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Floor Plans Made EASY — Too Easy!

 I hate being new at something.  I love learning new things but I hate that period between trying something new and being competent at it.

When I first saw the demonstration of Magic Plan at the RTV national convention, I was blown away and immediately saw the value of adding floor plans to our vacation rental virtual tours.  I was very enthusiastic until my husband informed me that his plate was full with photographing and building virtual tours and that if we were going to add floor plans, I was going to have to learn how to use the floor plan software.

Another RTV provider showed me how easy it was but I was intimidated and overwhelmed by the thought of learning something new.  I am NOT a detail person.  I am NOT a techie person.  I am NOT good at spacial orientation.  And like I said, I DON’T  like being new at something so I set the idea of offering floor plans on the back burner for almost a year.

One of our big clients called and asked if we could do floor plans for her 35 properties – I said no.  Then another of our big clients said they wanted to do floor plans for their 115 properties – I said maybe.  Then a huge client I have been trying to close for 5 years called and wanted to know if we could do floor plans for their 185 properties– and I said well of course we can and set out to figure out how to do floor plans.

The first one took me FOUR HOURS.  I could not figure out how the pieces fit together, I could not visualize how the doors and windows and plumbing fit.  The second one took me two hours but after about the third one, it all clicked.

In the past 30 days, we have done 76 floor plans so far!  For this client, we are doing mostly floor plans and still photography and on smaller condos or houses, I can get in and out of the house in not much longer than it takes Greg to shoot the stills. We just did a floor plan for a 12 bedroom house and I was finished in less than two hours even on that.

RTV provides us with the best virtual tour software available but just as importantly, they provide us with the tools and relationships we need to grow our Charleston virtual tour business.  I would never have known about Magic Plan without RTV forging a relationship with them.  Floor plans are certainly not going to replace what we are currently doing but they are an additional weapon in our arsenal that has allowed us to take our virtual tour business — and our income — to new levels.


World’s Best Floor Plan Maker

When building a virtual tour of a real estate property, adding a floor plan can be a great selling point and provides additional information to potential buyers. A floor plan is the best way to show off the dimensions of a property, while showing the exact layout of a home or building. A floor plan can easily be uploaded to a 360 Home Tour within the RTV Fusion virtual tour software and if you do not have one created, it is simple and fast with the MagicPlan App from the Apple or Droid Play Store.

MagicPlan is one of the top rated floor plan apps for iPad, iPhone, and Droid devices. This easy-to-use app allows you to walk around a location and map out each area using the interactive 3D interface and augmented reality. By using your mobile device at a property, you can work on your photography AND the floor plan during the same session. This makes creating a real estate tour so much easier for you and your clients. MagicPlan is user friendly and is integrated within our virtual tour system so that once you have your interactive floor plan created, you can quickly sync it up with the corresponding virtual tour that you are working on. Talk about easy!

The days of drawing out a floor plan by hand and spending hours on the computer are over and RTV is here to make sure you stay updated with the latest in property marketing technology to make your life easier. Next time you are asked to add a floor plan to a virtual home tour, you will feel more confident in saying “YES I CAN!”

Create incredibly accurate interactive floor plans in a fraction of the
time it takes your competitors. To see the finished product in action,
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Sensopia announces the release of MagicPlan 3

Sensopia announces the release of MagicPlan 3.0, new major partnerships, and the launch of a crowd funding campaign.

Montréal/San Francisco – March 2013 – Sensopia announces MagicPlan 3.0, a major release of its multi-award winner floor plan capture application. “We wanted to deliver a revolutionary application, with a very intuitive way to capture a floor plan and to publish professional documents. MagicPlan 3.0 is the realization of that vision”, says Pierre Gaubil CEO of Sensopia. MagicPlan 3.0 mainly features a completely new redesigned room assembling module. Assembling rooms is significantly faster, more precise and robust. In addition, MagicPlan 3.0 delivers a new user interface, long awaited function like annotations or wall thickness adjustment.

With more than 3.5 millions unique downloads, MagicPlan has received a lot of attention both from the consumer market and from businesses. Many companies understood MagicPlan can change the way they interact with their customers. With MagicPlan 3.0, Sensopia announces a first series of significant partnerships, targeted toward the most active markets.

The first partner is the giant home improvement company, The Home Depot. MagicPlan users can now directly share their floor plan with The Home Depot and make an appointment with a Home Depot associate. In store, the associate can retrieve the floor plan to better assist the client. “We have received incredible attention from the home improvement business. Announcing our first partnership in that field with the worldwide leader, is a sign that MagicPlan can have a significant impact”, concludes Pierre Gaubil.

The second partner is RTV, Inc, the leading virtual tour software company in the United States servicing over 100,000 real estate agents and many national commercial accounts. “We want floor plans to be at the cornerstone of a virtual tour. Navigating from an integrated floor plan offers a unique way to visit a house, and MagicPlan is the missing link. It’s an incredibly easy, fast and inexpensive floor plan system.”, says Jason LaVanture Vice President and founder of RTV.

The last partner is Cocontest, the crowd-sourcing platform for interior design. MagicPlan users can now launch a design contest and get the best architects to bid on their projects. Their floor plan is sent to the Cocontest platform and architects can directly import it into their preferred CAD software.
More partnerships will be announced in the coming weeks.

Crow funding A crowd-funding campaign is starting with the release of 3.0. “Everyday we receive hundreds of requests from our users. We have combined the most urgent one into a project that we call “MagicPlan everywhere”. It will make MagicPlan accessible to Android users and enable sharing
of floor plans across multiple devices. With the funding campaign on Indiegogo, we are going to
accelerate and make MagicPlan everywhere a reality sooner” says Pierre Gaubil.

Please join myself and a panel of RTV / MagicPlan users on Tuesday,
March 12th at 7:00 Eastern while we discuss how this program works and
why now is the time you should consider trying it out. See you on the

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3D Floor Plans by RTV

We are very excited to announce an increase in demand in provider floor plans over the last few months. Since launching the program last summer we have seen continued growth of the amount of RTV providers offering the 2D and 3D floor plans as add-ons to their virtual tour services.

Due to this surge in demand RTV will no longer be offering floor plan Sketch and Fax services internally as our network continues to to become more and more of a national virtual tour and floor plan service.

We will still continue to provide Full Service 2D floor plans to providers in available locations and will be more than happy to put you in touch with one of our many virtual tour providers around the world who may help you with your sketch and fax floor plans.

One of the more popular floor plan upgrades is the 2D Picture Plus plans. Picture Plus floor
plans offer our providers an innovative, interactive solution to displaying digital still images to
potential buyers. They are a great standalone product to offer outside the virtual tour

For more information on RTV’s internal 2D and 3D floor plan developments please give us a call today or visit the floor plan section of your virtual tour manager. If you are new to RTV and have not yet begun marketing your floor plan service be sure to download our floor plan infopack.

Good luck out there!
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Upgrade your virtual tours using floor plans

Metropix has seen a huge surge of new users over recent months, plus an even greater rise in the number of floor plans being upgraded. Agents are finding it more and more important to show their clients what value-added services they can offer that puts them ahead of the competition.

Of course, using floor plans helps deliver ‘differentiation’ over competitors – but there are a number of enhancements we offer that can help you really impress those discerning customers. In fact some of our suggestions won’t cost you anything at all and are a great enhancement to any virtual tour!

Adding color to a floor plan or adding a watermark are both free enhancements that can give your floor plans more oomph. If you really want to crank it up consider converting the floor plan to 3D. This is a great way to show off a property!

A floor plan can also be upgraded with PicturePlus. PicturePlus plans have camera icons on the floor plan that link to photographs. It also has a high-resolution slide-show of all the photos available. A 3D Walkthrough lets buyers wander through the property from room to room. Clients love to see their properties displayed this way. And last but not least, Inside 3DGE presents a 3D model of the floor plan from within Google Earth – letting buyers roam the neighborhood AND the property on-line.

Make sure to let your clients know how your virtual tour company can help them stand out from the competition!

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