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3D Floor Plans by RTV

We are very excited to announce an increase in demand in provider floor plans over the last few months. Since launching the program last summer we have seen continued growth of the amount of RTV providers offering the 2D and 3D floor plans as add-ons to their virtual tour services.

Due to this surge in demand RTV will no longer be offering floor plan Sketch and Fax services internally as our network continues to to become more and more of a national virtual tour and floor plan service.

We will still continue to provide Full Service 2D floor plans to providers in available locations and will be more than happy to put you in touch with one of our many virtual tour providers around the world who may help you with your sketch and fax floor plans.

One of the more popular floor plan upgrades is the 2D Picture Plus plans. Picture Plus floor
plans offer our providers an innovative, interactive solution to displaying digital still images to
potential buyers. They are a great standalone product to offer outside the virtual tour

For more information on RTV’s internal 2D and 3D floor plan developments please give us a call today or visit the floor plan section of your virtual tour manager. If you are new to RTV and have not yet begun marketing your floor plan service be sure to download our floor plan infopack.

Good luck out there!
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3D Walkthroughs – Another Income Source

Real estate virtual tours are the largest section of the virtual tour market and a renewable income source as new homes are built and people move. But what do you do for the home builder that lists a spec home? Do you wait until the home is complete and hope that you get a chance to shoot a virtual tour of it before it sells? What if it sells before construction is complete?

The MLS is full of spec home listings with nothing more than the floor plan and/or maybe a sketch of what the exterior of the home will look like. For most buyers a floor plan is not enough information to help them really visualize the size and layout of the home. Since the home hasn’t been built yet you obviously can’t shoot a tour of it so what do you do? Are these lost opportunities? Absolutely not! RTV’s 3D Walkthroughs are your answer.

A 3D Walkthrough is a high quality computer generated video that allows a viewer to tour a home that hasn’t been built yet. The 3D Walkthrough allows you to see both the exterior and interior of a home in stunning 3D imagery giving you a realistic feel for size and layout. You will feel like you are really there. What a great concept! Now you can provide virtual tours for homes not yet constructed, but how hard is it to create these 3D Walkthroughs?

A 3D Walkthrough is easier to create than you think. It all begins with you creating a 2D floor plan. The online floor plan software makes it easy to create a 2D floor plan. Click and drag a box on the graph paper and you have created your first room. Drag a base unit and sink from the options to the left and now you have turned your room into a kitchen. Drag over a tub and shower from the options and now you have a bathroom. Drag in doors and windows and your floor plan is complete. Once you have built your floor plan you submit it to be processed. After your 2D floor plan has been processed you simply click to upgrade it to the 3D Walkthrough. The best part is that the system automatically adds in furniture, wall color, pictures, decorating accessories, and it generates the 3D Walkthrough movie. All that you had to do was create the basic 2D floor plan and click to upgrade.

Don’t let these opportunities pass you by!

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Digital Tours and More Provides Virtual Tours in Houston

I want to tell the story about how my virtual tour company in Houston got started. I got into real estate in 2003. One morning as I was walking past my trainer’s office, I was asked if I knew how to make a flyer. Well of course I said yes. I created a nifty little flyer for her and it did not take long the word got out that I knew how to be creative in Word.

Other agents from my office started to ask me to create flyers for their listings. I charged those agents $25.00 to create a flyer. Later I purchased my first laptop computer. It came with this neat program on it called Media Show from Cyberlinks. I played around with it and started to call it Digital Tours. I thought that was a pretty cool name and introduced it to agents in my office. Most of the agents loved the new concept. So I named my business Digital Tours and More.

Fast forward to 2006…I went full time marketing my product Digital Tours. I placed them on cd and on the internet as a virtual tour. I did ok the first year.

One day I was contacted by a real estate agent and she told me that she was interested in my product. When I called her back to find out if she liked it, she told me that her 8 year old could do that in PowerPoint. Right then I decided to start looking for an Interactive 360° Virtual Tour System.

I found the Real Tour Vision website and loved their product. I called up and spoke to a salesman and he explained everything to me. In December of 2006, I partnered with RTV to provide 360 virtual tours to the Houston area.

My business, in one year, tripled in sales and volume. Blogging is an essential part to my web placement in the Houston area. It is simple and helps tremendously. If you haven’t blogged, then you need to start. Also, all the extras, ie..PanoRiders, Floor Plans, Hit Stats and much more that you can add turns one item sales into multiple items.

I offer more options than a national competitor in my market place and I am very competitive in price and customer service. I just launched a campaign in Houston and I am getting great results. When agents purchase a vrtual tour from Digital Tours and More, they get it in 24 hours or it is FREE! I am on track to double what I did last year and the all the thanks goes to RTV!

Mike Stolte
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Upgrade your virtual tours using floor plans

Metropix has seen a huge surge of new users over recent months, plus an even greater rise in the number of floor plans being upgraded. Agents are finding it more and more important to show their clients what value-added services they can offer that puts them ahead of the competition.

Of course, using floor plans helps deliver ‘differentiation’ over competitors – but there are a number of enhancements we offer that can help you really impress those discerning customers. In fact some of our suggestions won’t cost you anything at all and are a great enhancement to any virtual tour!

Adding color to a floor plan or adding a watermark are both free enhancements that can give your floor plans more oomph. If you really want to crank it up consider converting the floor plan to 3D. This is a great way to show off a property!

A floor plan can also be upgraded with PicturePlus. PicturePlus plans have camera icons on the floor plan that link to photographs. It also has a high-resolution slide-show of all the photos available. A 3D Walkthrough lets buyers wander through the property from room to room. Clients love to see their properties displayed this way. And last but not least, Inside 3DGE presents a 3D model of the floor plan from within Google Earth – letting buyers roam the neighborhood AND the property on-line.

Make sure to let your clients know how your virtual tour company can help them stand out from the competition!

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St. Augustine Welcomes Listing Solutions Virtual Tours

It is no secret that we are in a tough market. Everyone can pick up a newspaper or tune in to their favorite news channel and get the gruesome details. This is a great opportunity for virtual tour providers. Why? Have you checked into local newspaper advertising lately? I am in a small market and the local newspaper here, charges around $56.00 for a four line advertisement, per week.

Local television and radio advertisements are quite a bit more than that. How can we differentiate ourselves from these competitors, other than price? We can be the good news! We can talk about the statistics. According to a recent profile of home buyers and sellers conducted by the National Association of Realtors®, 80% of current buyers use the internet when searching for a home.

We can talk about how we support their industry and promote them and their properties in a positive manner. Why would anyone in their right mind, pay someone to print negative advertisements and articles about them and their industry? It doesn’t make sense to me either. I am new to the virtual tour industry.

However, I am and have been in the real estate market for several years. Realtors build their business the same way that we as virtual tour providers build ours, Business Partners and Referrals. I don’t have a business partner that speaks in a negative manner about me or my product. Why do they pay their hard earned money to people who do this? It is mostly in part to a lack of knowledge.

Most realtors don’t know how many places that Real Tour Vision sends their virtual tours to. We can effectively educate them on the benefits of using a Real Tour Vision Certified Full Service provider, while at the same time differentiating ourselves from some of their other choices. Statistically, WE ROCK! There are more people using the internet than ever before. We should focus on the positives and play more of a supporting role with our clients.

I “paint the picture” for a prospective realtor. I talk to them about the things that most of their customers are interested in: Confidence in the Realtor that they choose and results. I walk them through the scenario of giving a listing presentation and how impressive it is, to bring the virtual tour up during the initial visit. It shows a commitment on the Realtor’s part. The results part is easy. I live in Florida, where 67% of home buyers here come from outside of the state. That is an impossible market for someone to penetrate using local advertising and a yard sign. (They are looking for what I have. They just don’t know it yet). Finally, I share my experience with starting a new business and why I chose Real Tour Vision to be one of MY business partners.

I explain how I spent month after exhausting month, of researching my new endeavor and how Real Tour Vision has helped me achieve my goals. I tell them that Real Tour Vision has the largest provider network in the industry and I tell them, “No Fisheye lens”! I let them know that I want to be one of their business partners. I explain how I bring value to them and that my success is dependent on their success. With the strength of the nation’s largest provider network in the industry and the distribution partners that they have in place, it’s an easy choice. The only other question is, “would you like a 2D or 3D floor plan with your tour”?  Be the light in your market and leave the doom and gloom to those other guys. We at Listing Solutions, wish you all the very best of luck this year.

Dave Hall
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