1. The U.S. population is expected to spend almost 40% more time online watching video this year than it did in 2011. When you break that down, it amounts to about 193 million people watching over 29 hours each. That’s a lot. (Source: Proven SEO)

#2. Even lower estimates still project that 53.5% of the U.S. population (which works out to about 167 million people) and 70.8% of Internet users will watch online video in 2012. So even worst-case scenario, we’re still talking about a whole lot of people here. (Source: HubSpot)

#3. April 2012 saw a 40% increase in the amount of video consumed by the average Internet user when compared to the same month in 2011. That’s a significant amount of growth. If I grew 40% by next April, I’d be 8’4”. (Source: MediaPost)

#4. In a recent survey, 46% of respondents said they’d look up details about a new brand or product after seeing it mentioned in an online video. Nearly 50% said they’d be likely to view a video posted socially by a brand they follow. If you still don’t have a social media strategy, I feel sorry for you. (Source: BtoBonline)

#5. In fact, social video effectiveness is at an all-time high. Views for social video ads have reached 1.3 billion, and the total from Q1 2012 nearly doubled the previous quarter’s results. (Source: ReelSEO)

#6. Research shows that YouTube usage among marketers increased in 2011 by 47% when compared to 2010. As an overall tactic, video marketing went up 27%. Naturally, more video is on every marketer’s wish list in 2012. (Source: Content Marketing Institute)

#7. When it comes to decision makers, 59% of senior executives reportedly prefer watching online video over reading text, and 80% of execs watch more video content online now than they did last year. This is why CEOs are so busy – they’re always on YouTube. (Source: We Capture)

#8. Many have argued that visitors who view video content are far more likely to buy a product or service than those who do not. Keeping in mind, mobile video viewers are projected to reach 54.6 million in 2012. (Source: David Caron Design)

#9. Mobile video has also been cited to spur user engagement. In fact, the average mobile viewer watched videos that were three times longer than those on regular PCs or laptops. (Source: Thrive Marketing)

#10. Reports show that 88% of senior marketing executives believe integrated video improves overall performance and click-thru rates for email marketing campaigns. This boost in CTRs can be as much as 13%, as reported by other studies. (Source: MarketingProfs and Experian Marketing Services)

Our virtual tour photography services stand above the competition delivering compelling business and architectural photography that is clearly more realistic.   We can customize the look and feel of our offerings through custom branded Silicon Valley Virtual Tours, and custom integration making the final productions we deliver unique and engaging to your customers.  We have the experience and resources to build the most demanding and functional virtual tours while integrating creative photography and adding an engaging element that isn’t commonly seen by your internet viewing customers.  Enjoy the rest of the website and don’t forget to visit our gallery on our website.
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