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Interactive Floor Plans Draw Record Crowd

Last night’s RTV webinar The FORMULA 16 drew a record crowd as Jason LaVanture and co host Steve Street unleashed the new RTV Interactive Floor Plan System. Over 200 people attended the live show and excitement reached an all time high when Steve offered up four “full service” or sketch and fax plans to all those who attended last nights webinar.

Here are just a few comments from last night’s event:

Great webinar! Amazing technology!
-Dale Hart

Hey between the new RTV High Definition virtual tour and the new interactive floor plan technology my head was just spinning!!! Thanks RTV for keeping your technology on the move. I’m geared up to knock out 400 tours this year and the new floor plan system will help me take on even more. You guys ROCK!!
-Cynthia Morris

Floor Plan webinar last night was technically excellent. It was very clear, precise interactive demonstration. Thanks for inviting.
– Raju Alagawadi

Wonderful Webinar…. Thanks so much and please thank Steve! Between the RTV Txt Connect program and now the new floor plans, this is awesome! Thanks again for all this amazing technology and keeping us out in front of the competition. Best Wishes….

Absolutely FANTASTIC Webinar!!!

The webinar was interesting. We are looking forward to incorporating them into our model. Steve answered the question and it is great that they can link to a video. I’m looking forward to getting into the marketing material that you provide and using to move our business forward. Thanks again, we are glad that we have bought into your company. If you are ever in Maui, look us up.
– John Henry

A very big thanks to everyone out there that came to our show last night. Steve and I have worked out some KILLER pricing for the RTV Interactive Floor Plan system. Please visit for our new pricing packages. Hey thanks again and be sure to keep an eye out for our next show “FORMULA 17 Setting up Shop”

Best regards,

Team RTV

PS. Don’t forget that the RTV TxT Connect program expires at the end of this month so sign up now when you have a chance inside of your TMS!
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